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If I had superpower based on how I was treated, what would it be?

JD Rod January 6, 2011 User blog:JD Rod

I often asked myself that question since I was a teenager. If I had a power based on how I was treated, it would be pain-inducement and empathy. Why? Well, sadly, I was among those who fallen victim to school bullying, even in the hands of some teachers. I was an easy target because of my disability that interfered with social skills. When I try to speak out, I was silenced by the system. What was it they were hiding?

If I had developed the ability to induce pain, it would be done on those who took part in the bullying. Make them feel the pain I was forced to endure. I would also transfer empathy to that person to see what life for someone in my place would have to see. Harsh yes, but the pain I endure was worst. I was lucky to avoid death, which for most victims; it was the only way out.

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