In my info page, my talked about what superhuman ability I would like to have and pointed out why we as a society has yet to have someone with superhuman ability, at least the norm. The reason why is because most real-life heroes, like firefighters and police officers, don’t have these superhuman powers but are still willing to risk life and limb to save a life. However, I made clear that with science the way it’s going, you can see a Superman like person as your next-door neighbors.

Yet, this doesn’t mean the future is here. There are some people with superhuman like powers. A man named Thai Ngoc who claimed to have a form of self-sustenance, insomnia type, meaning he doesn’t feel sleepy and is fine. Many Buddhist monks have been known to generate heat from their own bodies, some hotter than a normal human, with no ill-effects. There are those who claim to have superhuman intelligence, and there’s even research on technology mainly to help those missing parts or control of the body. With these research, gene-splicing, and breeding these genes, you may see the superhero next door and be part of the norm.