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Shigure Taketatsu



She is a tall teen-aged girl with long blonde hair tied up in a braid on the top of her head and large golden eyes. Usually wearing a black school uniform.
1aa23 Suzuka-1-

"Hey, how's in hanging?"


She has a sarcastic attitude and doesn't put much emotion into her words. Shigure is somewhat perverted and enjoys teasing others at any opportunity. She generally tends to smirk before teasing or performing her antics at others, putting them in uncomfortable situations. She keeps many secrets. Although Shigure is inexperienced, she leads her squad well and remains levelheaded in battle.


Enhanced Charisma- She is a natural born leader

Infinite Resurrection- She can ressurect herself an infinite ammounts of times per a day

Supernatural Condition (Expert Level)-

Meta Space Manipulation-

Meta Time Manipulation-

Power Transmutation-



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