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My Supervillain OC, (former Sonic FC that is still being used.)

name: Greefan

aliases: The Bratty Behemoth

birthday:December 7, 2001 (By Earth's standards)

occupation: Child supervillain, alien invader

motto: "I'll crush you like a juicebox!"

likes: Destruction, playing, cars, domination of cities, getting what he wants, having his way, being larger than everyone, candy, toys.

dislikes: People stopping his merriment, enclosed spaces, lasers, being told what to do, lighting, thunder.

alignment: Chaotic evil, neutral evil.

hobbies: Playing, breaking things, drawing on things, playing the guitar, playing videogames, reading comic books.

species: Superpowered alien, sizeshifting giant.


interests: Playing, napping, music, drawing, cartoons, Christmas, comicbooks.

origins: Greefan is an interstellar traveler who was banished from his home-world due to causing destruction on it and was forced to live somewhere else. Upon arriving to Earth however he was able to escape his imprisoning space ship and break free.Soon he began causing havoc upon the nearest heavily populated area.

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