"Do you wanna have a bad time?"
― To Charissa Sears during their fight on top of the Heritage Museum's newest attraction
Bryn Dairenji
Alias Dollface
Alignment Chaotic Good
Race Human
Laterality Right
Gender Male, officially "le Secret♪"
Age Unknown (Appears physically to be in his early teens)
Birthday August 1
Powers PK Dunk
Blood Type A
Personal Data
Birthplace Unknown
Affiliation Unknown
Occupation Assassination
Base of Operations Bacon Academy
Education Destiny Military Academy
Relatives Unnamed Parents
Favorite Foods ?????
Hobby Collecting bottle caps
Hair Color Blond
Eye Color Peridot green
Height 162cm (5'4")
Weight 56kg


Since a young age, Bryn Dairenji has had a very powerful ability. And because of that, people has treated him differently. One faithful day, his ability was triggered by a celestial that was attacking teachers at his school, and at that time, Bryn attended a normal school. One day, the teachers' lounge at his school was attacked by a celestial but Bryn's ability awakened and he sealed it. But his ability was so powerful, classmates and his teachers became afraid, and even his parents were terrified, so in the end, he couldn't stay at home. So she was taken away by the Destiny Security Organization, and ever since, he's shut himself off.

Also, apparently, he was popular in class first, but because he's so distant and never agreed to hang out, people started to stop coming to him.


Bryn is a thin white-skinned boy with a feminine look to him of half-Scandinavian, half-Japanese heritage with short blond hair and peridot eyes. As his standard attire, he wears a sea-foam green dress, black knee-length socks, and sky blue shoes.

His school attire consists of a blouse with a tan blazer bearing the school crest, and a matching green-and-gold patterned ribbon tie at his collar and plaid skirt.


Bryn is very casual, even when it comes to enemies, such as Hibiki 23 and Anette Blanc, discussing their plans over a burger snack that he paid for himself. Despite his genocidal actions, Bryn is not a pervert that gets turned on with bloodshed, and prefers to avoid unnecessary conflict that includes innocent people such as the one with the invasion of New Caledonia and the suppression in the 7th hierarchal city, and would rather forego using preemptive attacks. He thinks Lilianna Nyström is a wonderful enemy for the sole fact that she is willing to go all out to save people, even if there is more to the story or if someone has some other goal.


PK Dunk Similar to his mother, Bryn can grab his opponent's soul with telekinesis, allowing him to easier hit his foes. However, Bryn appears to have a far greater mastery of this ability than his mother, allowing him to effortlessly fling his foe around by manipulating their soul, forcing them into the walls and ceiling. He was capable of using this ability to bypass the resistance of a Magic God being and damage them by sheer force of throwing their soul against the walls, however this accelerated how quickly he tired out during the fight.