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Cynthia Amicus

Imouto-tan February 23, 2016 User blog:Imouto-tan
"I am the kind of normal high school teacher you can find anywhere."
― When a Foo Fighter was interrogating her about her powers.
"Believe it or not. I'm considered a pretty good tactician just like my mom."
― Whenever she's compared to her mom
Cynthia Amicus
Epithet Amour Sucré
Alignment Lawful Good
Nationality British/Chinese (dual nationality); raised in America
Race Human (Jewel)
laterality Left
Gender Female
Age 23
Birthday March 14
Blood Type O+
Personal Data
Birthplace Britannia, Destiny City
Affiliation Kizuna Girls' Academy
Occupation Student and treasurer for Kizuna High School's student Council
Base of Operations Kizuna's Teacher Lounge
Family Elizabeth Riegel (Surrogate Mother)

Linhua Amicus (Biological Mother)

Hair Color Black
Eye Color Forest Green
Height 164cm (5'4")
Weight 47kg (103.6 lbs)
Bust 107cm (42.1")
Cup 87E
Bust Volume 1218.0ml
Waist 60cm (24")
Hips 98cm (38")
Power Ultimate Nemesis
Hobbies Studying, shopping by catalog/online and, Singing
Favorite Food Curried Carrot Ginger Chicken Buns
Favorite Subject Celestial Physics, but she enjoys pretty much every class
Weakest Subject Humanities
Dislikes Her growing breasts and Scary stories
Fighting Style Negation powers + Modified Kickboxing and Judo
Weapon Katana and Incantation Cards

Cynthia Amicus is a teacher of third year students at Kizuna Girls' Academy and is Elizabeth Riegel's surrogate daughter. She is also the treasurer for Kizuna Girls' Academy student Council. She is wrapped in a sweet aroma that complements her cool appearance nicely. Her body contains a unique power similar to someone with Random Imaginary Numbers. She is very sensitive to the cold, so she wears a thick sweater when she goes anywhere. Despite her unique ability called Ultimate Nemesis; her greatest weapon, however, may be her ability to make people around her crack a smile no matter whether she’s complimenting them or telling them off. She is Bianca Argento's academic tutor.


Cynthia lost both parents when she was still an under development in her mother's womb, and had to be transferred to a new mother in order to survive; she has been raised as a tactful mage ever since. Cynthia is staid and reserved, giving her a cold air, but when not chastising Luke, she is polite and respectful to all, particularly to those in positions of authority. She also has a secret weak spot for cute things.


Cynthia has black hair and dark green eyes. She wears a customized Kawaii Five-0 sweater and pencile skirt with black pantyhose, a squarish, black frame ballistic polycarbonate spectacles. She doesn't wear her glasses when she's reading manga or trying to look sexy for someone.

Outside school, she wears a blue short-sleeved flannel shirt with jeans as her casual wear, saying that "she didn't have anything else".


Cynthia is a polite, smart and structured person, extraordinary reliable and mature for her age. She is an assiduous and duteous woman, virtually the archetype of a respectful teacher, but despite her polite and sweet personality she has shown on several occasions to have a fascination with breasts and perverted things. She can be overly determined at times, refusing to back down even when faced with unfavorable odds, and being determined to win back any money her fellow co-workers lose during Capture the Flag. She has a strong relationship with her cousin, and has been the tutorer of Bianca Argento, Kakeru Dairenji and Miyabi Haramura for some time. As an autodidact, she’s really good at teaching herself anything she needs to know.

Cynthia actually loves anything "cute", including Mune-Mune and Jubei, the mascot for the Mune Milk Company and the mascot for the Destiny Star Festival respectively. But despite this, she is oddly afraid of cute monster girls. She is modest about her own body and avoids revealing too much whenever possible, she is also very sensitive to the cold, so she covers herself head to toe when she goes anywhere. She also gets angry when her body becomes a subject of jokes, for instance, whenever Izumi Togami says she dreams of having a well endowed and grown-up body as well developed as Cynthia's.

Cynthia is very open-hearted in general, quickly befriending Murphy Law in his second year of high school, which saved the latter from enduring a whole year without knowing anybody in his class. Despite the fact that she is often troubled by the Video Gamber Design Club's president, Ageha Manabe, who constantly forgets to hand in important applications, Cynthia still forgives her every time and is also willing to deal with the mistake by herself, showing a remarkably selfless side. Even though the mistakes are quickly forgotten, the short outbursts of anger show that Cynthia can be quite scary (and pretty cute) when being enraged.

If she can't hold up the expectations placed on her, she is usually pretty conscience-stricken and needs the help of others to make up for it. She also appears to have a low sense of orientation in unknown areas, even with a map and GPS.

Cynthia is a very successful teacher and is especially good in math and science. Her athletic abilities are above average as well. Her weakest subjects are humanities. Her other hobbies include ikebana, origami, mahjong, and martial arts. She is an excellent artist, capable of drawing mangas and the like.

She innocently does perverted things, like using double entendres and use innuendo unintentionally.

Cynthia's biggest quirk is that she is very sensitive to the cold so much so that she freezes even during the summer and so she always wears scarves, and other items to keep her warm.


Archetype: Creator- Cynthia has had a connection to the "Creator" ever since she was born, allowing her to negate everything that she wants, as she is the sentient sum total counter-force to all of the events in the Imoutoverse.

  • Ultimate Nemesis- As the archetype of the Creator, Cynthia possess the ability to return anything back to its original state. Ultimate Nemesis absolutely negates all powers and abilities of those around her, causing their abilities to fatally backfire.
    • Counter Nemesis- "Ultimate Nemesis" has a secondary ability called Counter Nemesis which functions as a counter to any powers given the proper data.
    • Magical Singularity- As the Ultimate Nemesis ability escapes understanding, Cynthia can achieve impossible feats apparently through sheer desire.


Magical Sixth Sense: She can use magic to gain a supernatural sixth sense, allowing her to feel the flow of battle and enemies and enabling her to react faster and perform attacks with higher precision.

Zero Alibi: She is resistant coincidence, preventing the whims of destiny and fate from interfering with a battle or activity she is participating in.

Enhanced Unarmed Combat: Cynthia is an expert of many martial arts such as Kickboxing and Judo, she uses the Ultimate Nemesis in combat.

Tactical Battle Grandmaster: Cynthia is a cunning strategist and highly studious girl. Since childhood, she was well-versed in her mother's military history as she can successfully recount her mother's strategy in an old battle.

Special Attacks

Shall We Play Around Some?: Cynthia's signature special attack, in which she manages to manifest her full power as Archetype: Creator for an instant, completely nullifying an incoming attack before smiting an opponent with a powerful beam of energy from above.

Absolute Nemesis: By placing her hands on a person or an object, Cynthia is able to completely erase it from existence. However, if the person or object is particularly powerful it may be difficult to erase completely, instead being temporarily suspended.

Curse Killer: A special attack that removes curses, such as cursed armament seals. In reality though, it passes on the curses to Cynthia.

Seraphic Wings- Six Wings of shining energy sprout from Cynthia's back as she floats to a couple of meters in the air. Then, shouting "This is the end for you!", an incredibly potent and highly destructive wave of energy encompasses all of the environment. The attack cannot be parried and is nearly impossible to block without a sufficient magical barrier.


Rosary Hair Clip: A hair clip that restricts her powers so that she can interact with others freely without worrying about if she'll hurt somebody.


  • Normal human weaknesses
  • Not very versatile compared to other Ultimate Nemesis users.
  • Ultimate Nemesis has clear limitations, such as fighting multiple powerful opponents at the same time, conventional weapons or eldritch opponents.
  • Her precognition skill can be restricted by opponents with superior control over their involuntary body movements.
  • Is normally unable to use the full extent of Ultimate Nemesis on her own, requiring Magic God mode to do so and thus leaving her nearly helpless in most fights against powerful enemies.
  • She isn't able to activate every single inherent ability of the Ultimate Nemesis due to not knowing all of their names.
  • Using the Ultimate Nemesis' reality rewriting ability taxes her stamina due to the increased mana cost.
  • Cannot nullify abilities that are more innate in nature (such as super strength or super speed).
  • Much of Archetype: Creator's power is gained through her link to the Creator, and this link can be cut off by powerful magical barriers, sufficient distance from the Imoutoverse, or warping her surroundings until Cynthia's power can no longer recognize it as "reality".
  • Can only use Absolute Nemesis with her bare hands unless she uses an Incantation Card, of which she has a limited supply.


  • Cynthia manages the school greenhouse because of its warm and has lots of her mother's favorite flowers.
  • Cynthia learned to play mahjong while recovering in the Tsundere Hospital, after a fight with Artemisia Riddell trying to protect her students from Artemisia's haywire powers.
  • She is left-handed, although she was taught to play mahjong with her right hand.
  • She and Gremory surprisingly get along very well.

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