Oto + Rus
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Alias Devourer
Alignment Neutral Good
Race Hellhound
Gender Female
Age 14
Birthday May 14
Blood Type A
Personal Data
Birthplace Hell Dimension
Affiliation United Nations
Occupation Exchange Student and Monster Hunter
Base of Operations New York City, New York
Family Kerberos (Older Sister)


She wears greaser like clothing with steel-toed biker boots with ripped stockings and her second "head" (read:sockpuppet) Rus is on her left hand. She has bloodthirsty red eyes and mocha brown hair with razor like canine teeth.


Her main body is extremely shy and does not deal well with others, while her puppet is a lot more forward and will come help her out when she's in trouble.




  • She has a split personality, one of which is stronger and in control most of the time.