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Destiny Military Academy

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Destiny Military Academy

Adjacent Bodies of Water Atlantic Ocean
Area 65,755 sq mi (170,304 km2)
Highest Elevation 345 ft (105 m)
Highest Point Britton Hill
Capital Tallahassee
Population 20,271,272
Density 353.4/sq mi (136.4/km2)
Languages Predominantly English (official), French, Japanese, Russian, Spanish and Italian

The Destiny Military Academy is one of the seven prestigious magic schools in Destiny City and the school where most Imouto-verse characters attends. It has a student population that numbers in the thousands, with approximately 90% of its population related directly to the school. High ranking students are usually from important or rich families like the Dairenjis, Togamis and, Amicus, and some are recruited via special recommendations, and rarely on occasion, some are scouted for being talented. Entrance exams entail rigorous tests on physical, mental and, magical prowess, as well as Magic aptitude. Students who are accepted either leave home and live in the academy's dormitories or rent a room at local apartments.


Destiny Military Academy was founded in Destiny City following the end of the Second Witch War. Along with the other five prestigious academies in the Imoutoverse, Destiny Military Academy was founded in order to train Jewels and talented humans alike to slay mystical beasts and various other careers.

In addition to its role of training future warriors, the Academy also plays an important role in Destiny City's security. The current headmistress, Lady Mallory, along with various members of the Grand Magic Council, Wizard Saints Organization, and staff members of other schools, are part of a secretive group which actively works to protect the Destiny City from threats.


Eye Test

Student Life

Daily Life

Destiny Military Academy is a residential/boarding-type school, with its students residing in dormitories on the campus, but in some cases students can live in an apartment complex or at how if they are within a 3 mile walking distance of the academy. The school also provides almost all living facilities, including hygiene, food, and laundry. However, students are not restricted to the campus outside lessons, and frequently spend their weekends in other mini-cities that make up Destiny City.

In order to be accepted into Destiny Military Academy, students typically have to take the Jewel Classing Exam, in order to prepare for the Academy's own rigorous entrance/placement exam. Some candidates, like Bianca Argento and Nayuta Mitsuari, may be invited to the school after showing exceptional skill out side of Missions and organizations such as: CIMO and Public Morals and Security Enforcement Committee. However, having to pass the Jewel Classing Exam does not seem to be a prerequisite, as some entrants are talented enough to pass the Academy's exam without transcripts or actual training (such as Ritsu Dairenji). Students are generally admitted at around age 14, although Miria Honda was one exception, being admitted at age 11.

In the lead-up to the Grand Destiny Star Games, DMA also participates in an exchange program with the academies of the world such as Royal Magic Academy (United Kingdom), Trinity Academy (United States of America), and Kizuna Girls’ Academy (Japan). Exchange students may participate in some activities, such as sparring matches, and attend events such as the Destiny Bikini Battle Royale.

Physical Exam

Measuring Day

Bust measurements are done to make sure that the students get the right size uniform and the Archimedes' Principle is used to get the Bust Volume.

Measuring Day2

Many students are overly eager to find out other's measurements and will enthusiastically help them undress to prepare for the physical exam.


Study Hard

Outside of School

School Life - Hanging Out



This is the infamous magical and whimsical Art Battle Club

Summer Break


Even during the summer students still have tons of summer work to do to keep their minds sharp.


First Year Students
Name Rank Nickname Status
Erika Vermillion ? Pyromaniac Princess Alive
Unknown Student A Queen of the Deep Alive
Alexandra Brantini C Chibi Magnum Alive
Maelys Ban B Black Hole Susan Alive
Enshuu Mitsuari B Dr. Dre Alive
Unknown Student C Nevermore Alive
Unknown Student S Black Thorn Deceased
Jacob Blackwell F The Black Mage Alive
Second Year Students
Unknown Student C Rzae Alive
Unknown Student C Dummy Alive
Kristi Naegleria B Chūni Reaper Alive
Unknown Student C Hunter's Moon Alive
Third Year Student
Victoria Amicus S Cinder Ella Alive
Unknown Student B Photo Bomb Deceased
Kotonoha Tsuji C Yan-chan Alive
Bianca Argento S Lightning Arrester Alive
Fourth Year Student
Unknown Student A(?) Lady Mystery Alive
Unknown Student F The Untouchable Black Dragon Queen Alive
Unknown Student D Fifty-Fifty Deceased

Faculty and Other Staff Members

Name Rank Nickname Status
Lady Mallory (Director/Head Mistress) S Nemesis Stabilizer Alive
Victoria Amicus S Cinder Ella Alive
Ariel Philomele (Head Teacher) S Hell Teacher Alive
Mr. Po (Teacher of Criminology) B Unknown Alive
Megan E. Cookie (Teacher of Anatomy and Assassination) A Thousand Faces Alive
Mr. Carlos (Teacher of Magical Warfare and Military History) B Warmonger Alive
Miria Honda (Teacher of Monster Hunting) A Morte the Dragon Slayer Alive
Mr. Methuselah — teacher of Alchemy C Ordo Deceased
Mr. Cat Daddy — teacher of Physics B The Nerd King Alive
Carlos Asheton (Teacher of Close Quarters Combat) B White Requiem Alive
Mr. D.I.E Bad (Teacher of the French Language, Civics and, Social Studies) B Unknown Alive
Alexa Fontaine (Teacher of Chemistry) A The Alchemist Alive
Ms. Sayoko Animo (Teacher of Defense Against the Dark Artes) A The Necrophiliac Alive
Kirino Asano (Teacher of Celestial Physics and the head of Detention) S Midnight Slasher Alive
Kaguya Togami (President of the Archery and Kendo clubs) S Crimson-Eyed Demon Alive


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