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Sexy Kitty
Epithet Allikatt
Alignment Neutral Good
Race Human
laterality Left
Gender Female
Age 17
Birthday April, 26th (Taurus)
Blood Type B
Personal Data
Birthplace Ishikawa
Affiliation NEMESIS (First Lieutenant)

Information Alliance (Informant; First Lieutenant)

Occupation Student

Multiple Agent (Several organizations)

Base of Operations 1738 Ice Cream and School Lunch Restaurant (School District 9 Airship Shopping Center)

Unnamed Mother

Unnamed Father

Aija Egnel (little sister)

Setsuka Egnell (older Sister)

Nozomi (Late Younger Sister)

Hair Color Silvery White
Eye Color Blood Red

158cm (5'2")


55 kg


80cm (31")


B Cup

Bust Volume



78cm (30")


54cm (21")


Hidden Weapon Proficiency and Trap Tactics


Drawing Manga and playing Video Games


A myriad of Concealed and Poisoned Weaponry

Favorite Foods

Fox Udon and Wasabi Maki

Nightcore - Neko Nation Anthem (S3RL remix)

Nightcore - Neko Nation Anthem (S3RL remix)




Coupled with Nekonome's sensitive and highly selective sense of smell and assassination skills is a physically fit body that enables her to carry out the search of unique foods and culinary experiences, many times in dangerous places.


Magic Forms

  • Ayakashi Nekonome: This form is similar to her catgirl form, with the addition of her gaining white hair, pale skin with black markings, green claws from her fingernails, and a bushier tail. In addition to her increased demon powers, Nekonome's ayakashi form has the ability to perform powerful claw swipes from a distance. However, the loss of her personality transforms Alisha into a deadly berserker, unable to distinguish friend from foe. This form was used to defeat Toa in his nine-tailed fox form.
  • Hyper Alisha: Hyper Nekonome is Nekonome's powered-up form when she wields her Light Mana-imbued Jade Dagger. In addition to her retaining her catgirl form, Nekonome also gains a brand new set of revealing cyberninja-like armor, consisting of a black chestplate with emerald green accents and wide, detached sleeves, a green-and-white obi, a jade hair bow, and black thigh-high boots. The chestplate is open at her breasts, giving view to her cleavage. In this form, Nekonome has the ability to levitate and can slice the strongest ayakashi in two with a single blow. This form was used to defeat Clone Huozai in his Blazing Inferno form.
  • White Knight Mode: In this mode, Nekonome can temporarily make herself grow older by gathering the natural Ki from her surrounding and synchronizing it with her body and mind.
    • Kasha Wheel: Nekonome can summon a big wheel that is covered in white flames that has the power of purification.


Other Abilities