Name: Elisa Spencer

Aliases: The Golden Savior, Light of Mankind, Shimmering Goddess, The Perfect Girl, The Second Coming of Tula

Alignment: Lawful Good

Occupations: Magical Paladin, Avatar of Tula

Powers: The Light of CreationMiracle PerformingClairvoyanceTelepathy

Abilities: Empathy via the Light, Spiritual PerfectionSupernatural BeautyAngel SoulPure Heart

Motto: "There is good in everything. You just have to look closely."

Quotes: "Righteous denizens of Aralias, I have seen your valiant efforts. I have heard you harrowing prayers. I have bore witness to your unwavering faith in me. Today, I will answer your prayers and reward your efforts and faith. The world shall rejoice in my return. The darkness shall no longer ravage the great lands of the Gaia."

"I will carry the burden of the world's sorrows on my own shoulders. Even if the weight is too great, I will still carry own. Draciz cannot carry the weight of his own misdeeds. This is why evil shall not prevail. This is why the world shall be paved by the light. By a matyr such as myself."

"I am a friend to all beings that cry out in pain and wished to be helped. I am the bane of those who harm others. I am Elisa, and will end this great darkness in Gaia's heart."


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Name: Draciz Remori

Aliases: The Bringer of Shadow, Darkness of Mankind, Hidden God, The Ultimate Void, The Harbinger of Noxan

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Occupations: Dark Ruler of Aralias, Avatar of Noxan

Powers: The Shadows of RuinMagicPersonal VoidDark Lord

Abilities: Apathy via the Darkness, Demon SoulDemonic Energy Manipulation