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  • Hstringer985

    I thought that exoskelaton was solid, condensed liquid or gas or hard energy and aura was like a whirlwind, flames, whirlpool, dust storm etc but then earth aura was made an it didn't make any sense.

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  • Hstringer985

    •  Force-Field Generation - They are the embodiment of humble protection
    • Colour: Yellow

    • Social Repulsion - They turn all away from them
    • Energy Wave Emission - The physical manifestation of what they represent
    • Colour: Blue

    • Plant Manipulation - They are the embodiment of endless and infinite giving
    • Colour: Green

    • Temperature Manipulation - They are the embodiment mental restraint and balance
    • Colour: Orange

    • Time Reduction - They are the embodiment of waiting
    • Time Immobilization - They have not trouble waiting an eternity
    • Colour: Indigo

    • Peak Physical Condition - They are the embodiment of hard workand the results of it
    • Incredible Stamina - They can work on forever
    • Colour: Red

    • Power Augmentation - They are the embodiement of selfless giving to others
    • Projective L…

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  • Hstringer985

    what the name says, i want to make a category and don't know how

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  • Hstringer985

    • Mind Control - They think they are higher than eveyone else and deserve to be their master
    • Advanced Power Replication - They think that they are at least slightly better than everyone else
    • Colour: Blue

    • Sexual Inducement - They are the embodiment of sex
    • Claw Retraction - Lust can be deadly
    • Colour: Violet

    • Gold Mimicry - Gold is expensive
    • Monetary Manipulation - They are the embodiment of greed and undeserved money
    • Colour: Yellow

    • Enhanced Bite - They can bite through anything in order to eat anything
    • Matter Ingestion/Infinite Digestive System - They are the embodiment of obsessive eating
    • Colour: Orange

    • Explosion Inducement/Combustion Inducement - They are the embodiment of explosive anger and murderous rage
    • Berserker Physiology - They are a being of compl…

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  • Hstringer985

    I was thinking of an ability, Phase-Morphing. I know Intangibility already has that as a redirect name but their different things. Intagibility is the ability to pass through solid matter. Phase-Morphing is the ability to relax the molecular bonding within your body to the point that you can become part of another object. What do you think?

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