― To her backstabbing partner
Saika Kaiser
Epithet Deadline Summonnr of the 12 Beast
Alignment Lawful Good
Race Mizuchi (Jewel)
Nationality Japanese/American (dual nationality)
Laterality Right
Gender Female
Age 17
Birthday December 28th (Capricorn)
Blood Type A
Personal Data
Birthplace Chittenango, New York, USA
Affiliation Kizuna Girls’ Academy (4th-year with intermittent attendance)
Occupation Fourth-Year Student and Mercenary (Celestial Incident Management and Destiny Security Organization)
Base of Operations The Tawawa's Café located in the Hanging Gardens
Family Unnamed Parents
Hair Color Black (with Red Highlights)
Eye Color Burgundy
Height 157cm (5'2")
Weight 38kg (85 lbs)
Breast Weight 0.3kg
Bust 80cm (31")/Varies
Cup A
Bust Volume Undefined/Varies
Waist 56cm (22")
Hips 85cm (33")
Powers Supreme Swordsmanship
Favorite Food Succubi Soda with Soft served ice cream
Hobby Swimming and Swimsuit Modeling
Weapons Michikage (Wakizashi)/ Specialized Ninja Tools
Fighting Style Modified Aisu sword style + Iaijutsu
Favorite Subject Classical Literature, English, Math, Science, Physical Education, Classic Chinese Literature
Weakest Subject None. Don't be stupid.

Saika Kaiser is the daughter of the ex-Nazi General and death row inmate, Blitzkrieg, and an unnamed imprisoned Mizuchi Wet Nurse, making her a half-Mizuchi. Saika is a mercenary who usually does odd jobs for the Celestial Incident Management and Destiny Security Organization, two organizations who works to destroy all of the evil 12 Celestials. She usually does assassination missions that the Wizard Saints will not take; Saika is also a popular idol and swimsuit model. She is a Wizard Saint Candidate and is the only person who has seen both the ranked 1st Wizard Saint and the 11th Wizard Saint. She was personally trained by Skadi after the events of the attack on New Caledonia.



Saika is a fair-skinned young girl with burgundy eyes and a slender body. Although she has small breasts, they can also be considered as an asset to her appearance. Her hair is Black with Red highlights and her hair is styled into long twintails.

She is often seen with either an overly confident smirk/grin or a dead serious glare and is always depicted in a dark navy-blue school swimsuit. But she can also be found in a long towel or sarashi covering her chest with a black pleated skirt on occasion.

She sometimes uses a special kind of magical drug that allow its user to visually change one's age without wasting the user's mana.


Saika is a girl with a high opinion of herself and a low tolerance of idiocy and pervertedness. She easily gets angered when someone talks or comments about "small boobs", even if it's started by her. She possesses zero social skills and is very arrogant and snide towards everyone else. To those she may respect or even consider friends, she can be grudgingly open and sincere at best, and to those she doesn't care for she can display almost comical amounts of abuse and scorn. She also displays a caring facet toward her friends, as she attempts to cheer Fimbulwinter up whenever she is sad, and goes into a towering rage whenever Jasmine Guier nearly kills No Name in mock battles.

Saika's hobbies include shopping, especially for lingerie and rare stuffed animals.


Mizuchi Physiology-

Enhanced Swordsmanship-

Deadline Summonnr- Saika can summon empathic beings via her Upgraded Deadline Summonnr Magic App. Her summons includes: Amanojaku, Behemoth, Efreet, Himegami, Gnome, Mu-Onna, Kage-Onna, Salamander, Slime Girl, Sylph, Undine, and Venus.

  • Summon Replication- She borrow the Magic and abilities of her Summon Spirits, through a spell called Summonnr Dress.

Shadow Sneak- She can merge with the shadows to travel around faster and to dodge attacks.

Other Abilities

Loli's Instinct-

Speed Swimming-


Michikage- Michikage is a jet black wakizashi made from the Sacred Darkness Black Metal found on Mount Rieze in Fennmont. Michikage can cut anything regardless of what it is made of, however, Michikage drains the life-force and sanity of the wielder during the duration of the time it's unsheathed.



  • Memento mori is the medieval short form of the Latin proverb memento moriendum esse, meaning "remember/consider (that you will have) to die", "remember your mortality".
  • A kodama is a spirit in Japanese folklore that inhabits trees. The term is also used to denote a tree in which a kodama supposedly resides.