Mae Yong Song
Alias Tomoe Gozen
Alignment Good Neutral
Race Human (Psychic)


Gender Female
Age 19 years old
Birthday January 23
Blood Type A
Personal Data
Birthplace The 8th Hierarchical City of Steele
Affiliation Thirteen Wizard Saints
Occupation Track Runner and Student
Base of Operations Cutie Pie Pet Shop

Wealthy Mother and Magician Father

Favorite Food Ststz's Burgers
Professional Status
Previous Affiliation

The Thirteen Wizard Saints

Previous Partners

Kuroneko (her pet cat)

Hair Color


Eye Color



170cm (5'6.9")


58kg (127.9 lbs)

Measurements (bust, waist, hip) 86cm, 57cm, 89cm

Dragon Kiss Magic


karaoke and Running




Her legs


She was sent to the past along side, Lilianna Nyström, to stop the Phantom known as Amaterasu from destoying the Earth with the help of number one Wizard Saint, Mind Eater. She lost her memory during the time travel and is fighting in hopes of finding out who she is, with the help of POLTERGEIST. Starved for knowledge, when she comes across a word that piques her interest, she’ll ask questions for hours on end until things finally make sense for her. She hates noisy people.

She's a second year student in Kizuna Girls' Academy, and the Captain of the Imaginary Numbers Unit of POLTERGEIST and the 13th ranked Wizard Saint in the future.

Her fighting style centers on high-speed, Taekwondo mixed with her knowledge of Psionic Magic.


Mae is the daughter to an archaic family of psychics who can use magic with their minds. The clan's patriarch believes that she will someday be a good representation for the Kuzuryū name. Wanting her to practice diligence and gain experience, Mae is assigned to be the guide for Rinka Tsukikage. Before they leave South Korea, she spots a mysterious black cat in his shadow. She adopts the cat and names it Kuroneko. One day during one of her track meets, Rinka dies protecting her from the "Black Sun" Amaterasu and she mourns his passing over his gravestone. She then joins the newly reformed POLTERGEIST to go back in time as back-up for the Foo Fighters' newest captain, Lilianna Nyström, and for revenge for Rinka.


She has a cat like figure, and is very cute.


Mae is amnesiac young woman who tends to forget a lot of things except for her name and her friends' names. Proud of her lineage but a bit flighty, Mae is a conceited yet caring girl. She is easily amused by anything foreign to her native country due to her secluded lifestyle. Much like Rinka Tsukikage, is very serious when fighting, but when not doing so, she is cheerful and outgoing. She likes to design clothes as well.

Also, she loves naps, and will take even the smallest opportunity to doze off a little. She retains her elegance even while doing this.


Reactive Enhancement-

Power Legs-

  • Psychic Attacks: Mae can fuel her attacks with psychic energy.
  • Energy Geyser: Mae can launch a geyser of energy at her enemies.