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Maria Ortega

">Insert Ghost in the Shell joke here<"
― Due to the fact she is know for making such jokes.
Maria Ortega
Water Bottle
Epithet Protean Android
Alignment Lawful Good
Race Android (Hibiki Unit)

Human (Hispanic ;Formerly)

Laterality Right
Gender Female in appearance (has a female brain)
Age 18
Birthday September, 14th (Libra)
Blood Type 8-D69
Personal Data
Birthplace São José dos Campos, São Paulo, Brazil
Affiliation Her parent's restaurant
Headquarters Her room
Occupation Student, helps out at family restaurant when she can
Family Unnamed Parents
Hair Color Brownish-Black (Formerly)


Eye Color Peridot Green

Brown (Formerly)

Height 160cm (5'3")
Weight 50kg (110 lbs)
Bust 81cm (32")
Cup 32F/Varies
Bust Volume Undefined
Waist 61cm (24")
Hips 101cm (40")
Favorite Food Blueberry Muffins
Hobby Writing
Weapon Magic Apps

Maria Ortega is the former, and first, partner of Louis Mitsuari. She was fatally injured and was given the body of a Hibiki Cyborg Magical Combat Unit by the creator of the Hibiki Units, Rikou Liladan, as part of her experiments. The Hibiki Cyborg Magical Combat Unit was created to wield Magic Apps and do battle against small armies, she is one of the first of her model and build. She fights alongside the members of the Foo Fighters during the events of WW3. Multi-skilled, she participates in both the tennis and swimming clubs. Due to that, she always eats a lot, but unfortunately all of those nutrients go into her chest.


Maria had been attractive from a young age, and therefore, been in the center of attention, but when she was in middle school, her looks had attracted all kind of unwanted attention, ranging from fellow classmates to adults. She had even been attacked and fatality injured by the "boyfriend" of a stalker at one of her swim meets, which caused her androphobia, a fear of men. Due to the attack being so fatal she had to transfer her consciousness and soul into an experiment Hibiki Unit body. Once the procedure was complete and she returned to school, she had then asked Louis Mitsuari, the only boy she could trust, to have a fake relationship (they had agreed to stop it if they found someone else they loved) with her so that she could avoid other boys.


Maria Ortega is slightly short for her age, being noticeably shorter than almost all of her female classmates. Maria has long, waist-length silky silver hair that she leaves messy and flowing and her eyes are a beautiful green. She is also decently well endowed, at least in proportion to her small stature. She is usually seen wearing the uniform of Bacon Magic Academy.

Maria in her Kaiser armor, changes her skin to blue, as well as the rest of her armor, having only a slender appearance of a Hibiki Unit. Her hair is also changed to be more flat, as well being changed to blue as well.


Maria is a beautiful and timid girl, and because of that she's been chased and stalked by men, resulting in her androphobia (Louis being one of the exceptions). Even if she's kind, she often got jealous of Ayana when they first met, but as time goes by she gradually overcome it.


Scanner Vision- A non combative feature which analyzes an opponent's Physical Data (such as BWH measurements) and Abilities, including the opponent's Jewel ability, with the aid of her equipment it allows her to even see in microscopic level and thermal vision.

Claw Retraction- Her robotic arms also has some type of cat-like claws, which she can shoot out at will to either kill a person or hook onto a surface, allowing her to either pull herself towards it or pull the object it is attached to towards her.

Cyber Mind- Given Maria's cybernetic parts she can access her memory in video format to show others and use her internal supercomputer at a later time to analyze them properly. She also possesses vast encyclopedic knowledge of all things and can upload massive amounts of information into herself. She can download and upload all kinds of information along with her memory. All information she uploads into herself she can make use of immediately.

Magic Apps

  • Moonlight Rendezvous Magic App- The "Moonlight Rendezvous Magic App" uses Lunarian magic to teleport someone to any location it's connected too.
  • Guard Skill: Bust Sonic- Increases size of... things...
    • Heavenly Oppai: Maria has gained the ability to project a green light from her breasts, which recharges her energy. Each use of this power causes her breasts to temporarily shrink in size, which also makes her lighter and faster and makes [Louis Mitsuari] cry even though it's sometimes necessary. Her breast size will restore itself after a few days of rest.
  • Transformation Magic App- The exact effects are not known, but it has been shown that it expands a female user's breasts and increases a male user's strength. Its true nature is manipulating the shape of objects or the user. It can make the user appear as any age he or she wants to look; it is also capable of even changing the user's gender. The user also can change into anyone with a kiss when the App is active.
  • Curative Magic App- whilst unable to properly heal someone, it is able to tide them over and speed up recovery.
  • Clone Magic App- A type of Black Market Magic App that allows the user to make four copies of themselves, each with a personality that embodies a different emotion such as happiness, anger, love, and sadness. They are, however, not dependent on each other as when one is taken down, the others can still keep going.
  • Heavy Object Magic App- Subtly alters the user's body weight to crush their opponent, requires direct contact with the opponent.
  • Smart Bomb Scope Magic App- Magnify a portion of the user's field of vision.
  • Air Compressor- A Magic App which allows user to freely control Air pressure. The user can increase or decrease air pressure and freely direct it as they wish with their hands.
  • Shockwave Maker Magic App- Allows the user to send shockwaves through the ground, which destroy everything in their path.
  • Thermal Energy Conversion Magic App- This Black Market Magic App allows the user to absorb thermal energy and convert it into a energy blast capable of great destructive fury. It allows the user to control the entire process of thermal energy conversion from heat absorption to produce Ice, powerful gust of air created through thermal manipulation to the final Destructive Energy Blast of the Sixth Wave. Can also manipulate the air into a projectile bullets that can be shot at opponents from a far away distance. Allows for some limited flight ability.
    • The Sixth Wave: An attack described as similar to "Death". Lynn explains the attack as a similar phenomenon equal to when one's life flashes before one's life as s/he is about to die. Making use of the concept of "Death" the user proceeds to use a mental attack on their target in which they twist the very fabric of time and space. The mental attack may feel like hundreds of millions of years, while only actually taking 2 seconds in real time. The attack is so devastating that within those 2 seconds, the target would suffer unrelenting torment and subsequently use up the brains lifetime (cell viability until old age) and finally die.
  • Pocketing Magic App- Pocketing Magic App users, can store anything into their 'inventory' and can summon them at will.


Magi-Com Device:

Kaiser Armor: Maria has armor that allows her to become very powerful, being able to overpower even Louis, drastically increasing her own speed and strength, as she was also able to keep up with Louis and dodge most of his attacks, as well as increased endurance, with standing attacks that most humans could no survive.

Bladed Tonfa: Maria is known to carry bladed tonfa which she use to battle weaker enemies, especially when she is outnumbered by pushovers such as, Orcs.


High intellect: Maria is very smart for her age, as she is able to understand and use Magic Apps in many creative ways. Cunning fighter and quick to improvise in the heat of battle.

High Quality Mana: Maria has very powerful mana being told by Louis that her mana taste like that of a high level Jewel's.

Skilled Swordsman: Maria seems to be skilled with a pair of bladed tonfa.


  • Her body can be hacked (doing so will certainly be no easy task though).
  • After using too many Magic Apps, she becomes immobile for a short time.
  • Can't use her Magic Apps without her Magi-Com Device.
  • She tends to hold a back against weaker opponents and avoids killing.
  • She is vulnerable to electric attacks.
  • Her power progression is slowed down when in the presence of powerful opponents or negating abilities.
  • Strong magnetic fields can be dangerous to her body
  • She can only use one Magic App at a time



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