"I almost feel sorry for the two of you. But not quite. I'll rip the Second Lieutenant to shreds first. Then I'll take care of you, Captain."
― To Lorelei Selforge and Aija Egnell during the Grand Winter Destiny Games
Atlas Flame
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Epithet The Dragon of the Supreme Inferno
Alignment Lawful Neutral
Race Dragon
laterality Right
Gender Male
Age 21
Birthday January 15
Blood Type ???
Personal Data
Birthplace Switzerland (originally)

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia (raised in)

Affiliation Hitman (Amicus Family)
Occupation Information Alliance (Sergeant)

ex-Foo Fighter (Major)

Base of Operations Mobile Air Base
Family Unnamed Mother and Father (deceased)
Hair Color Reddish-brown
Eye Color Red
Height 187cm (6'2")
Weight 83kg (183 lbs)
Powers/Abilities Supreme Dragon's Inferno
Hobbies Collecting motorcycles, Fishing and, Training
Favorite Food Spicy Crab and Shrimp Ramen W/Beef Miso soup
Weapon Legacy Weapon – Roaring Sword: Dragon Rebellion

Atlas Flame is an ex-solider turned assassin hired by the Amicus family; unlike his partner Tara Gates, Atlas Flame does the actual assassination missions leaving the recon and intelligence work to Tara who rarely does actual assassinations. Atlas Flame's parents died during the Dimensional War in the great fire of Destiny Forest.


Midori Shinohara Erika Vermillion




Supreme Dragon's Inferno-

Electrical Resistance- by super-heating the air, he can create an "Air Lens" to block off electricity.



His birthday, January 15, is the original date for Japan's Coming of Age day.