Inversics is one of the three power branches in the Lumiverse, and can arguably be considered the opposing force, the counter-balance, to psionics. However, it goes beyond direct opposition. As the name implies, inversics is the inverse of psionics- it’s reflection if you will.


In order to better understand the principles for inversics we need to look at the simplest way you can summarise it as a whole. It we look at the major key words of psionic powers and abilities, and take their antonyms, we can begin to form a picture.

  • Connect - Disconnect, separate, imbalance, loosen, disunite, unlink
  • Inform - Hide, deceive, misinform, conceal
  • Transmit - Hide, conceal, collect
  • Receive - Deny, disallow, reject, release
  • Interpret - Confuse, obscure
  • Manipulate - Idle, leave along
  • Control - Chaos, neglect, freedom
  • Enforce - Cease, delay, stop, refuse
  • Perceive - Ignore, disregard
  • Materialise - Disappear
  • Transport - Cessation, stagnation, inaction
  • Energise - Calm, dull, weaken

Psionic Mind

As explained in the Fundamentals of Psionics, every being has three parts, the Body/Form, the Mind, and the Spirit/Soul. The Mind is comprised of the Physical Brain and Psionic Mind. The Psionic Mind exists to enhance and aid the Physical Brain, and even the Body and Spirit, and allows for that individual to use psionic powers to begin with.

However, when born an inversic, the psionic mind becomes and inversic mind.


Inversic Potential

Inversics at its core already "breaks" the rules. Telekinesis which uses and converts psionic potential into kinetic energy for telekinesis, a 1 -> 1 transaction. Inversics forces an objects to move without any energy transfer or conversion, then to balance the books, inversic potential is generated, a 0 -> 1 - 1 transaction. As you can tell, inversics is tricky.

Run Down

So, you're one of the lucky, precious few living inversics, who hasn't been killed by their own inversic mind. What can you expect from this point on? Well, firstly, your mind and flesh are now a danger to all non-inversic beings. Those that have flesh-to-flesh contact with you will first notice a subconscious discomfort while doing so.

However, the powers you can expect to start appearing are:

These are the most "core" powers of inversics. From this point, your power can develop in one or more of these areas, and possibly a few other powers which can't be pinned into them:

  • Inversion
  • Distortion
  • Falsification
  • Negation
  • Termination
  • Thievery
  • Severing
  • Sleep

As you develop as a being, and as your powers develop, this effect will become much more dangerous, developing from inducing discomfort into potent psychic attacks- possibly lethal, and causing the flesh of those that touch you to die, ruining plenty of dates.

Inversic Branches


The power to turn invert anything.


The power to distort anything.


The power to project falsehood into reality, or make things false.


The power to


The power to turn destroy and kill anything.


The power to steal and assimilate anything


The power to severing anything, regardless of its nature.


The power to put things to sleep.

Advanced Development

So, you're now pretty skilled with invekinesis and invepathy. You've had some fun, possibly even killed a person or two. What now? Well, now we can get to the good stuff. From this point on, there are no neat titles for things, and now any diversification in your powers will start to appear.

Even at this stage, there are a lot of things which are still included in the Inversic Power Pack. Quite a lot, actually. They're all listed here:

If you become a really powerful inversic, you'll gain access to incredibly frightening powers (but not limited to):

Known Born Inversics