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  • Imouto-tan

    Amicus Family

    March 23, 2017 by Imouto-tan

    The Amicus family are a familial group of Warlocks and Jewels who are descended from the Saint Agnes. They were charged with apprehending Dark Witches, Fallen Angels and Stray Devils area until they were forced to stop by the original Grand Magic Council, after this they were commissioned to adopt and train talented orphans and people that they take in to use magic and magitech. Once each generation, a daughter of the family inherits the title of Divine Saint.

    Those from the main Amicus Family are renowned for their extraordinary magical prowess, ability to use Godly Mana, overwhelming mana reserves.

    After Saint Agnes had sealed off the Bête Noire in the Destiny Tower, her family, the Amicus, defended the land, guarding it so that the Beast wou…

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  • Imouto-tan


    March 16, 2017 by Imouto-tan


    Epithet Passionate B.B.
    Alignment Lawful Good
    Race Human


    Gender Female
    Age 15
    Birthday November, 21th (Scorpio)
    Blood Type Ab
    Personal Data
    Birthplace Ishikawa
    Affiliation Foo Fighters
    Occupation Student
    Base of Operations Amity Colosseum
    Family Unnamed Parents

    Agnes Egnell (Older Sister)

    Sumiye Egnell (Big sister)

    Hair Color

    Sandy Light Blonde

    Eye Color



    170 cm (5'7")


    48 kg


    85cm (33")



    Bust Volume



    83cm (33")


    60cm (24")


    Supreme Swordsmanship


    Military training, Collecting weapons, Internet MMORPGs and, Reading poems


    Several, but mostly relies on her Nodachi

    Favorite Foods

    Homemade Milk, Dry-cured Ham, Protein Shakes, Teppanyaki, and Cheeseburgers


    Aija Egnell is the youngest…

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  • Imouto-tan

    Septima Banghard

    March 14, 2017 by Imouto-tan


    Epithet Numerology Witch
    Alignment Lawful Good
    Race Human (White Witch)
    Laterality Right
    Gender Female
    Age 33
    Birthday December 20
    Blood Type O+
    Personal Data
    Birthplace Winchester, Hampshire, England, UK
    Affiliation Professor of Magic Numerology at Royal Magic Academy
    Headquarters ???
    Occupation Royal Magic Academy
    Family Natalie Banghard
    Eye Color Blue
    Hair Color Blue
    Height 169cm (5'7")
    Weight 58kg (128 lbs)
    Bust 93cm (37")
    Cup 37E
    Bust Volume Undefined
    Waist 61cm (24")
    Hips 92cm (36")
    Favorite Food Red Tea with Destiny Cake
    Hobby Doing Analysis
    Weapons Numbers

    Professor Septima Banghard is a witch and Professor of Magic Numerology at Royal Magic Academy. She is also been the Advanced Arithmancy Studies teacher. Professor Banghard was known a…

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  • Imouto-tan

    Golden Phoenix Café

    March 13, 2017 by Imouto-tan

    Golden Phoenix Café is an Chinese pastry shop and cafe in Destiny City. It is a medium sized building that can accommodate a number of customers. It is located near a fairly populated thoroughfare in the Illusive Hanging Gardens where passing students can see a small statue of a chibi Giant panda advertising the shop's products on a chalkboard. The restaurant is notable enough to be featured in a variety of magazines worldwide. Rana Lingyin is the proprietress of the Golden Phoenix Café who is usually accompanied by two bodyguards. She often holds concerts and dance performances at the café and is very famous around the world for it.

    As a pastry shop, it sells a variety of pastries for the customer to eat inside or take out. The ingredients …

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  • Imouto-tan

    Destiny Spa Springs

    March 11, 2017 by Imouto-tan

    The Destiny Spa Springs is multi-level building found in the third mini-city of Yamato in Destiny City. It is a resort designed to provide different types of bathing facilities and to entertain guests.

    The facility's target demographic is 14+ year-old children, taking advantage of the fact that the facility is in Destiny City where the majority where students. The facility is famous, being ranked third among all bathhouses in the world.

    The entire building is designed primarily to provide different types of bathing facilities. Every level made use of all types of unique bath styles, like those that use all sorts of herbs, baths that uses electrical power, sonic waves, as well as all kinds of pools. Moreover, the building has a large enough spa…

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