"Don’t do that. If you don’t have a water cannon loaded with liquid red pepper mixed with mace, you won’t be able to hurt my eyes. If you want to hurt my pride, you better bring along a flamethrower."
― to a thug who tried mugging her with a spray bottle full of concentrated liquid red pepper
"Whether you have 8000 Dairenjis or my mother as your 10,000th personality, that is nothing more than having the same cards as an opponent in a card game. You have not become my mother or the other Dairenjis; you have only put together the same deck as them. No matter what deck you put together, you are making the decision of which cards to use in battle on your own."
― to Ritsu Dairenji during their fight when Ritsu started using the various Persona she has in her possession.
Xuan Nu
Epithet Ultimate Chef
Alignment Lawful Good
Race Human (Witch)
laterality Right
Gender Female
Age 21
Birthday February 8th (Aquarius)
Blood Type A
Personal Data
Birthplace Destiny Seahaven (Fennmont)
Affiliation The Thirteen Wizard Saints
Occupation Magic Cafe Owner


Base of Operations Her cafe in Destiny City
Family Sherria Amicus - Mother

Lynn Amicus - Auntie

Hair Color White
Eye Color Orange
Height 166cm (5'5")
Bust 98cm (39")
Cup 68I
Bust Volume 2717.5ml
Waist 60cm (24")
Hips 83cm (33")
Magic Food Magic!?
Hobbies Reading and Making others smile
Weapon Drinks and Foods

Xuan Nu is a member of the Supreme Magic organization known as the Thirteen Wizard Saints and is Sherria Amicus' daughter.



Xuan Nu looks like a young girl in her mid-teens with a slender, yet toned build who has been described as rather short for her age. She has long mocha brown hair in long twin-tails, like Justine, she is noted to have a considerably big forehead, furthermore she usually selects hairstyles which indirectly emphasize the size of her forehead. Her maid outfit has the appearance of a certain electronics district in Japan with a pure white based color. The outfit itself had a mini-skirt, black thigh-high socks, frills a nameplate in the shape of a rabbit attached to her skirt, and a black corset.


Xuan Nu displays a responsible and motherly maturity rarely found in girls of her age; an attribute that earned her station of leadership in the Thirteen Wizard Saints and the universal respect of her juniors, to whom she is a lovingly-kind and reliable big-sister. That said, she is still a 700 year old woman who looks like a teenage girl who shows a warmly mischievous streak when at ease, and can be just as tender-hearted and vulnerable as any 16 year old girl when it comes to matters of love.

She enjoys Masamune milk, a trait which she has adopted from Black Saber leader Ping Wei, and she says that it is the reason why her breasts are large. She is also very fond of designer bags.

She treats everyone fairly and understands multiple sides of conflicts which makes Xuan Nu very difficult to communicate with since she never gives a straight answer or opinion.


Food Magic- Xuan Nu can augment any food/meal she makes by infusing it with her magical energy which then empowers anyone who eats it. She can cook up whole armies full of delicious food themed minions. She can also cook up an instant-sedation lobster or fry ultra revival Fried shrimp and rice while in the field.

  • Food Combat- Xuan Nu fights uses Absolute Shadow Ramen Karate, which makes use of ramen noodles and magic crab bombs for offense and defense.
  • Cool Drink Magic- Xuan Nu can use Cool Drink Magic to manipulate the Kiwi Soda that she loves so much to form attacks.

Hyper-Accelerated Metabolism- Despite being gluttonous, Xuan Nu doesn't gain a single pound or have any adverse effects on her body and her accelerated metabolism helps maintain her beautiful look.

Culinary Intuition- Xuan Nu is known to be the world's greatest chef in Destiny City and her culinary skills are a great aid in Potion Making. She is also the inventor of Omnipotent Soda and Succubi Wine.