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Destiny City

Destiny City is the high fantasy kitchen sink city of the Imouto-verse, with airships, gadgets, high-tech and magi-tech weaponry all of which exist side by side. Destiny City has the largest amounts of Jewels that makes up its population. Fennmont is a magical dimension that was also created by Sherria Amicus with the help of Mei-li. Destiny City is the origin of a number of systems and items of magical significance, such as Disunified Field Theory of Magic and the Grimoire of the End. There are many tools from Destiny City which have no official origin. With its formation, Pope Lucci commented that there are many different kinds of knowledge and technology untouched by him, with magic being a huge part of it.

Destiny City

Picture Caption One city; many destinies
Founder Sherria Amicus
Area 874.6 sq mi
Populatition 868,031 (not including androids)
Highest Point Destiny Skyline Resort/Shopping mall
Terrain Varies between each hierarchical city
Languages Predominantly English (official) and Chinese


Each of the fifteen mini-cities that make up Destiny City have their own distinct culture - for example, the thirteenth mini-city is known for its militaristic nature and first mini-city for its rough-and-tumble lifestyle.


The Grand Destiny Star Games is an event at which the diverse cultures of each hierarchical city that makes up Destiny City are celebrated. Part of this celebration also includes a combat tournament between students of the hierarchical cities' respective academies.


Destiny City has a wide variety of advanced technologies. In fact, Destiny City is known for its technological advances in numerous fields. Most technology is powered by Mana, which is the primary source of energy in Destiny City.

One of the most significant examples of Destiny City's technology are the weapons of The Foo Fighters. Unique weapons are designed and manufactured by their users on an individual basis, and use a variety of techniques and in-field modifications to increase their effectiveness.

The field of robotics, as well as artificial intelligence, is incredibly advanced in Destiny City. Androids built specifically for combat are known to be a mainstay of Destiny City, with units such as the Hibiki being capable of operating autonomously. However, the most remarkable achievement in the field of robotics is the creation of synthetic people capable of producing and harnessing mana (for which a soul is believed to be necessary). Weiß is the first and currently only such robot known to exist;, not including the Hibiki Units.

Advanced personal electronics are also commonplace. The Magi-com Dev is a mobile device that serves multiple purposes, including making phone calls, taking photographs, viewing live video feeds, as a form of personal identification, and as a digital data storage device. Holograms are also very common, being used as personal avatars, computer displays, and even as traffic lights and barriers.

Mana Reactors are a special type of techno-magical device only found in Destiny City that allows people to transform matter into mana, which then serves as the energy that supports the livelihoods of Destiny City citizens outside of the use of other types of clean energy sources.

In terms of transportation, land-based transports include standard motor vehicles, such as cars, motorcycles and trains, as well as non-motor vehicles, such as bicycles. Airborne vehicles include enormous passenger Airships, agile military aircraft known as Blitzkrieg, and hover boards.

Mana Crystals

Mana Crystal

Mana Crystals are a source of renewable energy in Destiny City. The physical properties of Mana Crystals make it incredibly useful for a variety of purposes, particularly as the main power source of nearly every appliance in Destiny City. Mana Crystals can be found in seven basic types. These seven types can be combined both artificially and naturally to form other types of Mana Crystals, each with their own unique properties. Different colors of Mana Crystals appear to correspond to their different natures or effects.

The seven basic colors are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet (or purple). Other known colors include cyan, white, rainbow, radiating orange, and dark red. Each color has its own unique property.

Non-Human Inhabitants

Magic being

Since the founding of Destiny City, many previously thought mythological human, humanoid, demihuman and pseudohuman races have been revealed to the general public.

Many of these races have actually been interacting with human society for centuries albeit in secret, while others had long ago withdrawn from public knowledge due to humanity's racial prejudices.


Beastmen are sentient human-like creatures with animal-like traits such as a tail or similar physical attributes. Beastmen generally appear to possess excellent physical and sensory capabilities compared to humans, as well as extremely long lifespans.


Instead of dying in Destiny City citizens become ghostly apparitions called Illusions. Illusions retain their human appearance, but they gain a fast healing factor, powerful psychokinetic powers and other ghost-like abilities.


Destiny City has a governing council that represents the needs of their people. The powers and responsibilities of the council (as well as how members are appointed) is not known.

Apart from mercenary guilds and the multinational Foo Fighters, Destiny City lacks a conventional military.


Aoi-chan: Mission boards detail the type of mission, a short description of the task, where the task is needed, the rank needed and how soon the mission will start. There are many different types of missions for Jewels to undertake. Missions vary in difficulty and are divided into different ranks. Some missions might come with secondary objectives or main objective changes can occur during the mission. Upon starting a mission, each participant in the mission will be given Challenge Reward. The currently known types of missions available to Jewels include:

  • Search and Rescue - Finding missing person(s) or recovering missing supplies
  • Search and Destroy - Clearing out Ex Nihilo or Darkness Remnants when their infestations grow too large
  • Assassination Missions - Requires the mission taker to eliminate a unique enemy and then return to extraction. These are the most commonly farmed missions by lower classes due to the fact that they provide a higher chance to obtain rare magic items or boat loads of Destin.
  • Perimeter Defense - Fortifying walls and defenses to keep Ex Nihilo or Darkness Remnants out of the city limits.
  • Village Security - Helping a village in Fennmont fight off Ex Nihilo or Darkness Remnants.
  • Bounty Hunting - Capturing wanted criminal(s)
  • Monster Hunting - Capturing or Slaying special monster(s)
  • Escort - Helping civilians move through Ex Nihilo or Darkness Remnants infested areas
  • Celestial Beast Hunting - Capturing or Killing celestial beast monster(s); Experienced S-Class Mages (such as Priscilla Saotome).
  • Witch Hunting - Capturing or Killing witch(s); Only the most powerful Wizard Saints can take these types of missions.
  • Babysitting - Watching over and taking care of something or someone for a certain amount of time.
  • Sparring - Help the employer hone new spells by training with them
  • Tutoring - Tutor the employer in how to use spells or weapons; academic tutoring is also very common as well.

NOTE: Challenge Rewards are rewards given for completing randomly generated challenges given to the participants when they begin a mission. The challenge is displayed briefly at the bottom of their Magic Communication Device screen once they accept a mission and can be checked throughout mission via their Magic Communication Device's menu screen.

The Thirteen Wizard Saints

The Thirteen Wizard Saints are thirteen extremely powerful and skilled Mages of Destiny City. See the page for more info

Name Rank Affiliation Status Epithet
Victoria Amicus2ndDestiny Military AcademyActiveIllusion Queen
Agnes Egnell7thNoneActiveSeven Faced Demon
Emily Saotome12thPublic Morals and Security Enforcement CommitteeActiveThunder Tits
Rana Lingyin6thHer CaféActiveCute Warlord
Louis Mitsuari5thFoo FightersActiveHoly Sword Arclight
Carlos Asheton4thLady Celsius's Peon ArmyActiveWhite Requiem
Nayuta Mitsuari13thHaruka's Hibachi and Japanese GrilleActiveMaster Vorona
Anette Blanc9thDestiny Security OrganizationActiveGemstone Hottie
Ritsu Dairenji3rdNEMESISActiveQueen Moth
Bianca Argento8thCelestial Incident ManagementActiveLightning Arrester
Hibiki Liladan10thKobayashi University and Tsundere HospitalActiveSuper Fighting Robot
Izaya Malphas1stData Deleted (Unknown)UnknownThe Puppeteer
Claudia Arcturus11thBacon AcademyActiveBootylicious Goddess

City Events

The Grand Destiny Star Games: The The Grand Destiny Star Games is an annual competition held to determine the strongest hierarchical city that makes up Destiny City.


An event held in Destiny City, where participating hierarchical cities compete for the title of being the strongest magic hierarchical city in all of Destiny City. Additionally, the winning guild gets a 3,000,000,000 Destiny prize.


At some point in time, the The Grand Destiny Star Games were once called The Destiny Festival, which was a banquet of humanity, Reapers, Illusions and, Beastkin.


  • Only five members of each Academy's top clubs can compete in the games.
    • In 2015, a new rule was created, that stated that each Academy could have multiple clubs enter into the tournament, and as a result, multiple members of each academy can compete in the games.
    • The members of a club team can be replaced by reserve members if necessary.
  • Club Leaders cannot participate.
  • Anyone without the club's insignia cannot participate.
  • Each event will remain a secret up until right before they begin, at which point the rules will be explained.
  • All participants must return to the lodgings by 12:00 midnight.
  • Victory is based on who can dominate across several different kinds of competition.


The competition is held in a large arena called the Amity Colosseum, which is located on the west mountains in the capital of The 1st Integration City of Izanami, Kronos. It has chains from four different corners that attach it to the ground. Above each chain, there is a statue of a scantily clad valkyrie with a sword and shield that extends inside the arena.


Celestial Bodies

  • Illusion Moon

Places of interest

  • Vale Harbor
  • Defunct Station
  • Hero's Grave
  • Sakura Playground
  • 1738 Ice Cream (Several branches)
  • Crepe Diem (Several branches)
  • Xuan Nu's Coffee and Café (Several branches)
  • Jubilation Restaurant (Several branches)
  • Stazt's Hamburgers (Several branches)

Administration and law

Restaurants and cafes

  • Jinny's
  • Lobster Garden Family Restaurant
  • QkRonall's (Hanging School Garden)
  • Pizza Dice (Hanging School Garden)
  • School Lunch Restaurant (School District 9 Airship Shopping Center)

Infrastructure and transportation

  • 21 Konoha Avenue
  • A Certain Iron Railway Bridge
  • A Certain Multilevel Super Shopping Mall
  • Automated Airship Maintenance Terminal
  • School District 9 Central Hub Transformer Station

More Locations

Malls, shops, and stores

  • Books! Books! BOOKS!!! (Hanging School Garden)
  • Magic Mart (Several branches)
  • Seventh Hevn
  • School District 9 Airship Shopping Center
  • La Mancha (Hanging School Garden)
  • Virgo Pet Shop (School Garden)

Medical facilities

Combat Schools


  • Starry Night Forest
  • Meteor Falls
  • Snowy Jungle

Other Locations

  • Amity Colosseum
  • Mysterious Monorail
  • Military Skyship
  • Heritage Museum
  • The Illusive Hanging Gardens of Destiny City
  • Bacon Cliffs
  • Cliffside Altar
  • Forsaken Castle
  • The Abandoned Temple of Nyx
  • Area 28
  • Destiny City Port



  • Mana Crystals are comparable to Spirit Fossils from the Tales of Xillia video game series.

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