Full name of Character: Zachery Hudson Wayne. (AKA: Steam Punk)

Reason, meaning or purpose behind the name: Supervillain who uses steam based technology in order to commit crimes.

Nickname: Steam Punk

Reason for nickname:  A witty super villain name.

Race: Caucasian

Occupation/class:  Criminal

Social class: Outcast

Physical Appearance|:.

Age: 15

how old they appear: 15

Eye Color: blue

Glasses or contacts? Glasses

Hair color length and style:

Weight and height: 5.5ft

Type of body (build): Petite

Skin tone and type (i.e., harry, slimy, scaly, oily, fair, burns easily): Burns easily.

Shape of face:  Normal

Distinguishing marks (dimples, moles, scars, birthmarks, etc.): dimples

Predominant feature: His young age

Is s/he healthy? No

If not, why not? Or why are they healthy? Obsessed with Steam Powered technology.

Do they look healthy? Why/why not? Yes

. Favorites|:.

Character’s favorite color: Gold

Least favorite? Green

Music? Classical.

Least favorite music, why? Electronic, he prefers older age.

Food:  Chicken and beets

Literature: Sci-Fi, fantasy.

Expressions: Condescending, snarky.

Mode of transport: Steam powered inventions.

Hobbies: Tinkering, metal wielding, chemistry.  

. Personality|:.

Habits: Staying up late

Greatest Strength: His vast knowledge of steam powered technology,his ambition, and ingenuity.

Greatest Weakness:  His temperament.

Soft spot:  Historians Is their soft spot obvious, why/why not: No, she tries to cover it up. If not, how do they hide it:

Biggest Vulnerability: Lacks any form of super powers other than super intelligence,  has a temper.

Most at ease when: Working on his machines Most ill at ease when: His machines do not work.

Priorities:  Prove his brilliance to the world and that steam is the way of the future.

Philosophies: The past should govern the future.

How they feel about themselves: He is a brilliant inventor and an artist.

Past failure they would be embarrassed to admit:  His father worked in robotics with computers, his mother as a technician at a hospital. Why? He has an animosity towards modern electronics.  

. Background|:.

Hometown: Boston, VA  

Type of childhood: Wealthy.

First Memory: Riding on an old steam powered train.

Most important child hood event that still effects him/her: Taking chemistry and learning about the Industrial Revolution.   Why? It inspired him.

Education: Private school

Religion: None, presumably Atheist.

Finances: Wealthy due to crimes.

. Family|:.

Mother: Rachel Catherine Wayne.

Relationship with her:  While she did all she could to support him and spoil him, her profession left many animosity towards her and her son.

Father: Dr.Lanson Colbert Wayne

Relationship with him:  Dr.Lanson tried to modernize his son and teach him to accept the future, which left him even more angst against technology.  

Siblings, How many, relationship with each: None

Children of siblings: None..

Other extended family: None

. Traits|:.

Optimist or pessimist? Optimist, while also a thief, Steam Punk can be seen as a visionary villain in some situations.

Introvert or extrovert? Why? Introvert, he is believed to have Aspergers. Drives and motives:  His obsession with steampunk technologies.

Talents: Designing, wielding,

extremely skilled at: Wielding, designing things. Circuitry. (He rather not admit it.)

Extremely unskilled at:  Thinking calmly and rationally.

Good characteristics: She is not really that bad to look at despite she is giant and has red eyes.

Character flaws: Pride, temper, somewhat naive. Mannerisms:

Peculiarities: He seems obsessed.

Biggest regret: Being born in a modern life accepting family.

Minor regrets: None as of yet.

Biggest accomplishment: Perfecting modern and somewhat advanced steampunk tech.

Minor accomplishments: Graduating school with high marks.

Darkest secret: Some of his machines are ran by computers.

Does anyone know? The heroes once they analyze his disabled machinery.

How did they find out: They disabled and studied his Steam Titan machine.

. Perception|:.

How do they relate to others: Only to his comrades in villainy as his plans are constantly foiled.

How are they perceived by strangers: A tragic, yet brilliant young man. Friends: None.

Wife/husband/lover: None so far.

The Hero/Heroin: As a primary threat.

How do they view the Hero/Heroine: As a nuisance to progress.

First impression of the character:  Mad scientist, engineer.

What happens to change this perception: He causes acts of violence

What do people like most about this character:  His unique  personal philosophy. He does believe he is in the right, but his ends does not justify his means.

What do they dislike most about them: He tends to be prideful and bratty at sometimes.

. Goals|:.

Immediate: Gain power and respect.

Long term: Make the world realize the true potential of steam powered technologies once more, create another Industrial Revolution.

How do they plan to accomplish them: Through conquest.

How will others be effected by this: Negatively. Perhaps positively in the future,(small chance.)

. Problems/Crisis|:.

How do they react in a crisis: He gets stressed

How do they face problems: Through trying to think about the situation. Kind of problems they usually run into: Not fitting into society, plans being foiled by the heroes.

How they react to new problems: By trying again, and again.

How they react to change: He goes ballistic, meltdowns.

. General|:.

Favorite clothing, why: Classical

Least favorite, why: The latest fashion

Jewelry: A watch

Other accessories:  A nice pair of brown shoes

Drives: Steam powered machines, super powered zeppelins.

Where do they live: Nomadic, probably has multiple hidden secret lairs.  

Where do they want to live: A utopian steam powered world.

Spending habits, why:  On books, metal, tools, and equipment.

What do they do too much of, why: Obsessing over Steam technology.

Most prized possession, why: His toy train collection.

People they secretly admire, why: None so far.

Person they are most influenced by, why:  Dr.Eggman

Most important person in their life before story starts, why:  None

How do they spend the week just before the story starts:  Preparing.