" Yeah, I'm a kid! But that dosen't Mean I Can't kick your Ass!"

Callum Hunt

Marchen Anders

                                  ~ Marchen Anders~

Name: Marchen Anders

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Occupation: Pizza Deliverer, Martial Arts Prodigy.

Aliasis: King of fighter, Pizza boy, Kid, Qiqong God, Inheritor of Infinity.

Quotes: " Immaturity keeps me young!" ( Main Motto )

" Call me Kid again, And i'll make sure Your life Will Be Gone in a instant.." 

" BRUH "

" You!? A God!?!? Ha, i've met tougher customers Than you!"

" Mmm, FOOD!!"

" You don't know NOTHING About Me!"

" You talk to much! Lets Just get to me Kicking your Ass Already!"


Likes: Pizza, Martial arts, Chi, Anime, Coffee, Book, Food, Video games.

Description: Willfull, Quick tempered, Angry, Funny, caring, compassion.

Fun Facts: Highest score on A video Is over 9000!, Favorite Superhero is Saitama, Favorite Tv Show is Teen Wolf, Hates waking up tired.

Hobbies: Reading, Martial arts, Eating, Playing Video games.

Appearance: Lean/muscular, with amber eyes, Light brown hair.

Powers: Chi Manipulation, Self Transcedence, Enhanced Combat, Martial Arts Intuition, Indomitable Will, Higher Consciusness, Anger Empowerment, Soul Manipulation, Dark Chi Manipulation, Mystic Martial Arts, Balance, Transformation, Superhuman Physiology.

Backstory: 15 year old Marchen Was Never Popular. Born with a Unusual name and the constant Victim of bullies, Marchen life was never Easy even, And Having a Dead Father Along with having no friends, And living with a single mother never Helped. In order to help His mom, He Had Gotten a job as a Pizza Deliver Boy in order to make sufficent cash for Himself And also His mother.

While home From work, he was attacked by A gang of Bullies From his school Near the Woods. After being hurt so bad he eventually passed out Being left Unconsiouss. When He wakes up he finds himself in the middle of the woods inside of a Cottage. He realizes His wounds Surprisingly Healed at a Inhumane rate. As he tries to leave, he is stopped by a Old, Yet Extremely muscular man he Feel's he's Seen before. The man intoduces Himself As kaido. After Explaining His attack, Marchen thanks him and ask Him how he healed so fast. Kaido explains he used a Special " Gift " He explained was called chi. Chi is the life force within EVERY living thing. He explains to marchen that he is a practitionar of Tai chi, am ancient martial arts That specialises in the use of Chi. He tell Marchen He used His Chi to help Heal His wounds faster. Marchen, Intrigued By This wants to learn more About Chi and Qiqong. Out of the Gracious of his Heart, kaido Teaches Marchen A few simple Teqniques. After Quickly memorising Them, he Says his good byes, with the a Promise from kaido That the will meet again. And Heads Off towards Home. He Goes and Finds His mother Furious on where he was and tells her he Was with a " Friend ".

The next Day, While Heading to school He is then again Jumped from the pack of bullies from yesterday. As they approached, he on basic insict, Performed all the teqniques Kaido taught him with ease quickly ending the conversion with him and the thugs. After school ends, he goes back to kaidos Cottage, Where he Praises kaido To teach him more about The mysterious Power. Kaido Eventually agrees, but ONLY on the contrary if Marchen Came Back Every day, He would Know he was serious and teach him more. By doing this, Kaido Trains Constantly, Breaking Physical and mental Limits he never knew he had. Though it wasn't easy balancing school, his job and training, While He had the enjoyment of practicing, his mother would worry constantly. Eventually She finds out about his meet up with kaido and began to beg marchen to never go back For reasons Marchen Doesn't know. 

Fed up with being lied to, he demands Kaido Reveals whats going on. Kaido feeling for marchen. Explains something shockng to him. In truth Kaido was his Grandfather, On his father side. He explains he and Marchens Father come a long line of ancient Warriors that were Masters of Qiqong, Called the " Shioon clan". They, as protecters of chi Had developed a special Power called " Mugen kai" that could change the balance of the world. 

A Power Marchen Inherited.

The rival clan Know As " Gaemon" Wanted this chi for personal uses which can only be described as Sadistic. The last person To posses The Infinite Power was Marchens Father, Garou. Kaido explains the reason for his death was when marche was born, Member of the Gaeomon Took notice and would do anything to take the power, even trying to harm garou and his family. To end the conflict, garou passed down the power to Marchen, and headed off to take care of the Gaemon, which sadly lead to his death. With that, marchen and his mother were forced to move. The reason for Kaido not helping was garou Trusted HIMSELF, and claimed that he would what he could for his family and only him. Marchen, being understanding Realises what Everything he lost and gain. Kaido Explains that it won't be long Before The Gaemon notice Marchen, And that he Better Learn to control The power fast.

Before everything will be taken from Him...


Powers/Abilities: Chi Manipulation: Despite being young of age, Marchen Is Inhumanly powerful with manipulation of chi, One of such skill that has never been seen before, It is usually take months-years to develop chi, but for marchen it only took days, Showing his amazing Prodigy skill. Combined with the power of Mugen kai, marchen could be the most powerfu; Practioner in the Existence.

Chi Augemation: Described as one of the basic teqniques of chi, this skill alows marchen to enhance his physical capabilties Beyond that of a normal human. To date, marchen is shown to have Abnormal physical strength, speed, endurance, Etc. Some of His feates include Breaking solid concrete with ease, Smashing through Reinforced Glass with his feat, Puncture metal Which is Described as " Indestuctable", Cause earth quakes by stomping the ground, And destrying part of a mountain with nothing but the air force produced from a punch. His speed is shown to surpass that of anyone, being able to move so fast that the human eye can't see, runnung 1500 meters in just seconds, and producing punches so fast they are able to break the sound bariier. His endurance is increased to the pint of where constant blows to the body from a regular person is decribed as a tickle. He is shown to able to shrug off attacks from powerful beings, puncture wounds and breaks harm him little to none. Another side effect of chi is it gives the user enhanced healing abilities. For marchen, he is shown to heal from the deadliest wounds in just Hours-Days. The process of chi augemation is descibed as Both External and internal Dependung in The user.

The power of chi!

The Power of Chi!!!

Chi Projection:  Marchen is shown to be able to manipulate the chi with enough profieciency that he can Projcect thechi from his body. Often Formed as Energy spheres or beams, he is very skilled in this. He is energy attacks are powerful they are able to destroy vehicles, Decimate Boulders, Cause great harm to other poeple to the point of death, and basically destroy anything in its path. Another skill is the ability to sychronize his chi with inanimate objects to increase the objects ductuility, and abilities. For example by harnessing his chi into a sword, the weapon becomes extra durable and stronger. While learning some aincent teqniques while training in the mountains, he learned he could actualy harness the power/ spiritial esence of nature, in order to increase his abilities.

Berserker mode: While being pure hearted indivual, theyre is a dark side to marchens power and per

The beast within is all...

sonality. When under extreme stress, he enters a state just only know as him going Berserk. Whenin this state, his peronality darken, along with his aura becoming crimson red and black, His teeth becoming sharp like fangs, his eyes beoming Gold-

red with Dragon like appearance. When in This state, his {ower's Are dramtically increased to the point of where hes not even considered human to others. His physical capabilities are increased to where he can cause avalanches with a swipe of his hand, Trump the Most powerful martial artist with ease, destroy industrial buildings, and decimate cities if he wanted to.

The thing about rage mode is the angirer he beomes in this mode, the More Powerful and Dark he becomes. He can snap out of it, but it takes great effort. As he contantly growns angrier, he becomes more beast like in appearance, as  he takes on a dragon-human like appearance, indicatiing his spiritual beast being the dragon. When his anger reaches its peak, he is descirbed as being a " Force of chaos", Indicating the Unstoppable power he posses.

Infinite power!

Infinite Power!

Mugen kai: Finally, the ancient power within him. Muhen kai stands for infinite chi, meaning whoever possess this power is granted infinite chi. It is a power developed by the shioon clan in order to fight as for balance of life and earth. When marchen awakens this abilities, his powers reach its full potential. The point of the power is to transcend the spiritiual self and the chi to the point of absoloute focus on transcending the body, from that of any human. The power is so great, nothing can topple it. With this, marchen is invincibe. With his sheer might, It was stated he could Destroy the world and More if he wanted to. He moves so fast, he disrupts the flow of time, his endurance enhanced being able to Not even flinch from the effects of A super bomb. His chi becomes so powerful, it literally defies logic. By manipulating His spiritual energy, He can summon his spiritual animal, The dragon, And use it In combat as well as submission and intimidating foes. With this, marchen is practically a God.

Skills: Due to training, Marchen has developed incredible athletic skills beyond any athlete. Esoecially his martial arts. His skill is so great, he is on a Master level Scale as stated by other masters. The reason for this is marchen posses a special Intuition in which he can Read, And mimic opponets movements and teqniques. This makes him An incredibly powerful Foe.

Fighting Prodigy: Part of marchens true skill is the ability to Adapt to combat. he is shown to master simple Teqniques in just seconds, And Advance level teqniques in just minutes. He is shown to be able to master lost fighting Teqniques and use then with ease. It is Most likely a natural born skill since he comes from a long line of Fighters.

...................................................................................................................................................................... NEW CHARACTER,              " I Hope for the day Death comes to Get me So i can Knock the shit out of Him"

                                                                              ~ Alex Heller ~


Alex heller

Name: Alex heller

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Occupation: Bounty hunter, Adventurer, Part-time savage, Dreamer. 

Aliasis: Prisoner of cell 25, Alpha male, Punk, Hell Bringer, 

Quotes: " You think your life's Sucks? I was made in a LAB"

" Destiny, Fate, Dreams. These ideas are unstoppable, And as long as we want it, its never gonna leave us"

" Forgetting is like a wound. Its gonna heal, But it always gonna leave a scar..."

" Since when is dying finishing a battle? Well? Aint that just running away Huh!?

" Sometimes i think "WHY?" Than i realize. BECAUSE!!"

Likes: Fighting, Comics, Superpower/Heroes, Friendship, Girls, Food, sleep, imagining, Anime.

Description: Caring, Tough, Funny, Creative, Adventurous, imaginitive

Fun facts: His favorite food is Burgurs, He LOVES Coffee ( Especially Ice Coffee), He knows every martial arts in the World, His eyes change color with his emotions.

Hobbies: Fighting, Sleeping, Imagining, Creating, Being a Badass!

Theme song: Stressed out Twenty One pilots

Appearance: Muscular, Dark Hair, Color changing eyes.

Powers: Badass Adaption, Combat Adaption. Physics manipulation, Perfection, Body Supremacy.

Backstory: It began when a Secret organization Known As Alpha-1. There goal was to create the most powerful human being ever seen. Their Leader, James heller, brought through the project For The Aid of the Goverment for Good through the use of Genetics and Advance Technology. They were succesful, But many of their creations Went insane, or Escaped them. All hope was Lost until They realized it was The Right DNA For the Getics as they were just dabbling with Fake Ones. So James used his DNA Along with his lab, and With Fortune, Ended Up Creating the Perfect One. They named it after James fathers Name, Alexander/Alex.

The Team Was Succesful, Until the Co-Leader, John White, Had other plans. It turns out he was a Spy For a Different Organization That Specialized in Creating BIO Weapons, But For Cruel Means. After witnessing The Proggesion of Alex through age and Power, He Killed all the members of james Team, Leaving Alex To witness it. Sadly alex still didn't have full control of his abilities, So he couldn't Prevent The murder.

After Alex was Kidnapped, They Erased his memories and He was tortured Bothed physiclly And mentally to master his abilities and use them for The organizations Gain. They Planned For him to become a sort of retriever and get back all the escaped BIO weapons and also perform Cruel missions. They were progessing well.

Until they pushed him to far...

While training, Alex released all the pain and anger he felt and Killed everyone in the organization and Destroyed the building he was held in. He escaped, and Took control of himself. For months after that, he used his powers to survive in the harsh enviroment until he decided he needed To Be WITH the other people, Not Away from them. So he progessed himself in the world and opened up his own little Buisness as a Person for hire meaning he would perform any task for pay. He became succesful and performed various jobs from minor To dangerous. He made a good life, and realized The havoc other BIO weapons caused And decided to stop them. By doing this he gets himself in Insane predicaments, situations, Both in Science AND In magic Problems. 

He became so Powerful even Monsters, Gods, And other Deities Began to notice him and Either Feared or Were Drawn to his Immense power. To other his life seems to get worse, But for Him?

It's all One God Damn Hell of a Ride....

Lifestyle: Althogh Having Abnormal power, Alex tends to lay low with his power and not draw alot of attention. Other than that He enjoyes using his Powers For his own gain at times. When he does a job, he is often bored because they're to easy, so he usually enjoys hunting for Lost BIO weapons. His Favorites however, is when he Takes on major beings, Such as gods and others alike.

Alex never really ises his full power, As he stated that even a portion of it was to much for HIM to handle. He Always enjoyes a good Fight, even when his oppnents are weak He enjoyes friendship, and dislike thoughs who betray him.  He has strong beliefs on everything and Dosen't like to converse on it. He often put himself in dangerous situations to see if he could actually Feel what death is, But has yet to Show it. This Shows he's Extremely hot blooded, and basicaly a damn.

Other than that he is one of the greatest people you'll meet and its going to be a " Experiance" For you to meet him...