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Amara Melano

"Must have taken every ounce of your courage to agree to fight me here, Do you know who I am? I'm the Infinite Dark Witch!"
― To Thalia
Amara Melano
Epithet The Infinite Dark Witch
Alignment Neutral Evil
Race Half-Succubus (Jewel)
laterality Right
Gender ♂Female
Age Claims to be in her late-twenties, suggested to be hundreds of years old
Birthday April 30th
Blood Type AB
Personal Data
Birthplace Salem, Massachusetts
Affiliation None
Occupation Witch
Base of Operations Witch Haunt
Family Mother Mercy (foster-mother/deceased)
Hair Color Blue
Eye Color Lime Green
Skin Color Magically dyed to blue
Height 177cm (5'8")
Weight 56kg (123 lbs)
Bust 90cm (35")
Cup 34D
Bust Volume ????.?ml
Breast Weight 1.1kg (2.4 lb)
Waist 63cm (25")
Hips 90cm (35")
Favorite Food Grilled Halibut
Hobby Seducing men
Unusual Features Blue Skin
Weapon Magic Scythe

Amara Melano is knowingly able to bring thousands to their knees via her Dark Magic mixed with Infinite Magic, she garnered the epithet "The Infinite Dark Witch". Amara once terrorized Destiny City as a mysterious assailant that targeted girls and drained their mana, often leaving them severely injured, before trying in vain to find where the Infinite Regalia: Sankishin was held. She was once a member of the Twelve Celestial. She destroyed her hometown of Salem, while attempting to establish superiority over mankind. She currently lives with her daughter, while maintaining her supremacist values. Her Witch's mark is located on her sternum, just above her breasts.



Amara is an attractive woman with shoulder-length, dark hair and large breasts, a common trait in her family. Due to her practice of dark magic, her skin is now pale blue and has, seemingly ceremonial, tattoos decorate a great deal of her body, including her arms; back and even face.

Her standard style of dress shows off just how sexy that her body is. She wears something akin to that of a skimpy Dominatrix swimsuit showing her huge bust.


Amara is a firm believer in the superiority of Witches over the "Jewel plebs" and desires to create a world where witches are free from persecution.

Despite her values, Amara has a distaste towards some magical creatures, such as dragons, believing them to be hypocrites (which is technically true) and doesn't believe they are worthy enough to be partnered with the witches. She's very hateful towards non-magical humans, believing them to be inferior.

Amara also holds the Dark Arts in high esteem, believing that embracing one's inner darkness is not a bad thing.

Her general distrust and dislike of non-magical humans stems from the bullying she suffered as a child, and her close ties with her mother (who used dark magic to defend her family and was killed by its backlash).

Amara can also be mischievous and playful at times. During their travels to find Lynn, she joyfully used her magic to make Sherria's butt larger because ahe wanted it and shrinking Thalia's breasts as well as making them bigger. She also said that she has that strong urge to mess with Thalia.


Magnesium Magic- She is a user of Magnesium Magic, with which she creates razor-sharp chakrams or chains that she could ignite and control at will.

Ultimate Spear Magic- Amara's unique magic is to extend her fingertips into long, flexible, thin claws sharp enough to cut through practically any substance with ease. It is unknown what the lengthwise limits of her fingers are. She can also tear open gateways between Earth and the Phantom Realm with them.

Infinite Magic- The magic of an Infinite Witch. It has the power to infinitely restore a destroyed or broken object, or make something infinitely expand, or change the value of 1 to infinity.

Fear-Based Shapeshifting- While using the Fear-Based Shapeshifting, Amara can shapeshift into anything that her target fears. When she shapeshifts, she gains the physical stats of whatever or whoever she becomes. It may vary do to being based off the opponent's memory of the person's ability or up to the level of their power. This has shown to be limited to the individual or being she is confronting. She has also been able to sense large amounts of fear a distance away, based on her fear-based telepathy.

Necromancy- Necromancy is the magical art of manipulating the dead, namely spirits. Amara, however, focuses on reanimation. She was capable of reanimating her deceased mother's body into working, but it became host to an unnamed creature of destruction.

Conjuration- Amara's conjuring skills are impressive, as she's capable of conjuring the magical island of New Babylon by willing it.

Sex Magic- Having been taught in the ways of magic, Amara is capable of channel the magical energies unleashed during sexual acts.


Magic Intuition: Amara can be considered to be the most powerful human witch, next to Thalia, having a vast ray of magical powers at her disposal. Her occult knowledge, especially of Necro-magic, is advanced and she's capable of conjuring objects and places out of nowhere. She can also teleport, create supernatural protections against weather and heal others with just a touch.

Witch's Kiss: Corrupts the enemy into despair, also allows the user to control the enemy.

Supernatural Strength: Amara possesses vast superhuman strength considerably greater than most witches. She has proven capable of almost standing toe-to-toe with Huozai. Hence, she is capable of lifting well in excess of 100 tons.

Supernatural Speed Amara is capable of running and moving at speeds much greater than even the finest human athlete.

Supernatural Stamina: Huozai's body produces considerably less fatigue toxins than the bodies of human beings, or most other witches for that matter, during physical activity. As a result, Amara possesses almost limitless physical stamina.

Supernaturally Dense Tissue: The skin, muscle, and bone tissues of Amara's body are about three times as dense as the same tissue in the body of a human. This contributes, somewhat, to Amara's superhuman strength and weight.

Supernatural Durability: Amara's body is considerably more resistant to physical injury than the bodies of human beings, and most other witches. Amara is capable of withstanding great impact forces, temperature and pressure extremes, high caliber bullets, and powerful energy blasts without sustaining injury.

Regenerative Healing Factor: Despite her body's high resistance to injury, it is possible to injure her. However, Amara's body is capable of healing itself with high levels of superhuman speed and efficiency.

Extended Longevity: Amara, like all Succubi, is not completely immune to aging but she does age at a rate much slower than that of a human being. She is also immune to all known earthly diseases and infections.


Demonic Hands: Amara summons demonic hands to attack her enemies. They attack the enemy's soul on contact.

Summoning of the Demon King: Amara can use the emotional turmoil and souls of the dead to summon a Gashadokuro (large skeleton).

Blossom, Flower of Death: The deceased manifest themselves and spread death in the surroundings.

Le Fin: Amara fires a web of energy at the enemy and starts a five second countdown. When it reaches zero, they experience instant death. The countdown also decreases by 1 second, giving the victims even less time to get out should they attempt to do so and making it hard for them as well.

Vampire Drain: Amara drains her opponent's magical energy to restore her own.

Void Blast: Reduces everything in a certain area to its constituent parts.


Metal: She seemed to always carry around metal containing magnesium, which she could use as chakrams to slice her opponents.


Hibiki Units #724 and #725 are two of Amara's most trusted familiars.

Hibiki Units #724 and #725
Hibiki Sisters
Contractor Amara Melano
Alias The End
Alignment Chaotic Evil
Race Android (Hibiki Unit)
Gender Female
Age 0 (Recently created)


The Hibiki Units are all look a likes, having been modeled from the same person, with the only difference being that either their clothes are yellow, or blue, as well as how they actually put their hair in.


Both Hibiki Units are sadomasochistic, people who gains gratification, especially sexual, through inflicting or receiving pain, having begged many times to many people, to punish them, actually bringing tools for their "punishment". They also seem to be very caring about those who treat them nicely.



Hibiki #724

Darklit Planets:Black Neptune: As the only living user of Darklit Planets: Black Neptune, she has complete control over the element, being able to manipulate water at will and to control the sea and the sea-monsters. There are two Black Magic spells that are unique to her: Water Bomb (a highly powerful spear of energy) and Ocean's Fury (a dangerous wave of spears shaped from water).

  • Sodium-Magnesium Burst: By manipulating the presence of sodium and magnesium atoms within a body of water, Hibiki #724 can trigger immediate and multiple explosions in rapid succession. They do not appear to contain a large amount of raw firepower (even base Nayuta was only moderately injured by them): their real danger is the combination of the sheer rate Hibiki #724 can trigger the bursts.

Hibiki #725

Oxygen Magic: Hibiki #725 is a massively powerful Hibiki Unit with the ability to control Oxygen, which allows her to walk in the air with impunity, create pressures of enormous proportions, air currents capable of large destruction, as well as, suffocating anyone she wishes with no more than a thought or incapacitating them by saturating their surroundings with oxygen.

Powers From Familiar Contract

Supernatural Condition (Basic Level)- They are granted enough strength to lift over a ton and bend metal with relative ease, speed fast enough to run at the high-way speed limit, the durability to withstand being thrown off tall buildings.

Supernatural Regeneration- Hibiki Units possesses regeneration of such a powerful level that it is more compared to creation, as they can rapidly regenerate from anything that is not instantly fatal, due to their infinite mana reservoir.


  • Amara's magic is not infinite and even she is bound to certain rules.
  • All her attempts at resurrection failed, as she infused her mother's body with negative energy and a dark spirit, so she's not capable of uniting a body with a departed soul.
  • Her conjuration is not unlimited and it works its strongest under specific moon phases.
  • Having sexual intercourse too much throughout a long span of time makes her lose her witch status.
  • She can get reckless when she's really into a fight.
  • Despite her great skills and powers, Amara is far from being invencible. Being human she's vulnerable to death and great physical damage can kill her. She's also vulnerable to diseases.
  • Dragon fire and physical powers can wound her. Also fairy's telekinetic powers can bound her body. Vampires mind controlling abilities can turn her into a sexual servant.
  • Thought not a weaknesses, Her magic armor gives her no protection against magical energy bolts or dragon fire breath attacks. Also mystical weapons can wound her and magical ropes cannot be breached by her physical strength. If trapped within a magical protection, her spells will be useless.


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