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Welcome to Fennmont East

I was thinking of hosting an original character driven RP this coming Monday or Tuesday that will take place and feature characters from my verse; OCs from other fanon verses are acceptable (to some extent that is).

Read This!!

Please post your character's link here in the comments

All characters will be approved by me

Any type of character is acceptable, but please refrain from using God and Black Hole Sues; characters are also prohibited from having Meta, Omni and Absolute powers.


Fennmont is known for it's beautiful beaches and awesome story zones; many tourist come to Fennmont to experience the vacation of a lifetime, but something has gone wrong at Yamato City Beach Resort. It's up to you to stop the evil forces of the Monster Girl Sorority and their thug-like gang of adorable goons. Grab your SPF 50 sunscreen, your trusty sword and skimpy bikini because it's time to take back the beach (and steal some panties along the way >:] ).


Fennmont Specific Classes

  • Astral Mage:
  • Battle Alchemist/Witch:
  • Mecha:
  • Beastkin:
  • Bouncer:
  • Brave:
  • Dread Fighter:
  • Carpenter:
  • Gunner
  • Quickdraw:
  • Puppet Master:
  • Starlet:
  • Hacker (Exclusive to Administration):
  • Myrmidon:
  • Military Strategist: