Adel & Ashley Shipman are the fourth and fifth ranked Reapers in Death Carnival. Both are sultry seductresses, who spends much of their time with each other trying to find ways to seduce girls and any unlucky dudes into joining Death Carnival and working for the United Kingdom's Branch of the Foo Fighters.
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They're just having an early treat before they go out for tricks.



Adel's Appearance

She usually wears a big, black dress that goes all the way down to her ankles, which, along with her legs and feet, are covered by white stockings and red shoes. Then, she wears a red hair band and a red overcoat-like shirt reminiscent of Native American clothes. Finally, she wears a tied black ribbon to look like tied shoelaces with the casual "rabbit ears."

Ashley's Appearance

Her outfit is reminiscent of a student in gym class. She has a light pink track jacket with the Skull and Cross Bones emblem on the left chest area, dark blue biker spats, black and white socks, and red and white sneakers. Her eyes are peculiarly dotted with two pink, cross-shaped pupils.

She have a fond of dressing up as a devil winged princess, which shows off her remarkably curvy figure (even by the verse's standards).


The twins are usually finding themselves in mischief wherever they go.

Adel's Personality

She is more than often showing off her bust to the other girls both friend or foe and is a massive masochist. She has a dozen of different poses while shooting her guns and speaks in a high pitched, squeaky voice. When the topic of good vs evil or whenever someone mentions Ashley, her and Ashley's older sister, she takes on a serious personality, ranging from questioning (in question to good vs evil) to even violent (towards those who knows of Ashley's whereabouts)

On the other hand, when not on the same team, Adel is strong willed and has a cheerful personality.

Serious incestuous subtext between her and her sister, Ashley.

Ashley's Personality

Ashley is a serious sadist that is motivated to hurt people, especially Adel. She is shown to have a sensitive nature when other people mention her older sister Rindo, to which she reacts quite violently. Despite her sadistic nature, she has been shown to display compassion towards those she hurts, and with deep regret, such as when she accidentally shot Jiao and pushed aside feelings of guilt when she had to beat Adel to get to Alisha.

She is also a bit introverted, and keeps to herself when not around familiar faces; Ashley is also taciturn and can only whisper in whoever is the team captain’s ear.

Serious incestuous subtext between her and her sister, Adel.


Supernatural Condition (Expert Level)-

Pleasure Manipulation-

Magical Wing Manifestation-

Love Embodiment- of Familial love

Adel's Powers

Pain Empowerment-

Enhanced Gunmanship-

Ashley's Powers

Sadist's Passion-

Whip Manipulation-

Ultimate Sadist-

Will Breaking-