Anri Togami
Epithet Silver Haired Beauty
Alignment Neutral Good
Race Human (Jewel)
laterality Right
Gender ♂Female
Age Claims to be at her late-teens, suggested to be 14 years old
Birthday May 15th
Blood Type O
Personal Data
Birthplace Birmingham, England
Affiliation Togami Clan
Occupation Student
Base of Operations Her dorm
Family Orie Togami (Older Sister)
Hair Color Silvery-White
Eye Color Sapphire
Height 181cm (5'11")
Weight 56kg (123 lbs)
Bust 101cm (40")
Cup 40JJ
Bust Volume ????.?ml
Breast Weight ??kg (?? lb)
Waist 63cm (25")
Hips 103cm (40")
Favorite Food Rose petals preserved in sugar
Hobby Playing the piano
Unusual Features Beautiful voice: can turn even the biggest perverts into gentlemen
Weapon Magic Com-Device and Sword

Anri Togami is an S-rank mercenary and the Classroom Representative of Torifune High School's class 2-F. Anri is one of 'Lynn Amicus' former students, who took her, Ayumi and Hermione in and trained them after meeting them when they were young mercenaries during the Second Witch War. Her older sister is the Destiny City Military Police Department's Commissioner, Orie Togami.



She is a tall young woman that has generous proportions, and is always seen with a long sleeved uniform, which hugs tightly on her megalopolis sized bust. Her long hair is sometimes tied into a ponytail, making her look careless, but also gives her an intriguing sexy feeling.