Sasha Roszko
Epithet Zero Divider
Alignment Chaotic Good
Race Human (Cyborg)
laterality Right
Gender Male
Age Unknown, likely in his early 20's
Birthday October 1st
Blood Type B
Personal Data
Birthplace Moscow, Russia
Affiliation Celestial Incident Management Organization
Occupation Colonel - Celestial Incident Management Organization
Base of Operations Tawawa's Café - Bear Wrestling Arena
Family Unnamed Wife - Indisposed
Favorite Food Vodka Chocolate Bars
Hair Color Light Pink (Dark Brown before the experiment)
Eye Color Purple
Height 178cm (5'10")
Weight 61kg (134.5 lbs)
Power Enhanced Swordsmanship
Hobbies Collecting vintage motorcycles
Weapon Legacy Weapon: Purple Storm
Fighting style Self-taught Taekwondo and swordplay

Sasha Roszko, more commonly known by his alias Zero Divider, is a Colonel in the Celestial Incident Management Organization.





Inexistant Physiology- After a failed experiment that killed his sisters, Sasha can now manipulate nothingness, as he is made of it. He can also teleport by deleting space and distance in between the target area and himself. He can delete negative aspects pertaining to himself such as: injuries and emotions.

  • Void King- Sasha possesses the power of the void, which can annihilate matter and turn him nonexistent-intangible.
  • Flight- He can fly and levitate by simply erasing gravity around himself.
  • Nothingness Attacks- Sasha is the a master of using Void Energy in various attack methods.
  • Void Constructs- Sasha is able to create various void constructs that will aid him in battle.


Enhanced Swordsmanship: Sasha's fighting style is typically made of quick kicking combos reminiscent of taekwondo, mixed in with short, but strong and quick sword strike techniques. He can also be quite acrobatic with his attacks.


Void Pool- Sasha can summon pools of void energy which can constantly harms whoever is standing in them, and the more the pools the more damage one takes.



Legacy Weapon: Purple Storm- The Purple Storm can split anyone or anything into two entities of opposite gender. It can also manifest into a giant Chinese Dragon that calls itself, Qing Long; Qing Long can control air and electricity.


  • Using his nonexistence powers too much causes his existence to become unstable, flickering in and out of existence uncontrollably.


  • Qing Long is Chinese for "Azure Dragon".