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Kotoha Takeshita

"My name is Takeshita, look at my face and let's use it, okay?"
― Whenever she meets someone new or to Natalie
"Quit comparing our breasts to "sweet buns" and "melon bread!"
― To Issei and Natalie when they first meet Kotoha's little sister and mom
Kotoha Takeshita

Kotoha Takeshita

Kotoha Takeshita 2

Epithet G-shita; as a reference to her cup size
Alignment Lawful Good
Race Shinigami
laterality Both
Gender Female
Age 17
Birthday July, 20th (Cancer)
Blood Type B
Personal Data
Birthplace Shin-Tokyo, Japan
Affiliation Private Himegami Academy (4th-year)
Occupation Student (Private Himegami Academy)

Part-time employee (Stazt's Hamburgers)

Base of Operations Sanzu River (Sanzu no Kawa)
Family Unnamed Parents

Unnamed cousin (boyfriend)

Hair Color Black
Eye Color Amber
Height 175cm (5'8.9")
Weight 63kg (138.6 lbs)
Bust 99.5cm (39")
Cup 32H
Bust Volume 2761.8ml
Waist 62cm (24")
Hips 89cm (35")
Powers ???
Favorite Food Omnipotent Soda with Mini-burgers
Hobby Cleaning, cooking, singing and, making Eastern sweets (Japanese sweets)
Weapon(s) Shapeshifting Sword and Humongous Breasts

Kotoha Takeshita





Shinigami Physiology-



  • Despite already being very busty, Kotoha is known to have a quirk for wearing multiple bras

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