"Stop staring at them, its making me blush! >_<"
― Whenever someone stares at her chest
Seria Fujisaki
Lancer (alter) NEET
Power Persona
Weapon Manga and Comic Books
Epithet NEET
Alignment Neutral Good
Race Android (Hibiki Unit)
Gender Female
Age 21
Birthday May 3
Blood Type Ice Nine
Personal Data
Birthplace Oceania
Affiliation Japan Self-Defence Force
Occupation NEET and College Student
Base of Operations The 6th Hierarchical City of Yamato

Hibiki Sister Units

Hobby Playing MMORPGs
Hair Color Pale Blonde
Eye Color Gold
Height 169cm (5'7")
Weight 48kg (105.8 lbs)
Bust 94cm (37")
Cup G Cup
Bust Volume 1582.3ml
Waist 64cm (26")
Hips 92cm (36")



Differing from other Hibiki Units in appearance, Seria has a "figure that differs 'in portion.'" There are said to be many opinions on both her figure and weight as a Hibiki Unit, possibly caused by her robotic body growing "in portion" due to her wanting to grow up "a portion" of the body to grow. She has long pale blonde hair with stunning golden eyes.


A NEET who is still somewhat half-assed. A Hibiki Unit who practices daily in order to become the ideal girlfriend and ideal fighter. Although still half-assed, her girlishness has not been wiped away yet and her heart is filled with hopes and dreams.