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  • Imouto-tan

    Angel (Term)

    January 18, 2017 by Imouto-tan

    Known as the protectors of Grand Celestia and the Azure Kingdom, most angels see themselves as beings of absolute good, while seeing demons and Jewels as beings of absolute evil, and humans as needing their guidance and protection. The same way demons live off of the fear of humans, angels live off of their "awe" and belief in them. Succubi are said to be either fallen angels or at least descended from them.

    Humans with pure hearts can be reborn as an angel after death, furthermore, Fallen Angel can regain their angel status and even become an Archangel.

    If an angel wants to leave the Grand Celestia or the Azure Kingdom and settle elsewhere, then their powers are sealed by the Council of Celestia which is governed by the Ten Great Archangels…

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  • Imouto-tan

    Magical Energy

    January 13, 2017 by Imouto-tan

    Magical Energy is the power source used to actualize the mysteries of Magic.

    Magical energy powers almost all types of magic and magi-tech, and it can be comparable to gasoline for magic. The energy in the atmosphere is called Ki, the meaning of which is approximately the same as in Chinese culture. Aether is not a form of magical energy, but instead something else entirely. It cannot exist independently or do anything by itself, so is always bound to some sort of recipient. For that reason, the angels use it mostly by imbedding it into an object or as a catalyst to initiate nature interference spells. The only exceptions to said rule are the Sacred Arms of the Josei and Elves, who recreate miracles by just releasing energy.

    Magical Energy i…

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  • Imouto-tan


    January 11, 2017 by Imouto-tan


    Epithet Blue Margherita
    Alignment Blue and Orange
    Race Human (Jewel)
    Laterality Right
    Gender Female
    Age 17
    Birthday May, 5th (Taurus)
    Blood Type AB
    Personal Data
    Birthplace Unknown
    Affiliation(s) Brantini Kingdom

    69th Modestly Armed Battalion

    Headquarters Mobile Military Airship
    Occupation Liu's personal assassin

    High school student

    Family Unnamed Parents
    Eye Color Orange
    Hair Color Light Lavender
    Height 153cm (5ft)
    Weight 47kg (103 Ibs)
    Bust 75cm (30")
    Cup 63B
    Bust Volume ????.?ml
    Waist 54cm (21")
    Hips 78cm (30")
    Favorite Food Guava Milk with a Lobster Burrito and Cherries
    Hobby Collecting 'Raver Dimension Wars' figures
    Charm Point Her bust
    Weak Point Breasts
    Favorite Subject Gym, Math, Science, Modern Language
    Weakest Subject Japanese, Classic Literatur…

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  • Imouto-tan

    Adley Strijd

    January 6, 2017 by Imouto-tan


    Epithet Irregular Note
    Alignment Lawful Good
    Race Succubus
    Laterality Right
    Gender Female
    Age 7
    Birthday ???
    Blood Type ???
    Personal Data
    Birthplace ???
    Affiliation Luxure
    Occupation Princess of Luxure
    Base of Operations Unknown
    Family ???
    Hair Color ???
    Eye Color ???
    Height 146cm (4'7")
    Weight 31kg (68lbs)
    Bust 86cm (34")
    Cup 34D
    Bust Volume ????.?ml
    Waist 55cm (21")
    Hips 89cm (36")
    Hobbies Housework in general (especially cooking), doll play
    Likes ???
    Dislikes Bitter vegetables
    Weapon Unarmed
    Favorite Food ???

    Adley Strijd is succubus child from the Kingdom of Luxure who is sporting a suspiciously overdeveloped body for her age. Adley is a succubus and the daughter of Queen Ulala.

    Irregular Note- With Irregular Note she can make what ever she writ…

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  • Imouto-tan

    Dante Arcturus

    December 31, 2016 by Imouto-tan


    Epithet Black Beast King
    Alignment Lawful Good
    Race Human (Jewel Mutations)
    Laterality Right
    Gender Male
    Age 37
    Birthday July 4th
    Blood Type O
    Personal Data
    Birthplace Sicily, Italy
    Affiliation Foo Fighters (Rank: Lieutenant-General)
    Occupation Lieutenant-General
    Base of Operations Hunting Savanna (Fennmont)
    Family The Arcturus Family
    Hair Color Dark Brown
    Eye Color Brown
    Height 198cm (6'6")
    Weight 125kg (275lbs)
    Hobbies Hunting
    Likes Jogging
    Dislikes Swimming
    Weapon Unarmed
    Favorite Food Steak

    Dante Arcturus also known as, Black Lion King, is Claudia's long lost cousin and a F-Rank Jewel. He got his moniker, Black Lion King, from his ability to turn into a black lion. He has vowed to kill the Witch of the Apocalypse at all cost.

    Dante is a man …

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