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"My, my what a naughty little brat you are."
― When she encounters enemies

Heeeeeeeeeeellooo, Nurse!!

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Alias Hello, Nurse
Alignment Lawful Good
Race Demon


Gender Female
Age ???; looks 34
Birthday May 2nd
Blood Type ???
Personal Data
Birthplace The 8th Hierarchical City of Steele
Affiliation Foo Fighters (Rank: Sergeant)

Unknown Demon King and Queen

Favorite Food Ststz's Burgers
Professional Status
Occupation Nurse at Kizuna Girls' Academy and Squad medic (Foo Fighters)
Base of Operations Kizuna Girls' Academy's Nurse's Office
Hair Color


Eye Color



176 cm


"I'll kill you if you write it"

Measurements (bust, waist, hip) B160(P)-W63-H88

Health Optimization and Demonic Magic




Unclean people


Stuff you'll find in the ER


Éclair is the school nurse of Kizuna Girls' Academy and the heir of the Bloodlily family. She is an demon witch from Hel's Realm and acts as Seria Fujisaki 's mentor. It is revealed by Seria that her real name is Lilith Bloodlily. Éclair's main contributions to her squad group are her medical skills, extensive medical knowledge and demon magic.


Éclair is a very tall buxom and stunning woman, with a ridiculously voluptuous figure with very large breasts (even bigger than Megan's and Sherria's) that grow larger when too full, and long pink hair that reaches just barely past her hips. Her physique is most pronounced by her humongous breasts and long luxurious legs. The nurse usually wears a black keyhole sweater with a white robe on top, a short skirt and long, brown tights with garter straps and high heeled shoes. Her most noticeable feature is her small red devil horns on the top of her head. She usually appears to be sleepy whenever she makes an appearance, but under special situations, she has a serious face that she puts on

When she unlocks her true demonic powers her hair and eyes change color from pink to black and red with green eye color.


Although she is rather ditzy at times and is prone to panicking, she can be very serious when called for and just out right sadistic when she's enjoying a fight. She has a very sexually-oriented mind when she is drunk (as she flirts with everyone in her general area whenever she's drunk) or whenever she misinterprets someone's comments into something sexual in turn causing her to blush.


Demon Sorcerer Physiology-

Demon Creation-

Health Optimization-

Medical/Lab Weaponry Proficiency-


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