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Miria Honda

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"How about surpassing your limits? Look at that guy. He was the first to raise his hand, but he's still running. The instant you say you're done and give up, it's over. You might have power in you that you aren't aware of yet. And her. She thought she was done too, but she ran another lap. Where did the power to run that lap come from? It's the same with ability development. If you decide your own limits yourself, it's over."
― To Jessica Renee Philomele and Razeluxe Ibis, when they gave up being mages after their defeat to Nayuta Mitsuari
Miria Honda

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Female Archer Cosplay ☆-1-

Epithet Níðhöggr and Morte the Dragon Slayer
Alignment Chaotic Good
Race Half-Human and half-dragon


Gender Female
Age 22
Birthday July, 7th (Cancer)
Blood Type O+
Personal Data
Birthplace The 1st Integration City of Izanami
Affiliation Thirteen Wizard Saints and Destiny Military Academy
Occupation She is the teacher of Monster Hunting at Destiny Military Academy
Base of Operations New York City

Unnamed Parents

Favorite Food

Green Tea/Kaiseki

Hair Color

Mystical Silver

Eye Color



168cm (5'6")


73cm (28")


56.5 C

Bust Volume

0729.8 ml


90cm (35")


59cm (23")


Dragon Kiss Magic


Relaxing in a hot spring and shopping for push up bras


Half-circular Greatsword


Miria Honda is highly intelligent, having skipped several grades in schooling, and ultimately graduated top of her class in her college program (She was 11 years of age at the time). Eventually, she was called to teach at the academy. She is Razeluxe Ibis's older step-sister, by one year. She is the teacher of Monster Hunting at the Destiny Military Academy and was one of the Thirteen Wizard Saints called "Morte the Dragon Slayer".



Miria is a slim, very beautiful young woman with long, straight, silver hair flowing down to her lower thighs and unruly, messy bangs resting on her forehead. She has orange/red eyes. A voluptuous and curvaceous, but well toned and pleasing figure with moderate sized breasts. Wearing a scarlet full dress uniform that looks like British Army's Infantry/Bandsman with a short black-trimmed white skirt and black high-heeled boots, accentuated by black tights underneath.


Miria is very well mature for her age. She is very quick to use her fire ball spell, especially against people she deems pervs and villains. Of all the young female teachers, she is the most mature and seems to be the most intelligent considering she skipped grades and graduated at such a young age. She is a teacher at the Military Academy and she takes her job as a teacher very seriously. She is strict with her students and easy on them when she needs to be. She often finds Razeluxe doing things he shouldn't be doing and like a big older sister, she usually feels that she needs to reform or correct her younger brother. She is also very well known for both her voice and knowledge. She has her very own fan club and many of students go to her for help when it comes to everything in their lives, from school work to personal life. She often has huge crowd in the teachers lounge after school which makes it difficult for her friends to speak with her. She is very kind to everyone and cares deeply for her students and will not tolerate anyone who berates them. She also prefers if everyone will call her "Ms. Miria".


Supernatural Swordsmanship- Miria employs swordsmanship as the main element of her fighting style, resolving to use her "Magic" only when forced to. She can cut down in pieces a gigantic beast such as the Great Dragon Emperor in mere seconds, and subsequently defeat his summoner Jane without actually leaving visible wounds on her.

Trackless Shift- This technique combines the user's breath control and footwork at the same time to decrease the distance from the user and the target in an instant, to which Miria has been seen using it many times in battle. Due to her inexperience, Miria's trackless step, although deadly, is a far cry from White Requiem's trackless step technique.

Rainbow Fire Magic- A variation of Fire Magic in which the user creates flames with a variety of colors, with each color having a particular effect or property. For example, the user can create a blue flame which is cold, a yellow flame which gives off a foul odour and weakens the opponent's senses, a purple flame which can stick to objects and be solidified, among others.

  • Firefly: Miria creates many small, glowing greenish yellow fireballs that float around an enemy. The idea behind this attack's name is that before she attacks with them, the small fireballs look like fireflies in the air. After using Firefly to send the fireballs floating around in proximity with the enemy, Miria sends them all flying into the target(s) all at once, burning them.
  • Flame Bullets: A rapid projectile attack that allows Miria to shoot small blasts of fire from her fingers.
  • Rocket Burn: A charging dash attack in which Miria is enveloped in searing spiritual blue flames. This move can also be turned into a spinning attack.
  • Angry Sun Force: A short-range but forceful attack made of concentrated deep red flames.
  • Sun Nuker: A chargeable projectile attack that moves slowly but causes a greater explosion upon impact.

Dragonborn Physiology- She is part dragon


Miria's primary weapon is a half-circular greatsword with a handle called Elementfirecross. Her weapon style is perfect for intimidating and hacking enemies into two. However, due to its heaviness and stupendous size, she can't make good chains. In fact, she has the least amount of hits even if you chained all of her flurries, it would be 7 hits.


Powerful magic users can overpower her

  • Ice and Water magic are exceptionally good on her

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