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Kiara Queen

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"Hmm... Just doing it would be fine, but going as a stand-in for Anette just doesn't feel right..."
― Talking about the Grand Destiny Star Games demonstration and half time show
Kiara Queen
Epithet The Mystical Grimoire
Alignment Lawful Good
Race Grimoire
Laterality Right
Gender Female, originally a magic book
Age Unknown (Appears 14)
Birthday December 25th
Blood Type B
Personal Data
Birthplace Sanctuary of Truth, Dreamland
Affiliation Thirteen Wizard Saints
Headquarters Destiny Library
Occupation Wizard Saint

Student (formerly)

Family Ilona - Mentor

Lynn Amicus - Previous Owner

Eye Color Amber
Hair Color Black
Height 156cm (5'1")
Weight 44kg (97 lbs)
BMI 17.4
Bust 99cm (39")
Cup 39G
Bust Volume Undisclosed
Waist 61cm (24")
Hips 89cm (35")
Favorite Food Chicken Chimichangas with Sour Cream Sauce
Hobbies Reading and Baby sitting
Charm Point Her sweet and gentle personality
Weapons Unarmed
Weak Point Breasts; sees them as useless bags of fat
Fighting Style Boxing

The Queen Manuscript, better known as Kiara Queen, is a legendary grimoire who formerly belonged to Lynn Amicus and was made by Ilona. She is Cynthia's nemesis and a general of Ilona's army. Strong-willed and brilliant, Kiara is very popular with males, and believes in an easy way to becoming Ilona's favorite.



Kiara's true form is a small, black ornate book, bounded with thin, golden chains that allows her to hang from her master's wrist.

Human Form: Kiara is a delicate olive skinned, breath takingly beautiful teenage girl with a petite and slim frame. She has long, black straight hair; her bangs are neatly combed, framing her face and she has very noticeable, sad amber-colored eyes, usually not fully open. She wears a Kawaii Five-0 modified Royal Magic Academy winter uniform; underneath her uniform she wears a black tank-top with athletic shorts and goes commando under the shorts. She is also quite blessed where it counts which sometimes flusters male classmates to no end. Cynthia mentions that her most attractive point are her legs and not her extremely large breasts, which despite her young age are the third largest in the Wizard Saints. She has very large breasts, and was often shown pulling objects out of her cleavage, including her other student's tests, instructions, chalk, and a baby dragon. Louis describes her as an "impossibly beautiful girl".

Whenever it's hot out she wears a highly functional-looking two-piece swimsuit and a T-shirt with Royal Magic Academy’s logo on it. When inquired, she stated her cup size was G.

Witch Form: Her clothes turn into a short, revealing black dress with a slit in her chest and stomach. She also gains black gloves and gold gauntlets on her legs. On her back, she has a pair angelic wings alongside six large transparent wings. In this form she wields a silver staff and keeps a short sword sheathed around her waist. However, she wears the revealing outfit, not because of personal preference, but because someone told (lied to) her it is a good way to make friend.


Kiara is proud and strong-willed. She is never afraid of speaking her mind and does not let others influence her. Kiara speaks with an authoritative tone of voice, and she is mostly business. Despite her authoritative tone, she is respectful of authority figures and does not police the other Wizard Saints. She is quite analytical and enjoys learning new things and asks questions often. She can never just sit around upon seeing someone in a pinch and will go to great lengths to protect or help the person. She will do anything to protect her friends from being bullied.

Kiara is obsessed with manga, anime, and video games to the point of being an "otaku". Her favorite types of games include rhythm, fighting, shooting, crane, racing, medal, and simulation. She also harbors a secret love of collecting "adult male-only items", which makes her a fujoshi.

Kiara admits that she lacks skill in negotiating with others and planning tactics in advance, despite her renown as an excellent soldier.

Witch Form Personality

In her Witch form, she is very arrogant and stubborn, filled with pride when it involves her breasts which she uses to provoke Sumiye consistently. Kiara enjoys mocking others by using a sly wit and teasing. But despite this, she still cares for her friends and treasures them deeply.

According to Ilona, she can sometimes get very childish and have chuunibyou tendencies as she has a rather eccentric way of thinking.


Living Tome- Kiara is the embodiment and guardian of the grimoire Queen Manuscript.

  • Living Archive: Queen Manuscript is the ultimate grimoire, the living archive of all of Ilona's knowledge, as such she can manipulate it, add to it, and even erase any of it as she wishes.

Animated Literature Magic- A special type of magic that allows her to write words in the air and then make each of those words into tangible objects.

  • Programm: Nurse- When severely injured Kiara summons actual nurses that run through the area; once all of the nurses disappear, everyone in the area the is healed simultaneously.
  • Programm: Debris Hurricane- Kiara creates large objects in the surrounding area and then launches them at high speed towards an opponent.


Heaven-slaying Galactic Dragon Uppercut: Kiara performs an extraordinarily powerful uppercut that punches the enemy out of the galaxy, sending them flying at hundreds of billions of times the speed of light.

Kiara Punch!: Kiara charges her fist with Explosive Bust Force and strikes the opponent.

Lightning Dash: Rushes past her target(s) as if she were a bolt of lightning, becoming intangible for the duration of the attack and dealing damage to all she passes through.

Hypersonic Reading: Kiara has the ability to read very fast via her magic eyes.


Enhanced Durability: She has survived an elevator crash from seven stories with only a few minor injuries and very little bleeding.

Reading Empowerment: Kiara's attacks and spells becomes stronger and more powerful with every book she reads, be it classic literature, comics, light novels, or manga. She can even learn new spells and attacks by reading books.


Apocalypse Smite: She calls down energy bolts from the heavens to strike opponents.

Lightning Storm: Jumps into the sky, then unleashes thousands titanic lightning bolts fired from the sky. Can inflict Paralysis.

Light Fortississimo: The Light Fortississimo may very well be the second most powerful spell of all time, the perfect version had enough power to annihilate anything unfortunate enough to be in its way. Even the imperfect version of the spell was able to destroy Huozai in the 2nd State of his Fire Moth form. Casting the spell is very dangerous, however, should the caster fail to cast it properly or lose control of it even once, the spell would destroy the entire solar system.

Spark Blast: Kiara shoots a pink ball of energy at the opponent.


  • She needs to write the item first to use it.
  • She can't access her full power in human form and has all of the weaknesses that come along with being human.
    • She also lost most of her pages in a fight with Amara and is unable to use majority of her spells.
  • Kiara is a game addicted, and she can throw away most of her work just because a new game is released.
  • Emotions can affect the output of her powers
  • Tends to freeze briefly when a threat suddenly appears unexpectedly.
  • Kiara is somewhat accident prone and has been caught in bad situations on numerous occasions.
  • She has mild PTSD which is triggered by the Boku no Pico ending.


  • Kiara has a habit of speaking other languages in battle and when in conversations.
  • She is a heavy sleeper when in book form.

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