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Lumiverse Timeline

A general timeline for the entire Lumiverse. (More information will be, and needs to be, added.)

>4.54 Ga

4.54 Ga - 3.5 Ga

  • Astrala Forms
  • Elane’nahesama and Venenah’laeth Born in Astrala
  • Primordial Spirits Born in Astrala
  • Queen Filicia Arrives on Earth

3.5 Ga - 2.8 Ga

  • Vuor Born in Astrala
  • Kasa Born in Astrala
  • Mha’mu Born in Astrala
  • Taiva Born in Astrala
  • Queen Filicia Creates Psychena
  • Eadda Cayce Born in Psychena
  • Nekissa Born in Psychena
  • All Crafters Born in Psychena

2.8 Ga - 2.5 Ga

  • First Great Spirit War in Astrala

2 Ga

  • ”The Uprising of Fools” against Queen Filicia in Psychena

1.4 Ga

  • War of the Crafters in Psychena

0.3 Ga / 300 Ma - 175 Ma

  • Second Great Spirit War in Astrala

1,291,996 BC

298,501 BC

286,501 BC - 281,439 BC

  • Third Great Spirit War in Astrala
  • Yorazu Awakens, to become the first psychic on Earth to Awaken

~200,000 BC

  • First anatomically modern Homo sapiens emerge on Earth.

48,369 BC

~10,000 BC

  • Inti Qon, the First Human Psychic, Born on Earth.

~9,000 BC

  • Battle Between Elane’nahesama and Venenah’laeth
  • Inti Qon merges with Venenah’laeth
  • Elane’nahesama merges with a Human

5271 BC

2553 BC

503 AD

  • Dark Lord, Scrios, conquers Psychena.

756 AD - 802 AD

  • Dark Lord, Scrios, kills all but a handful of Male-form Psychena in Psychena

1287 AD

  • Rebellion Occurs in Psychena, lead by ???, Izoyu, Eadda, and Amara-Nojo
  • Rebellion in Psychena fails
  • Rebelling Psychena are Banished to Earth in isolation

1961 AD

1963 AD

1978 AD

  • Lumi Faraday and Michelle Faraday Battle

1980 AD

  • The Psychic War Begins

1986 AD

  • Lumi Faraday Awakens to become the second most powerful psychic alive.
  • The Psychic War Ends
  • The Earth is Remade by Michelle Faraday
    • All Knowledge of Psionics is erased, from those who didn't already know from before 1961.
    • This history of the world since 1961 is altered.

2003 AD

2005 AD

2007 AD

2010 AD

  • Shepherds Find Banished Psychena

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