"Would you please refrain from being such a troublesome pest? Surely you see that pretending to be someone you're not serves no purpose but to humiliate yourself."
― When fighting other Hibiki Units
Francesca Lilliana Rutherford
Hibiki Unit 32
Epithet War
Alignment Neutral Good
Race Android (Hibiki Unit)
Gender Female in appearance
Laterality Ambidextrous
Age 15
Birthday December 31st (Cinderella Day)
Blood Type Unknown
Personal Data
Birthplace Crimson Kingdom
Affiliation Destiny Security Organization
Occupation Student

Destiny Security Organization Officer

Base of Operations Her dorm located in the Illusive Hanging Gardens
Family Unknown Noble parents
Favorite Foods Strawberry Milk
Hobby Fighting
Rank ?-Rank
Power Unknown
Weapon Modestly Armed Infantry
Fighting Style Rutherford Gun-Arts
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Height 160cm (5'3")
Weight 550kg (1,212.5 lbs)
3 sizes "You want to die, Pervert?!"
Cup D Cup
Bust Volume Unknown
Breast Weight .5kg
Her theme

Francesca Lilliana Rutherford




Francesca is a beautiful young lad with stern blue eyes, and as well as long pointed ears. She has long blonde hair that's usually tied into two twin tails with red metal gear like hair pieces. She wears a long red flamenco dress mixed with a cocktail dress that has a militaristic look to it with diamond pattern thigh-high knee socks and red opera gloves. Her high heels also have rocket thrusters in the heels. She has turret and cannon attachments with her at all times.


She is dedicated to her work and goes after each target with full intent on completing the job. Amiable and dignified, but overly boastful and takes great pride in her talents - with abilities almost rivaling that of Anette Blanc and Sumiye Egnell. This has caused a rivalry and hostile nature from others in the Organization and animosity from Hibiki #23, but she doesn't really seem to care about it. She has no problem gloating or mocking those who lose to her, along with boasting about her greatness. However, deep down she genuinely would like to have more friends or to be better liked by others.

Courteous and prudish, Francesca can be frazzled by questionable situations; such as incidentally exposing her panties or having lewd daydreams and seaking to herself allowed about them. She is of wealth, but doesn't essentially seem to be spoiled or care all that much.


Other Abilities