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Zurie Draculea

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Zurie Draculea
Chibi Vamp
Epithet The Bloody Countess
Alignment Lawful Good
Race True Pure Blooded Vampire
Laterality Right
Gender Female
Age 1000+
Birthday March 25th
Blood Type O
Personal Data
Birthplace Hong Kong, China
Affiliation the Thirteen Wizard Saints
Headquarters Hero's Grave, Destiny City
Occupation Founder and former leader of the Assassin's Guild
Family None
Eye Color Lapis Lazuli
Hair Color Silvery-White
Height 158cm (5'1")
Weight 49kg (108 lbs)
Bust 95cm (38")
Cup 65I
Bust Volume 2585.7ml
Waist 54cm (21")
Hips 83cm (33")
Favorite Food Tomato Juice
Disliked Food Blood
Hobby Midnight Strolls
Weapon Double-Bladed Scythe
Charm Point Her light skin
Weak Point Back
Fighting Style Her own dancing fighting style

Zurie Draculea is the founder and former leader of the Assassin's Guild called, Death's Head. She was imprisoned in a wing of the Amicus Estate for hundreds of years of her own free will to protect others from her. She wields a double-bladed scythe that's bigger than her body, and fights while spinning it dramatically.



Zurie is a beautiful petite vampirette whose appearance seems to be that of a little girl or pre-teen. She has soft, round blue eyes and unruly silvery-white hair that reaches down to her mid thigh. She has a jack-o-lantern shaped ornament with mini bat wings on each side of it. She has a small frame (5' 1"), which further emphasizes her breasts; hence the nickname "Oppai Loli Vampire".


Zurie comes across as a rather determined, caring and gentle young woman. She almost always has a faint smile on her face and also really good at reading the atmosphere. Despite her appearance cheerful attitude, Zurie speaks with a very quiet voice and speaks using keigo. She is also quite shy and quick to blush, and she sometimes tends to be not so honest with her feelings. While she is very intelligent, she often takes other people's words too literally, and she also doesn't confront other people, even when she knew she was been lied to (except when it is Valdis that lied to her). Because of her past, she hasn't been able to have a close relationship with anyone and worries about others thinking bad of or fearing her for her extraordinary assassination talent.

In the past Zurie was a merciless assassin who killed for fun and money and didn't care who the target was as long as she got to kill somebody.



Super Strength- Zurie is incredibly strong, capable of causing severe damage from simply pushing someone. Though she usually suppresses her strength, she loses control over it when embarrassed or nervous. She is strong enough to easily lift a Destiny Knight with one hand, and can clear a table of its contents with only her breath. Even just holding the handle of a teacup with her fingers is enough to break it.

Enhanced Speed- Zurie can move so fast that at least three after-images are left behind when she moves.

Charismatic Voice: Not only does Zurie have a beautiful voice, she also uses it to bring out the good in people and stop conflicts between them using only her words.

Enhanced Metabolism: As a Vampire, Zurie is resistant to gaining weight as part of having her attractive figure.


Medusa Reflection Technique: Reflects an enemy's attack.

Bloodsucking Cosmos: Zurie grabs her enemy to suck his/her blood and drain life.


Vampire Reign- Upon activation, Valdis turns into a Vampire Witch, and day turns to night in the area around her. Vampire Reign's exact range is unknown, although it is able to create a fake moon, and affects the range around Seiko by around two kilometers. It allows Valdis to passively absorb energy from all that fall into the area of a black forest of bloody thorns. The trees wither and crumble, buildings are destroyed, and people begin to rot and weaken with each passing second, as their life and spiritual energy are sapped out of their being.



  • She needs her connection with Blood Drive to be able to use any of her powers besides those that come with vampire physiology.
  • Naturally gentle personality, prone to fear, highly emotional (These are better controlled in Tyrant form).
  • Cannot swim and becomes immobilized if more than half of her body is covered in water, loses her powers and becomes helpless if more than half of her body is submerged in water.
  • She can be too merciful on opponents.
  • Very holy objects such as blessed weaponry can still hamper her
  • Lacks true flight and hates close quarters combat.
  • Hates her vampiric urges greatly, finding the act of drinking one's blood to be particularly distasteful; she weakens without drinking blood.
    • She also goes feral if she doesn't suck/bite something on a regular basis.
  • She gets a bit weaker in sunlight and if she receives too much she will die.
  • Roasted soybeans burns her just as bad as sunlight would.
  • Despite her amazing amount of stamina and immortality she does get tired and feels pain.
  • She can be hurt by demonic light.
  • Using Vampire Reign she will slowly lose control of her mind. Also, she can resurrect only twice a day.
    • Must use 30% of her power to keep herself under control and hold back her bloodlust
  • Cannot stand extra garlicky pizza, and cannot use Vampire Reign more than a few times a day.
  • She is allergic to Cherries (they weaken her powers)
  • Weak against Fire and Ice Magic.


  • Her home is a large mansion with an underground town for her servants and other things.

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