― Her trademarked laugh
"She who conquers the left field... CONQUERS THE WORLD!"
― Whenever she tries to explain Baseball to young kids
Erika Vermillion
Erika Vermillion
Power Grand Flame
Weapon Tobiume
Epithet Pyromaniac Princess
Alignment Neutral Good
Race half-Human and half-Fire Elemental
Gender Female
Laterality Left
Age 14
Birthday October, 15th (Libra)
Blood Type AB(?)
Personal Data
Birthplace Crimson Kingdom
Affiliation Crimson Kingdom

Destiny Military Academy

Occupation Student
Base of Operations Her dorm located in the Illusive Hanging Gardens

Duke Vermillion (Father)

Duchess Vermillion (Mother)

Favorite Foods Homemade Milk with Strawberry daifuku
Hobby Exploring and Buying things that she can't buy back home
Rank ?-Rank
Hair Color Black (Naturally)

Crimson (Dyed)

Eye Color Violet (Contacts); real eye-color unknown
Height 157cm (5'1.8")
Weight 51kg (112.4 lbs); claims to be just a rumor
Bust 82cm (32"); won't tell real size
Cup D Cup; won't tell real cup size
Bust Volume Unknown
Breast Weight 2.5kg; won't tell real weight
Waist 57cm (23"); won't tell real size
Hips 82cm (32"); won't tell real size
Her theme

Erika Vermillion is a 1st year student at Destiny Military Academy with an unknown rank and is a royal daughter of the Vermillion family; she is also the heir to the royal throne of the Crimson Kingdom. She is a sheltered girl with very little real world experience and a hair trigger temper. Being both a mage and a princess, she is carrying out a very dangerous double life. She is known as the Pyromaniac Princess. She is the newest member of Chelia Amicus' Kawaii Five-0.



Erika is the second royal Princess of the Crimson Kingdom. As a child, Erika's fire magic went out of control and were overly powerful that she was secluded in a faraway fortress by her parents until she could control it, for twelve years she trained herself to the pain and was burned over and over again while trying to reign in her magic powers. Eventually she successfully mastered her powers through her Maids' rigorous training from hell, but decided to leave the safety of her fortress because she wanted to leave her stonewall cage and explore the world around her. On her fourteenth birthday she joined Destiny Military Academy along with her closet maid and protector, Catherine Levantain.


Erika is a dazzling young woman of below average height with an outrageously stunning face and beaming smile, pale-fair skin, and violet eyes due to the contacts that she wears. She has a cascade of long dyed crimson hair that she lets flow down her back to waist, she usually wears a custom made crown with other hair accessories. She is known for her generously proportioned body, with huge breasts and a curvaceous figure. She has impressive rack, but her height and childish face resembles that of a middle schooler.

She wears the standard female uniform that Destiny Military Academy has for girls with her own modifications to it here and there; most noticeably the uniform is made out of fireproof material that can withstand up to 1500 °C. She wears thigh high black stockings in Zettai ryōiki (or absolute territory) and black loafers.


Due to her sheltered upbringing she is very naive about the outside world, she is very passionate about learning about everything that commoners do and if someone annoys her or spoils her experience she becomes extremely hot-blooded and hair trigger. She believes in the concept of noblesse oblige, believing authority also brings responsibility. The sweet personality which she uses to hide her feisty side makes Erika a 'Tsundere' type of character (a Japanese term for a character who is 'tsun-tsun' meaning cold, and 'dere-dere' meaning a softie).

Erika dislikes being called by her title of "Princess", and holds contempt for anyone who views her as a spoiled brat who's parents' money and status are the only reasons that she was invited to Destiny Military Academy, as she wants to prove that she is more than a pretty little princess, trying to show that she is also very capable with magic, too.


Imperial Pyre-

Expert Swordsmanship- Erika is proficient enough to cross swords with master-level swordsmen. While she is capable enough in swordsmanship to hold her own against three Mystic Weapon users, when facing users with an elemental advantage, she states she knows she is not strong enough to combat them using her swordsmanship skills, instead sneaking up on them and using Imperial Pyre.


Enhanced Athleticism-

Enhanced Beauty-

Lava Swamp

Other Abilities


She is based off of Stella Vermillion

Her summoning spirits are named Efreet and Salamander. Efreet (or in several cases, "Ifrit") are a class of Infernal Jinn in Arabic and Islamic folklore and Salamander is the alchemic symbol of fire.