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"I'm already beyond the level of winning or losing, so when you fight me you're better off accepting the fact that you have no say in the matter. Because I'm... omnipotent."
― Right before losing to Cynthia Amicus
"I have to ask, IS there a combat advantage to women having large bosoms, and if so, do I WANT to know what it is?"
― To Victoria Amicus during a sparing match

Lynn Amicus



Magic Teacher

Epithet Woman Upstairs
Alignment Lawful Good
Race Great Witch Goddess
Laterality Ambidextrous
Gender Genderless, shares the identity of her host who is female
Age Irrelevant (transcends the concept of time), physically the same as the girl she is possessing
Birthday Unknown
Blood Type Unknown
Personal Data
Birthplace Unknown
Affiliation Destiny City
Headquarters Dreamland
Occupation Creator of Imoutoverse
Family Kimiko Shiratori- Her host

Artemisia Riddell- Little sister

Eye Color Gradient Multicolored Eyes (Blue and Green)
Hair Color Silvery-white
Height 172cm (5'8")
Weight 56kg (123.5 lbs.)
Bust 116cm (33")
Cup 32M
Bust Volume ????.?ml
Waist 66cm (26")
Hips 95cm (37")
Favorite Food Fully loaded Stazt's ice cream fruit parfait
Hobby Methods to enhance her cooking skills
Weapon Her cute face and the 4th Wall

Ilona, also known as The Ultimate Undisputed Goddess of the Imoutoverse or the Woman Upstairs, is the manifestation of light itself and is the true god of the Imoutoverse. It shares an existence with a popular Gravure idol and singer known as, Kimiko Shiratori, but has also appeared as other people. Even though it and the host share the same identity, their personalities, knowledge and power is vastly different. Ilona is so powerful that even Huozai Caesar is scared of her to a degree. She is also a second-hand goods seller and an equipment seller for students who live in Destiny City. Ilona masquerades as the final dungeon boss of Fennmont's Sheol Gate and goes by Illya while there. Her newest disciple is Alicia Scherzen.



Ilona is a generously endowed young woman who has shoulder-length silvery-white hair and a gentle-looking face. When Ilona smiles, she often closes her eyes. Ilona is a very tall for her age and a full-bodied girl. She usually wears the standard school uniform, although her sweater apparently weighs far more than the usual one would. It is noted by many male students that Ilona has a very large bust. When not at school she usually wears a sheer white sundress with sandals.


Ilona is an extremely powerful being who detests the evil nature of the Bête Noire. Wise and intelligent despite her apparent physical age, she also has a playful side which includes the tickling of defeated opponents, yet also displays an unusual lust for fun and often comes across as aloof. Furthermore she holds Cynthia Amicus and Lynn Amicus in high regard. Despite being an goddess, Ilona is a friendly person, as seen by her teasing of both Yan Xianglian and Xuan Nu, and the advice she usually gives to Sherria. Ilona is known to look down on people, but despite this, she sees the good in everyone...except for Huozai. She can also be somewhat mischievous.


Woman Upstairs- Some higher essence, living somewhere "above". Even for local gods (gods of separate worlds-universes), this entity is incomprehensible and her will is absolute.

  • Super RPG Maker Magic- Ilona can create a literally infinite number of multiverses and realities.
  • Infinite Energy- Ilona's body produces a limitless supply of Mana and Ki that can never run out.
  • Reality Overwriting- Even though Ilona usually plays the role of observer, if necessary, she can interfere to the real world. The spectrum of this intervention infinitely wide - from healing the sick and raising the dead, to a complete change of all events in the multiverse (the Imoutoverse). It is worth noting that each of these worlds-universes is probably more complex object than our world, because she allows for the existence of local pockets of subspace.
  • Absolute Probability Manipulation- Ilona can make real any event in any world, no matter how unlikely it is.
  • Omniversal Event Manipulation- Ilona can influence the events occurring in any of the worlds. If necessary, can rollback all of the events in the multiverse (the Imoutoverse).
  • The Storyteller- If desired, Ilona can completely control the life of any creature in any world as if she is a writer, and this being is a character in her history.
  • Final Nemesis- If desired, Ilona can completely wipe out the existence of any creature in any world.
  • Queen of All Magic- Ilona is known as the Queen of All Magic, and as such possesses mastery over all forms of magic near and far and old and new.
  • Omni-Gift- Ilona can give a tiny fraction of her power to any creature, which is enough to make this creature a god with near-unlimited powers.
  • Power Legion- Ilona possesses 13,868,501,969,623,869 official abilities.
  • Power of Powers- Ilona can create any power she wishes, and bestow it upon whoever she sees fit.
  • Space-Time Distortion- Due to the manipulation of ley lines and simulation Riptide Effect, Ilona can create gaps in space and time, by which also she can instantly navigate over long distances.
  • Divine Warping Aura- Ilona's mere presence causes reality to twist, and brings time to a halt the longer she stays in one place.
  • Causality Transcendence- Ilona is able to continue to exist even after she "turn off" her reality and she transcends causality, and therefore is completely free from every law, rule, fate, predestination, etc.
  • The One Thousand Skills- Ilona is impossibly skilled at virtually everything, pulling perfect scores faster than the eye can follow. She can perfectly; learn, memorize, recall, understand, master, and utilize anything and any skill by experiencing or observing it once, within seconds.
  • Paragon- Ilona is perfect to the point of self-parody, possessing quadrillions of abilities, several of them of practically omnipotent scale.
  • Fairytale Princess Beauty- Ilona will always be beautiful, no matter what.
  • Miracle Magic- A passive magic that grants Ilona the ability to heal all types of damage, strike incorporeal targets, ignore all defensive bonuses and resistances, and precognitive powers.
  • Recoil- If anyone "kills" Ilona, they lose all his or her vitality (even if at the time they were maximized).
  • Godly Left- Godly Left is as strong as it needs to be. Its strength depends on Ilona’s needs and the enemy that stands before her — ergo, Godly Left simply defeats whatever it targets with the precise amount of force needed, no more no less. Godly Left also allows her to increase or reverse the growth of a living being.
  • Omniscient Morality License- Ilona being the supreme creator of all things in the Imoutoverse, she is completely amoral, but still prefers to do what is right.
  • Game Over- She can condense all the stars in the Imoutoverse into a black hole that destroys everything even Totality.
  • Ultimate Observer- Decides who and what has the right to exist and what doesn't.
  • Unconditional Wish Granting- Ilona can grant any wish and all desires with no limitations that even the Ultimate Djinn could not, and are so powerful that the Ultimate Djinn could not undo it.
  • Storyline Patches- After her neck was broken by Sherry Black, Ilona announced a parameter change, though the details of this ability are unknown.
  • Magic Boobies- She can use magic to enhance or reduce her boobies to any size that she wants.

Clothing Transformation- Ilona can freely transform her white and green frilly halter top to create trillions and gajillions of any weapons she desires to match any situation, such as swords, spears, axes, maces, hammers, arrows, spikes, chains, hooks, giant fists, giant maws or a giant pair of scissor blades. Her attacks using these weapons tear into the fabric of the multiverse and temporarily delete space and time. Sherria is unsure if the clothing of Ilona actually exists or if she is just manipulating light to make it look that way. Despite all of these weapons, when speaking of pure destructive power, her two slender arms are the greatest of all.

Ilona's Magic- Ilona can shoot a brilliant band of white light with a flash, similar to a pure white laser beam. This beam burns a white afterimage into the air for a few seconds as the attack tears into the fabric of reality, destroying the basic components of the human world and temporarily deleting space and time. This magic destroys and deletes even things that are normally untouchable such as Non-corporeal beings and Remnants of Darkness.


Superhuman physical characteristics- Magically her characteristics can be enhanced by increasing the strength, speed and so on. For example, Ilona is able to easily move on an MFTL speed that allows her to cross trillions of universes in minutes.

  • Superhuman Speed: Ilona is able to circle the planet before her image leaves your eye. She is able to casually reach speeds such as 500 times the speed of light.

Illusion-Casting- Ilona can mentally communicate with her worshipers, transmitting her image at an interdimensional range, and possibly can do the same to any other being.

Ultimate Immunity- Ilona has complete immunity to magical attacks on a conceptual level multiplied by infinity, which grants complete immunity to higher-dimensional magic.

Psychic Powers- Ilona's host, Kimiko Shiratori, is a girl that has supernatural abilities, including foresight, teleportation, telekinesis and metapathy.

Army Annihilation- Ilona freely defies the laws of physics and achieve results, not even a large army could, and she cannot be harmed by conventional methods such as thermobaric warheads or laser bombardments.


Revoke Permission: Ilona is able to prohibit anyone from hurting her. After that, no magic, no attack is generally able to even hurt her clothes.

Sexy Messiah: Most powerful magic attack in her arsenal, directed toward all opponents.

Rain of Pain: Ilona reaches her hand to the sky, and everything even the kitchen sink rain from the heavens.

Planet Rock: Ilona unleashing chains of light that latch onto several planets and planetoids from across the solar system, pulling them into her targets to crush them.

Indignation Judgement: A pillar of holy light is blasted from under the enemy's feet.

Pulsar: Creates a large blob of Dark magic, theorized to be a small black hole but not proven.

Heaven's Charm: Attacks with a certain-kill ray of light which is packed with beauty and affection, and demonstrates its strongest efficacy against the evil powers of Demons.

Magic Eraser: A spell, which instantly destroys any magic. Also, destroys and items which created with a magic.

Mana Fission Magic- An uncategorized spell, which first creates a small green stone, which is then split (the effect is similar to a nuclear reaction), releasing powerful flames that can wipe out an entire continent if the user so pleased. Moreover, the explosion in the use of mana destabilizes the region, so that after some time (several years) there is one more explosion, much stronger than the first.


Steal Special Attack -- Ilona steals her opponent's attack/technique, rendering them unable to use it.

Chest Roar: Ilona attacks the opponent with her boobs. It's strong enough to send her opponent flying far enough away.

Sleep -- Ilona falls asleep.

Restart - Ilona is capable in an instant "turn off" the whole of reality, and then "turn" it back.


The Red Key: Deals conceptual damage and outright denies concepts; embodies that defense, evasion & buying time are impossible against it.

The Blue Key: Creates the concept of self-hate in her enemies especially females.

Sword of Hopes and Dreams: The sword can only be used by a Celestial or Magic God. A Japanese katana with mystical properties, allowing it to bypass durability and steal the souls of the victims it has killed and trapping them within the blade. In addition, it is far more durable than any ordinary sword. When used, it gathers the surrounding Hopes and Dreams and converts it into energy. Upon releasing the opponent's "Hopes and Dreams" and identifying the "Hopes and Dreams" of the opponent, it is also able to control the accumulated "Hopes and Dreams" and convert it into the weakness of the opponent. Grants immunity towards dark magic, can fire destructive air slashes, at one point in time, a spirit lived inside of the Sword of Hopes and Dreams, which was there to analyze the enemy as you fought them and give you information on their weaknesses.

  • Azure Sky Rapture: Condenses all the "Hopes and Dreams" collected by the sword, and fires it as a beam of pure blue energy.
  • Heaven & Earth: Ilona stabs the ground, rupturing the Earth and propelling the land below her into orbit at high speeds.


  • Does not usually fight, doesn't like fighting cute things.
  • Does not like slimy or gross things, doesn't like greasy pervs.
  • Apparently doesn't have any real Weaknesses, BUT It is arguable whether or not if the Theory Of Narrative Causality is one of her weaknesses.


  • Hates womanizers and harem kings
  • There is an order to the universe: Space, Time...Ilona. Just kidding Ilona comes first.
  • She has a perfect golden ratio, enough to think that the golden ratio originated from her.

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