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"Are you an idiot? You can commit suicide if you want, but I won’t!!"
― To Jiao when she tries to jump off a bullet train into a lake

Alisha is a highly talented Reaper Hunter.



Alisha's family ethnic background is half-French, half-Japanese, and she is a former operative of the U.S. Army's secretive special unit known as Delta Force, where she was an explosives and sharpshooting expert.


She has short brown hair that has long bangs and fringes hiding her forehead. Her eyes are blue.

Summer Clothes: Her clothes are a lacrosse uniform-like set of a shirt, a miniskirt, and spats similar to the other members. Her height is described as being shorter than Coco and to Coco's dismay Alisha stated she thought her chest worked as a standard for the lowest (she's a large C-cup) and has long shapely legs.

For missions she can be seen in military like clothing from her Delta Force days.


She displays a lethargic attitude regardless from her surroundings as seen working in the Monte Carlo (she feel asleep in front of a customer), or helping Ken (she didn't want Coco to get angry at her for ignoring a customer). She can display a calm perception on how to avoid being caught in public without causing panic and yet has no problem changing slowly into a V-sling bikini in a narrow alleyway during broad daylight.

Like the rest of her group, she is patriotic to her country and organization, only wishing the best for it, enough for her to make an enemy out of it and harm people if it is necessary.


Costume Specification-

Badassery- There is nothing that can describe her awesomeness and how she takes to the battle field like a boss B)

Pregnancy Perception-

Skills and Abilities

Alisha has a broad range of skills which she utilizes in her ongoing fight against terrorist threats. As well as having extensive experience in bomb disposal and sniping.

Being in the Delta Force Program, Alisha has learned to use and become proficient with a variety of firearms. Her aim is extremely accurate, evidenced by her landing a headshot on a Remnant from 200+ yards away in a moving helicopter with one eye closed and blood in the other. It is said that while she suffers from increased recoil due to not having as much strength as her (male) partners, due to her Delta Force training, her accuracy is "unrivaled".

In terms of physical abilities, Alisha shows immense upper and lower body strength. She was able to catch herself falling into a chasm with one hand and perform a muscle up with little effort, and she can fire multiple shots from high powered weapons like a Magnum or Desert Eagle with one arm. Her agility and lower body strength is almost unrivaled as well, with her possessing the ability to do a standing front flip onto an enemy's shoulders before snapping their neck and diving away, or doing a back-flip from a kneeling position when recovering from a Double Knee Drop. Her reflexes and speed are immense as well, with her being able to disarm Jiao in a fraction of a second, quickly dodging many attacks from Remnants, she can also transition into a horizontal wall run in a mini skirt and high heeled boots.

Alisha's hand-to-hand combat ability is impressive, with her body officially described as "small and muscular", and her fighting said to be "highly honed". She compensates for her relatively slight stature in comparison to her male counterparts with her immense speed and flexibility when fighting, favoring the use of kicks and grapples over her fists. Her flexibility and small stature lends itself to her fighting, as she was able to bring her leg up and kick Day-Z when he had her in a headlock, and she struck Darker than Black with kicks so quickly and powerfully that he doubled over. She tends to use a lot of acrobatics in her moves, with many of her melee attacks featuring flips and cartwheels. With a knife, Alisha is extremely proficient as well.

Aside from combat and weaponry, Alisha is a skilled piano player and violinist.


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