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Ice Queen, Emma Frost

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  • Ice Queen, Emma Frost

    Name: Elisa Spencer

    Aliases: The Golden Savior, Light of Mankind, Shimmering Goddess, The Perfect Girl, The Second Coming of Tula

    Alignment: Lawful Good

    Occupations: Magical Paladin, Avatar of Tula

    Powers: The Light of Creation, Miracle Performing, Clairvoyance, Telepathy

    Abilities: Empathy via the Light, Spiritual Perfection, Supernatural Beauty, Angel Soul, Pure Heart

    Motto: "There is good in everything. You just have to look closely."

    Quotes: "Righteous denizens of Aralias, I have seen your valiant efforts. I have heard you harrowing prayers. I have bore witness to your unwavering faith in me. Today, I will answer your prayers and reward your efforts and faith. The world shall rejoice in my return. The darkness shall no longer ravage the great…

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