"You've been a bad boy, it's payback time!"
― Before fighting her master's killer
Bryiana Noelle
Epithet The Untouchable Black Dragon Queen (Classmates)
Alignment Neutral Good
Race Dragonkin (Jewel)
Laterality Right
Gender Female
Age 14
Birthday September 8th (Virgo)
Blood Type O
Personal Data
Birthplace Empire City, War World
Affiliation Kawaii Five-0
Headquarters Dragon's Din (Fennmont)
Occupation Founder of Librarium City

Headmistress of Destiny Cram Academy

Family Unnamed parents (Deceased)

Gremory- Older sister

Eye Color Aqua
Hair Color Dark Mocha
Height 160cm (5'3")
Weight 60 kg (132 lb)
Bust 62cm (25")
Cup 52A
Bust Volume 0148.6ml
Waist 57cm (23")
Hips 85cm (33")
Favorite Food Moka-Cola with Hamburgers (Stazt's Hamburgers)
Hobby Reading "The Art of War" while relaxing in a hot bath
Weapon Magic Sword: Ten Commandments

Bryiana Noelle is a fourth-year student at Destiny Cram Academy, she is a highly skilled kunoichi who is known as the Untouchable Black Dragon Queen for her ruthlessness in combat. Many of her classmates were afraid of her when she first transferred to Destiny Military Academy because she seemed violent and cold; however it is revealed through bonding with Kaihou Mitsuari and Saaya Dairenji that she was actually quite introverted, shy and sensitive, and had a traumatic childhood that led her develop a female-only haphephobia, a fear of being touched.


Bryiana is the youngest daughter of the famous Noelle family of Baticul (a tyrannical family who governs all of War world) who joined the Baticul Warrior academy. Soon after her enrollment, however, internal turmoil and war befall her native country as her duties to her family, warrior clan and her friend, Yamato, whom she fallen in love with, fall apart. As a 14-year-old knight, Bryiana has a sharp tongue and deadly sword skills.

Before she could flee her family's castle Grandmaster Luscious invaded it and killed her family. All the women of the house, including her mother and her sister, Ariel and Cordella, rushed to save the young Bryiana, but they were slaughtered before her eyes. She awoke to find herself buried in their corpses, triggering her female-only haphephobia. She then transfers to Destiny Cram Academy as a student to learn powerful magic and vows to herself to kill the Grandmaster like the Grandmaster had killed her family.



Bryiana is described as being cold, mean, and ruthless just like her father. After her first meeting with Kaihou Mitsuari, she becomes concerned over Kaihou's safety and starts to recognize others as comrades and friends for whom she cares deeply. Outside of school she has a much more shy and sensitive side, in sharp contrast to her reputedly cold nature when at school; her softer side dawns primarily when she is around Kaihou. She is also has a much more girly side when she's near her. It is easily noticeable by her furious blushing when around her, as she holds strong feelings for Kaihou, although she refuses to admit it.

Also known as the Untouchable Black Dragon Queen because of her violent reactions due to intense haphephobia (fear of being touched), she is feared by most of the student body at Destiny Cram Academy; this has also led to her reputation as being a cold and ruthless bitch. As described above, her phobia was developed from her past of having the dead bodies of her mother and sister protecting her during the Grandmaster's invasion of their castle; however, her haphephobia has become less intense after her meeting and spending time with Kaihou.




Magic Circle Combat-


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