"I'm not smiling on the inside, by the way. That was humiliating."
― Whenever she uses the Kyu kyu kyu nyah :3!
"Give me your big, thick, delicious fish sausage!"
― Whenever she is hungry for sausage
Tara Gates
Throwing darts
Epithet Saddler Killer
Alignment Lawful Good
Race Human
laterality Both
Gender Female
Age 19
Birthday November, 21th (Scorpio)
Blood Type O
Personal Data
Birthplace New York, Chesapeake
Affiliation Information Alliance (Captain)
Occupation Multiple Agent (Several organizations)
Base of Operations Mobile Air Base
Family Unnamed Adopted Daughter
Hair Color Sandy brown
Eye Color Green
Height 160cm (5'3")
Weight 48kg (105.8 lbs)
Bust 82cm (32")
Cup D Cup
Bust Volume Unknown
Waist 58cm (23")
Hips 82cm (32")
Powers ???
Favorite Food Everything
Hobby Playing Darts
Weapon(s) Tricked Out Darts

Tara Gates is an assassin working for the Amicus Family and captain of the Information Alliance. As the assassin working for of one of the big three families, she is well acquainted with their members, such as Xuan Nu. Her partner is Atlas Flame, who carries out the assassinations while Tara herself delivers recon and intelligence to him, rarely engaging in actual assassinations. She is the daughter of Maya Gates; her mother sacrificed her life for Tara's own in the Celestial Incident.


Sumiye Egnell Nayuta Mitsuari



Tara often teases her friends, and even purposely puts them into dangerous situations in order to complete missions. She also has a habit of saying common phrases incorrectly and using complex vocabulary that confuses her friends. Despite this, she gets along surprisingly well with her comrades and banters with them during their mission.

She is both intelligent and knowledgeable, as she helps her comrades identify weak points for their foes, and gives them hints for overcoming obstacles.


Trick Darts-

Master Unarmed Combatant-

Kill Point- Tara is able to move freely through time and space using a complex formula inside her head; which allows her to teleport behind her opponent to get the drop on them.

Other Abilities