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"Don’t you know who we are? We're the Foo Fighters, bitch!"
― To anyone stupid enough to not know who they are
The Foo Fighters
Crossfire Cross Section
Status Unknown
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Allegiance Maxwell Lucci
Type Black operations unit and Private Military
Personal Data
Role Perform operations that are against regular military conduct and even laws. Known to take hostage and assassination missions...for the right price. They also perform Rescue operations in dangerous situations when needed.
Affiliations They work for whoever pays them enough
Headquarters Seattle, Washington
Leaders Rasiel Brando (Formerly)

Maxwell Lucci (currently)

Also known as

Holy Shi--*dies mid sentence*


At least 75,000 members


If it moves then you didn't kill it hard enough!

The Foo Fighters is an elite black operations unit, formed after the events of the Great Witch War in 2003, they take their orders directly from Maxwell Lucci himself. The Foo Fighters are known to covertly perform operations that are considered against regular military conduct. The Foo Fighter's secondary purpose is to keep balance in the world by safeguarding and regulating sources of dangerous power.

Foo Fighters's God's Nose Tech's name may be attributed to it's ability to track down any target; using their God's Nose technology, which is said to be superior to that of a person with Supernatural Smell.

A few members are simply volunteers when they join Foo Fighters, and as such is not paid to do Foo Fighters work; however, the government and whatever state they live in compensates for Foo Fighters’ volunteers' help in the field by giving them various gifts and privileges.

Their founder is Metallica the Iron Maiden, but she quit after her first kill.



The Foo Fighters was created by Metallica after the Phantom War. When the Swamp Hag was trying to destroy the world, humans developed the Arcana; using it, humanity fought as one against the monstrosities known as Phantoms. The people who first understood Arcana developed the first grimoires, granting anyone the ability to use Artes. The Foo Fighters developed a number of grimoires during the Phantom War, and used them to help defeat the Swamp Hag and her evil Phantom army.

Base of Operations


Under Maxwell Lucci, the Foo Fighters where only shown to follow the exact orders of the Senator of Washington, also known as Darker than Black. Unlike the Thirteen Wizard Saints, the Foo Fighters are not bound any sort of protocol or laws, as they are a covert paramilitary unit, they do their mission regardless of any damages and consequences that they incur.

Because of their covert nature, the secrecy of their operations are highly guarded, and as such the Foo Fighters will eliminate any potential threats – such as witnesses or bystanders – that get in the way of their mission. A part of their covert nature is to cover their own existence, as such the Foo Fighters themselves have to remove their own presence in many situations, such as destroying evidence, retrieving bodies of comrades, and general clean up of anything that would indicate their presence.

Failure to achieve an objective usually ends with Maxwell Lucci punishing members severely and in an usually humiliating way. A Foo Fighter member who interferes with operations or betrays the organization are also punished, usually through death.


The are only seen to move under the will of Maxwell Lucci, who answers to Charade, and generally seem to fear him as well. People who became members of Foo Fighters are usually ordinary people (such as former assassins, superhumans and mercenaries) from all walks of life, however, become entrenched in the ways of the dark side of peace; as such, Foo Fighters are referred to as scum and garbage, and are apparently devoid of any human rights and are replaceable during missions.

Members of the Foo Fighters have no real attachment with each other, and will betray one another if given the incentives to do so, such as for survival.

Most of the time, Maxwell Lucci utilized all Foo Fighters in a single objective during a mission. However, when there are several tasks that are required to be done, then the Foo Fighters group themselves into small squads with a squad leader.

Because of their covert nature, members of Foo Fighters use Pop-culture references as names to hide their true identities, chosen by Maxwell himself.

Issuing Orders

The Foo Fighters' headquarters is located in Seattle, Washington, and orders are issued from there to other city branches, however sometimes orders are dispatched directly by the head honcho himself, Charade.

Information on the Charade's location is kept strictly confidential, even within the Foo Fighters. The head honcho rarely appears in public and only a few people know what the head honcho looks like.


New Recruits of the Foo Fighters are trained in properly handling all types of weaponry. They are also trained in various tactics and strategies to handle different situations, such as hostage situations and dealing with terrorists. They are also probably trained in the implementation of first-aid.


Members of Foo Fighters are well trained in properly handling various types of weapons, from sub-machine guns and missile launchers to knives and maces. Because of their covert nature, they act quickly during operations, swiftly removing any traces of their work and existence after an operation.

They are capable of relaying commands and information using hand signals, and can perform well in small squads. Their main tactic against powerful enemies is to overwhelm and kill them quickly (such as ambushes) with the most minimum of actions and efforts. Because of this however, they are unused to situations in which there are lulls and delays in combat, regardless of their effectiveness in small groups. The explanation here is that special forces specializes in urban warfare wouldn't need to learn to know survival skills on a deserted island, and rainforest fighters won't need to know how to negotiate with hostage takers; by not training in skills they won't encounter, they can focus more time on more applicable skills and train new recruits faster.

Their most well regarded ability is to track a target relentlessly, using the God's Nose technology which surpasses the abilities of a superhuman with Supernatural Smell.

Armor and Protection

Members of Foo Fighters wear, black gloves, black armor on their torso and black helmets with elastic face masks that cover their mouths and noses. Finally, to completely hide their faces, the members of Foo Fighters wear goggles. If available, defense droids are also used for protection against enemy fire.

Because of this, people who do not know their names usually refer to the Foo Fighters as the Black Butlers. Cana has remarked that the Foo Fighters use equipment similar to JSDF and the National Guard, but more lethal.

As a bonus the suits are naturally immune to psychic powers and magic and are highly bulletproof yet lightweight and flexible.


Foo Fighters use stolen vehicles that are painted black for use as transportation and to carry their extra equipment. Because the vehicles are stolen, the car plates have been removed, and have had some of their parts customized and tampered with, and finally the vehicles are given a sleek black paint job with a flaming bunny painted on the sides.


The standard weapon of the Foo Fighters is an FN 2000 with Aimpoint CompM2  attached and outfitted with grenade launchers that uses various specialized rounds. They also carry a secondary weapons such as handguns, knives, plastic explosives and various types of grenades. Foo Fighters also carry an anti-tank missile launcher or the occasional Panzerfaust 3, which can be wielded by a single person.

One notable weapon the Foo Fighters have in their possession is a 11-gauge semi-automatic assault shotgun, with a body length of nearly a meter, with the rear stock adjustable at one's reference. A scope can be installed unto the shotgun for better accuracy. A single magazine of the shotgun can up to 30 rounds of 00 buckshot.

Ultimate Weapons

Hornet Bullet- These bullets can cause severe pain once it makes contact with the target.

Orichalcum Bullet- These bullets can break any type of armor and are really strong.

Snowstorm Nuke- The snowstorm nuke makes a supernatural snowstorm that can cover a whole state in snow within seven hours of the initial explosion.

Drop Pop Candy- A super nuke the size of a jawbreaker, but don't be fooled it can take out a whole city with one blast.

Other equipment

God's Nose Sensor

The Foo Fighter's most notable equipment is the "God's Nose sensor", a portable machine that can track the scent of a person even in the rain or off planet.

Originally for use by perfume and deodorant industries, it was later however converted for military use. The machine is shaped like a handgun with a suppressor, however, the muzzle is actually a sponge-shaped sensor similar to how a microphone looks. A 5-inch LCD monitor is mounted on it where the user can track the target scent.

The only weakness to the God's Nose sensor is that the scent can be covered by a special cleaning agent, which is used by the Foo Fighters themselves in order to clean it.

Other Equipment

Safety gear They can also utilize SWAT issued riot shields, as well as hard-as-steel safety helmets.

Foo Fighters members are equipped with handcuffs that are used for restraining criminals and the torture/interrogation of suspects. They can also use signal flares, as to clear an area of civilians (but these are hardly ever used). The Foo Fighters also has access to a variety of equipment in analyzing a crime scene.

Other equipment the Foo Fighters possess are medical tools for the use of treating injured comrades, as well as portable equipment used to measure a body's life signals.

Foo Fighters also carry wireless radio for use in communication with each other during missions.

Due to their covert status, the Foo Fighters destroy any traces of their presence in an area. Foo Fighters use an acid spray to remove any evidence of their presence, such as fingerprints, blood stains and DNA information.

List of Known Foo Fighters

Notable Members

Past Records


Theme: Can't Hold Us- Macklemore and Ryan Lewis

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