― Whenever he's beating on a dead body




Power Proximity Replication and Black Sheep Bomb
Weapon Wooden Sword, Shifting Lance, M92 Vertec
Epithet The Psycho Lancer
Alignment Chaotic Good
Race Android (Hibiki Unit)
Gender Male
Age Unknown (13?) (biologically)

5 (chronologically)

Birthday May 13
Blood Type Ice Nine
Personal Data
Birthplace 5th Hierarchical City of Britannia (originally)

Switzerland (raised in)

Affiliation Foo Fighters
Occupation Celestial and Witch Hunter
Base of Operations Illusion Moon

Sister Hibiki Units

Hobby Killing things
Appearance (applies to Calamity Form only)
Hair Color Abyss Black
Eye Color Eerie Glowing Blue
Height 157cm (5'1.8")
Weight 48kg (105.8 lbs)
Bust 62cm (25")
Cup 52 A-cup
Bust Volume 0148.6ml
Waist 48cm (18")
Hips 59cm (23")


Orphaned during the second Phantom War, Saeko grew up in an organization administered by the Dairenji Syndicate. She was selected for the Black Sheep after participating in a youth training program for the Foo Fighters run by the Dairenji Syndicate.

His potential strength may not be quite as high as the other members (and other Hibiki Units), but through backbreaking effort and practice he has learned to wield his power quite skillfully. In fact, in this regard, he is rated at least two levels higher than his peers and other Hibiki Units.

It was that assessment that earned her the spot of the leader of the Black Sheep. She is a bit of a perfectionist, though, and this often puts her in conflict with other Hibiki Units.


Saeko is often confused for a female by his friends due to his young age, his effeminate features and his irregular fashion choice. Saeko's hair is a silver-colored gust cut, and his eyes are sea green. He wears a hooded baggy jacket with fur lining on the hood, with a yellow ribbon strapped loosely onto his left sleeve. Saeko has the Black Sheeps logo attached onto his jacket's right sleeve with a pin. Under the jacket, Saeko wears what appears to be a loose, flowy tank top, along with a pair of olive-colored shorts. On his neck, he wears a brown collar. For footwear, Saeko wears white socks with sneakers.


Saeko is known to be a kind, caring, strong and very reliable person, to the point of being annoyingly overbearing. Saeko often considers the feelings of other members of the Black Sheeps and often ensures their well being. Saeko secretly has an extremely sadistic tendencies while fighting "phantoms" and later explains to Gaylord that she had been that way for a long time before the Dimensional War ensued. He reveals that she derives pleasure from causing pain and suffering to others. It can be assumed that Saeko's existential conflict manifests itself by cloaking his sadistic, malevolent, and violent nature with the facade of a well-mannered and cultured young man.


Power Replication Field-

Elemental Polearm Construction-

Enhanced Condition-


  • Saeko is the captain of Bacon Academy's Kendo Club.
  • According to Sophia, Saeko ranks as the cutest male student at Bacon Academy.
  • Saeko has been known to drool when he sleeps.
  • Saeko's interests involve cultural Japanese things such as Koi fish and cherry blossom trees.
  • Saeko dislikes it when Shizuka Liladan addresses her with the honorific kohai, as the two should be in the same year.
  • Saeko seems to be sexually aroused when killing something, or at the very least, when killing Phantoms.