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Claudia Arcturus

"I hope that the party's just getting started...if it is, then perhaps tonight won't be so boring after all."
― Whenever she fights the Naughty Tentacles thugs
Claudia Arcturus
Epithet Bootylicious Goddess

Mrs. Onion Booty (Her students)

Alignment Lawful Good
Race Human (Jewel)
Laterality Ambidextrous
Gender Female
Age Chronologically: 43

Physically: 27

Birthday October, 21st (Libra)
Blood Type AB
Personal Data
Birthplace Los Angeles, California, U.S.
Affiliation Thirteen Wizard Saints
Headquarters Destiny Library
Occupation Teacher


Family Chichiru Shibakami - Mentor

Eight children of various ages

Eye Color Golden Brown
Hair Color Blonde
Height 175cm (5'8.9")
Weight 64kg (140 lbs)
Bust 124cm (49")
Cup 48K
Bust Volume Unknown
Waist 57cm (22")
Hips 106cm (42")
Favorite Food Devil's Food Cake
Disliked Food Tofu Hamburger
Hobbies Yoga and Exfoliating
Charm Point Her big and juicy butt
Weapons Her Ass and Huge Breasts
Weak Point Breasts; excessively heavy
Fighting Style Modified Qigong

Claudia Arcturus is a Wizard Saint that was born in the United States and works as a mercenary. She is the former student of Chichiru Shibakami and a master of Qigong, she is the 11th ranked Wizard Saint and the mother of eight children. Known for her beautiful body and once possessing a one-sided rivalry against a fellow model, Ryan Jenet, Claudia will do anything to best Ryan. She is also a teacher at Destiny Military Academy. She was once research partners with the famous Ariel Philomele.


She was a TV idol and Swimsuit model working under the name "Lucy Caboosey". However she eventually quit as there was not a high demand for bootylicious women. She eventually settled down with a husband and had 7 children.

During her time living with Louis, his wife Kanami became pregnant with their second child, Aoi. Kanami would eventually experience complications due to Aoi's elemental body, forcing Louis to have Aoi transferred to Claudia in order to save his daughter and wife. Claudia would become a surrogate and give birth to Aoi, bonding with her as though she were one of her own daughters. Claudia would raise and take care of her god daughter Aoi until she was two years old when she moves to a different part of Destiny City when she took part in a special Grand Destiny Star Games to determine the thrid generation of Wizard Saints. It should be highlighted that her powers are great enough to allow her to become a Wizard Saint.


Claudia is a beautiful woman with long auburn hair that reaches down her back fixed into a ponytail, with beautiful "almond-shaped" violet eyes, and wears black horn-rimmed glasses. Claudia is a woman of average height with wide hips and a slender but curvy body with a fantastic milkshake that bewitches every male in her vicinity. She is also usually shown with a flirty smile and huge breasts that could easily woo any man foolish enough to fall for her. One of her most prominent characteristics is her outrageous bust size, which is also one of the main topic for jokes among her children's friends and her students alike.

After losing her right arm, Claudia dons a rune-carved prosthetic arm.

She is around 40 years old, but she looks relatively young and doesn't wear any make-up.


Claudia is refined, friendly, and intelligent. As a teacher, she oversees most of her student's affairs herself, and is always well informed about the going-ons in both her own class and the other classes. She has a very kind and motherly attitude but can be ditzy and absent minded. Claudia speaks with a slight accent and speaks in a sultry tone. She dislikes her glasses, but wears them when fighting.

Claudia, unlike some of the other female Wizard Saints, is not embarrassed in the least by her body and has considerably less modesty, frequently referring or complaining about her large breasts (and weight) in normal casual conversation, much to the embarrassment/amusement of anyone around at the time. Claudia does not hesitate to use her attractive looks to make others vulnerable and is very flirtatious and sultry when it comes to dealing with males. She is considered a mature, older sister figure among her friends. Also, she likes to play with her over sized boobs.

Claudia has a highly scientific background. Evidence includes: the quantum physics book, affinity for science, and her timeline research.


Pheromone Magic- Claudia has the ability to control her pheromones to keep the students in her class in check.

  • Sex Appeal Pheromones: With her pheromones' effect, Claudia can make other people feel strong sexual attraction toward her and have them see the image of an extremely buxom and bewitching woman in a skimpy suit. WHen using these pheromones males enemies become her slaves and do her bidding.

Nigh Invulnerability- By focusing her Ki, Claudia is invulnerable to almost all kinds of damage, and although she can still feel pain through sharp objects, she cannot sustain any long term injuries. She can only take significant damage if hit in her breasts.

  • Supernatural Survivability- Like all members of the Arcturus clan, Claudia possesses incredible stamina and vitality, to the extent that she was able to survive the usually-fatal process of bearing an elemental child for a full term.

Sexy Beam Magic- Channels sex appeal to create a damaging pink ray; 1⁄8 chance to cause confusion, deals 75% of MAX Mat and Mdf damage with added bonus to dealing x3 damage to males.

Stall Effect Magic- She can delay anything she wants for exactly 82 seconds.

Strength Combat: Claudia, as a fighter, is a powerful walking tank. She can throw explosive punches which are strong enough to destroy the Shield of Aegis.

  • Power Legs- She possesses monstrous strength and speed in her legs, she is able to jump over a small house and can kick hard enough that it distorts space; even a dainty punt from Claudia can send any opponent it hits into the stratosphere.
  • Power Fists- Claudia is capable of using her powerful hands to wreck anything that gets in her way.

Mana Flow Inhibition- Claudia can use her Ki to block the flow of mana and/or ki in her opponents.


Autosuggestion- Claudia uses Autosuggestion in order to empower herself with physical augmentations.

  • Goddess Ass: By using Autosuggestion, she firmly believes that a goddess bestows strength and magic to her ass. Before activating it, she casts a spell. As such, she is able to draw out more strength effectively than usual. However it's temporary and has a time limit. She is exhausted when she reaches the time limit.

Sexy Qigong: Claudia has experience when it comes to melee combat, utilizing seductive and suggestive "stances", which, coupled with her already distractingly attractive appearance, results in a strike-grapple-and-counter style that robs her male opponents of any and all concentration. This, in combination with her magical prowess allows her to defeat both Enshuu Mitsuari and Aija Egnell— two vicious hand-to-hand combatants in their own rights (though both were weakened at the time due to magic negation drugs)— in a two-on-one fight, as well as simultaneously fighting Nayuta Mitsuari and Sumiye Egnell to a standstill. It should be noted that while she is an excellent courier and escape artist she is not suited in fighting long, drawn-out battles. She is able to use deceptive and sometimes unpredictable attacks to bewilder her opponents and keep them from accurately predicting what she is going to do next.

  • Breasts Flash: Claudia takes off her shirt and flashes her breasts at the opponent, causing them to have a heart attack and die. If the opponent is another female, they instead throw their weapons (if they have any) and stomp their heels in jealousy.
  • Queen of Skinship: Claudia can accurately target sensitive zones of her opponents to torture and make them get horny. As such they will be weakened slowly.
  • Big Ass Sandstorm: By swaying her ass, it's strong enough to make the dust around cover the scenery.
  • Butt Smash: Claudia's signature move. Claudia waits and blocks her opponent's attack before blasting them away with Qigong. It's strong enough to send an unguarded person flying a few meters away.
  • Boobie Flare: By using her pectoralis, she reflects sunlight to dazzle and disrupt her opponents. She also oils her breasts to make the reflection more effective. Leaving an impression that she is teleporting or vanishing magically. Due to the glare of the sunlight, her opponents must cover their eyes. At the same time, it also makes them difficult to attack or reach Claudia.
  • Boob Slam: Claudia also utilizes Qigong to use this technique. However she uses her chests instead.
  • Heaven to Hell: She jumps on and traps her foe's head in between her thighs and twists it to the left.
  • Healing Therapy: She gently embraces her foes' head, causing them to lose their will to fight.
  • Puff-Puff- Claudia squeezes her breasts in a sexual manner to stun the enemy with seduction.
  • Hip Drop- Claudia hits the target with her curvy and explosive hip. Deals 30% more damage than her normal physical attacks.
  • Bottoms Up: She jumps up, and knock the enemy into the air with her butt.
  • Heavenly Arch: She grabs the opponent's head and places it between her thighs, she then secures the head by wiggling causing slight damage, finally jumping into the air with the opponent's head directly under her butt, and falls to the ground in a sitting position slamming the her victim's head on the ground while smashing their face with her butt.
  • Flying Peach: Claudia leaps straight up into the air, with her butt first, then shouts "Bomber" and hits the opponent.
  • Paradise Hold: Jumps, grabs the opponent by the neck with her legs and with her weight she slams her opponent against the ground.
  • Rainbow Hit Rush: Punches her opponent two times and then slams him or her with her butt.
  • Flying Butt Slam: Claudia leaps into the air before landing on her foe, crushing them with her butt before bouncing off.
  • Cherry Blossom Explosion: Claudia can concentrate her Ki into her hand, allowing her to punch at tremendous strength.
  • Butt Attack: Claudia turns and kicks off the ground hitting the enemy with her butt. This attack will temporarily stun enemies but it's not very accurate.
  • Breast Hypnotism: By swinging her breasts. Those who witness it will be paralyzed, and unable to move. As such Claudia will instantly finish them.
  • Hip Drop Guillotine: The technique with a massive power focused on her ass. Claudia jumps to target her opponents' nape as if she beheads them.


High IQ: Claudia has genius-level intellect, she can speaks 18 languages, and has degrees in Astral, Celestial and, Quantum Physics. Claudia is very good at analyzing people and reading their feelings, and can understand the power of the students she disciplines in order to select the ones to recommend to become member of the Public Morals and Security Enforcement Committee or to become a Wizard Saint candidate. Claudia has highly developed instincts which often leads her to make the correct choice. She is a very fast learner, as she graduated from the Foo Fighter's Training Academy in an unprecedented short time.

Magical Intuition: Claudia is well known for her intuitive grasp on most forms of magic and magic items.

Parallel Multitasking: Claudia can focus on multiple events at the same time in order to direct the other members of the Thirteen Wizard Saints whenever they team up on missions.

Peak Human Condition: For many years she did intensive exercises and training from hell with her teacher; through this Claudia remained in peak physical and mental condition.

Supernatural Body Coordination: Claudia has complete control over her own body through the Celestial Formula, allowing her to ignore her own reflexes and even reattach any severed limbs.

Decelerated Aging Process: Though chronologically 46, Claudia stopped aging at 26 due to Shirō Dairenji's experiments with the the Celestial Formula; the Celestial Formula also granted her powerful regeneration capabilites and also rejuvenates her cells every time that she heals.

Superhuman Strength: Claudia's physical strength is inconceivable as she is able to use only one powerful punch to kill a Dark Matter suit wearing Foo Fighter Captain.

Superhuman Speed and Reflexes: Claudia can rip off limbs and obliterate entire bodies before a regular human can even react.

Superhuman Agility: Claudia is able to move from angle to angle deftly, and she can repeatedly avoided being blown away by strikes faster than sound.

Master Strategist: She can create quick and effective means to defeat her opponents during intense battles and the time that she spent when playing chess with Elizabeth Riegel have greatly bolstered her skills in perception and has gave her supernatural foresight as she can disrupt the flow of her opponents efficiently. Claudia is also a master at toying with her opponent's mind, even those with strong resolve and weakening it.

Non-Corporeal Interaction: Claudia can both see and interact with spiritual and non-physical entities.


  • Berserker- Increases her strength three fold, but she's limited to attacking only and gradually lose life.
  • Sexy Dance- A special dance that can gradually heal any wounds that her allies may have; males regenerate back quicker than females.
  • Pink Typhoon- Claudia spins around creating a pink wind storm, deals x3 damage to males and womanizers.


Revolver Knuckle: A specialised Destiny Armed Device that consists of two armoured gauntlets. Each gauntlet can also be wielded independently, but both are needed to draw out it's true power, giving them additional combat strength.


  • Due to the massive size and weight of her breasts, Claudia is unable to run around alot and can only run short distances, forcing her to rely on her powerful long range Ki attacks and a mix of short and long range trackless steps. Keep in mind that you are basically done for once her hands get on you.
  • Normal human weaknesses
  • Unable to see without glasses, subverted with Magic Detection.


  • Claudia had her first menarche during fifth grade of elementary school.
  • Claudia has at least three apartments in each district of Destiny City.
  • With the leglock as her signature move, Claudia is a proficient practitioner of judo.
  • Claudia is approximately 185cm or 6'1" (while wearing 3 inch stilettos).
  • Claudia enjoys American root beer, a popular drink in the Okinawan culture of Claudia's college life.
  • Her favorite sparring partner is her second oldest daughter, Megan.

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