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Grand Destiny Star Games

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The Grand Destiny Star Games is an annual competition held to determine the strongest wizard team in Destiny City.


An event held in Destiny City, where participating wizard teams compete for the title of being the strongest magic users in all of Destiny City. Additionally, the winning team gets a 3,000,000,000 Destins prize.


At some point in time, the Grand Destiny Star Games were once called the Destiny Festival, which was a summer festival that celebrated safe travels and prosperous futures and, fertility of women and the land; Humans, Reapers, Illusions and, Beastkin all celebrated this Festival together after the Third World war in 2001. Nothing has really changed much since the first festival back in 1967, but now contestants dress in various cosplay clothing and custom made yukata with younger contestants wearing just their plain old school uniforms.



  • Contestants must be in a known Magic Institute and/or at least age 16 or older.
    • Only seven members of each Academy's top clubs/students can compete in the games.
    • Contestants from the same club in-order to form a team, unless the Master Coordinator says otherwise.
    • In 1967, a new rule was created, that stated that each Academy could have multiple clubs enter into the tournament, and as a result, multiple members of each academy can compete in the games.
    • The members of a club team can be replaced by reserve members if necessary. (Students only)
  • Club presidents cannot participate. (Students only)
  • Anyone without the club's badge cannot participate. (Students only)
  • Teams are not permitted to bring ANY type of harm to civilians and/or other competitors after the end of that days' events following the Butchered Bride Incident in 2001.
  • It is forbidden to use deadly projectile and blade weapons (wooden weapons are allowed) against unarmed opponents. Curses and demonic incantations are also forbidden.
  • Each event will remain a secret up until right before they begin, at which point the rules will be explained.
  • All participants must return to the lodgings by 12:00 midnight.
  • Victory is based on who can dominate across several different kinds of competition.


The competition is held in a large arena called the Calamity Colosseum, which is located on the Illusion Moon, in Sherria's garden. Each of the four corners of the Colosseum are adorned with golden a statue of a scantily clad Valkyrie with a sword and shield that extends inside the arena. Above each statue, there is a silver chain that attach the statute to the ground.

The arena changes its terrain depending on whatever the event is.


Naval Battle- The arena manifest a giant sphere of water that the contestants do battle in.

Fetish Battle- A battle done while wearing fetish fuel clothing.

Cooking Contest- Iron Chef

Tug of War-

Wrench Pole Competition-

Cavalry Battle-

Ladle Match-

Obstacle Course-

Roll the Ball-

Ball Tossing Contest-

Balloon Hunter-

Baseball bat race-

Balloon Sandwich-

Bread-Eating Race-

Fruit Cutting- Think Fruit Ninja but with actual swords and fruit.

Swimsuit Modeling- A swimsuit modeling contest that usually turns into an all out free for all battle.

Hide N' Seek- A game of hide and seek with the addition of a giant monster that you should also hiding from.
Banana Crush

Banana Crusher- A game in which the player first carries a bundle of bananas with their chest to the other side of the field and then crushes the bananas as fast as they can.


  • Opening Ceremony: Students gather in a football stadium while the opening ceremony commences, which includes speeches of carefully selected members of the Thirteen Wizard Saints by the Grand Magic Council. The ceremony ends at 10:00 AM.
  • Night Parade: A large light festival conducted at the sunset of the the first day of the Grand Destiny Star Games. There is of course a parade with decorated cars and planes, mobile stage processions, and floats. Television sponsors and actors will also participate in the parade. Occurring on 9:00 PM, the festival is so bright that it overpowers the light of the stars.
  • Visitor Numbers: A game stall funded by Kizuna Girls’ Academy. Those who join the lottery need only buy a card, write the estimated number of people that would be attending Grand Destiny Star Games and hand it over to them. Finally, the number closest to the actual target would get the grandest prize.

Notable Winners

Winner Year
Astraea Sears Summer and Winter 1967
Bobbie Butcher and the Boys 2001
Izumi Togami and Kaguya Togami Winter 2186

gami Trio

Winter 2189
NEMESIS Summer and Winter 2190
【 ♣ Jinx ♣ 】 Summer 2191

am Amazon

Winter 2191


3,000,000,000 Destins is equivalent to 24,086,900 Euros, 18,896,800 in British Pounds and, 27,146,400 American Dollars.

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