Hi everyone. It's been a while since I last did a blog post, but I just have some things I want to share. Some of the stuff here is quite important, so please give it a read.

1) I think it's time we stopped trying to find something bigger than Omnipotence. By definition, omnipotence is the biggest and the best power going, and what everyone forgets is that it's actually a state of being. It's a state of godhood, not in the sense of Greek or Sumerian deities, but of actual, 100%, existence-is-yours godhood.

2) Enough with the potent forces. We're just repeating ourselves. Aether and Nether I've got no problem with, but it's doing stuff like Mediae, which has now become almost exactly the same as any other godly-energy-power page on the wiki.

Okay, winge over.

3) A couple of pages have sprung up recently - Speed Force and Morphogenetic Field Manipulation - that people appear to be having troubles with. I'd just like to give my view. First of all, they are welcome here. They may not be powers themselves, but they are the sources from which some beings get power, and I think it's important that, on this wiki, we talk just as much about the histories, effects, origins and permutations of super-powers as we do about the powers themselves. Second, yes they're just DC, but that doesn't matter. They're still powers.

4) Continuing on from my previous-to-latter point, we need to expand off just pages about specific powers, because editors are getting bored. We've done almost every single permutation of every power, and so now we're getting dupe and uneccessary pages. So, here's my idea:

  • First, we do a guide to the wiki. A main page which explains the wiki, its purpose, and its rules, and then lots of additional pages about the history of super-powers in media, explanations of different ways people get powers, etc.
  • Second, we do category pages. I don't mean the categories at the bottom of a page, I mean we do, for instance, pages called Elemental Powers, and then write about powers based on the elements, link to all the elements' pages, and so on. If I'm not making sense, just say, and I'll make an example page.

Basically, I'm saying that we need to make pages about more than just the super-powers themselves - we need to make pages about how they're portrayed in fiction, how ideas of powers have evolved, what constitutes an energy power, and the list goes on.

Those are my four points. Please please please let me know what you all think!