Lyon was a middle-aged-looking gentleman with short silver-grey hair and dark red eyes.

His attire consisted of a pale violet trench coat over a white dress shirt with a matching ascot, black pants and shoes, and a black fedora.


It is hard to determine Lyon's personality as he is laid-back yet serious, while also wise and insane at the same time. His character seems to reflect upon the situation at hand. Lyon loves to valuable collect things, (shown when Dark Astral introduced him to video games he collected every console)and a research fanatic, especially on Grimoires. He is also shown to be pacifistic, preferring to talk his way out of troubles rather than resorting to violence, but he had no problem killing all of his fellow Xenobians and sealing his brother and the others royals away and then keeping his niece as a sex slave for three years :p

Lyon has also been shown to be extremely charismatic, being able to endear his Astral Leigon followers. Lyon has complicated feelings on the fact that many of his friends and acquaintances are all married and have a family (this might be the real reason he ursuped the throne from his brother and kept his niece as a sex slave).

He sold his only daughter, Fimbulwinter, to the king of a neighboring planet for a video game magazine from earth.


Absorbing Replication- He can absorb just about any inorganic matter he wants, but if he absorbs too much he will overload.

Post-Mortem Power Absorption - He killed some of his closest men to gain their powers for himself and then mix them together.

Unfettered Body-

Negative Emotion Empowerment-

Empathic Conversion-

Probability Bolt Projection-

Enhanced Charisma-

Alien-Beast Manipulation-

Mind Rape-

Gun Creation-


He can only absorb so much before his body gives up and goes haywire

He can only replicate five things that he absorbed at a time for ten minutes


Fimbulwinter is his daughter

Lyon is loosely based off of Sifsand and Lawrence

Theme: Dies irae -Mephistopheles-