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Inversics is one of the three power branches in the Lumiverse, and can arguably be considered the opposing force, the counter-balance, to psionics. However, it goes beyond direct opposition. As the name implies, inversics is the inverse of psionics- it’s reflection if you will.


In order to better understand the principles for inversics we need to look at the simplest way you can summarise it as a whole. For example, Lumi Faraday stated that you may summarise the entirety of psionics, as vast and complex as it is, in these words:

  • Connection
  • Information
  • Manipulation.

Any psionic power can be basically defined by one or more of these words. Knowing this, through her observations, and the observations of others, of Nita Flores’ inversic powers, Lumi attempted the same idea. It’s not as elegant or simple, but the following is what she came up with:

  • Cancellation
  • Corrosion
  • Descension
  • Destruction
  • Disconnection
  • Distortion
  • Invert
  • Negation
  • Reversion

Psionic Mind

As explained in the Fundamentals of Psionics, every being has three parts, the Body/Form, the Mind, and the Spirit/Soul. The Mind is comprised of the Physical Brain and Psionic Mind. The Psionic Mind exists to enhance and aid the Physical Brain, and even the Body and Spirit, and allows for that individual to use psionic powers to begin with.

However, when born an inversic, the psionic mind becomes and inversic mind.


Inversic Forces

In regards to the fundamental forces, it appears that, like psionics, inversics possesses inversic energy, and an inversic equivalent of telekinetic "force". Unlike psionic forces however, inversic forces are inherently poisonous to life, causing Inversics (psychics with inversic power) to die young, or die before birth.

Inversic forces cause severe psychic attacks from simple “contact”, and through studies by Lumi Faraday, flesh-to-flesh contact with an inversic is enough to trigger one of these attacks. Such contact causes the contacting flesh of the non-inversic being to rot and die immediately as well.

Run Down

So, you're one of the lucky, precious few living inversics, who hasn't been killed by their own inversic mind. What can you expect from this point on? Well, the first thing to expect is that inversics are heavily homogeneous. Unlike psionics, which has seven distinct areas, and a rainbow-like plethora of abilities, powers, e.t.c., in each of those areas, inversics, at best, can be described by three of four dubiously homogeneous areas.

Now, before you might even discover you have a power, there are a few things which comes as standard with the Inversics Power Pack. Firstly, your mind and flesh are now a danger to all non-inversic beings. Those that have flesh-to-flesh contact with you will first notice a subconscious discomfort while doing so.

As you develop as a being, and as your powers develop, this effect will become much more dangerous, developing from inducing discomfort into potent psychic attacks- possibly lethal, and causing the flesh of those that touch you to die, ruining plenty of dates.

On the bright side, psionic powers and abilities have to put in a lot more work to affect you at the start of your development, but after so long, basic and advanced psionic powers and abilities will cease to affect you altogether. Using some of those powers on you, especially telepathy, will become dangerous to the psionic. With a decent amount of development, and possibly awakening, psionics as a whole will become less threatening than a mildly annoying house fly, as your mind automatically shoots bug spray at it every time it tries to land on you.

Basic Skillset

You've now realised you're inversic, and have begun training your powers. You, and every other inversic, will all start in the same place- "Invekinesis" and "Invepathy". These are the most basic and fundamental stages of inversics, and every inversic starts at this point. To understand them, we'll need to look at Telekinesis and Telepathy.

Telekinesis is about manipulation- forces and phenomenon that control other things. The inverse of this is, well, to not manipulate, to be hands off, to abandon, to misguide, to remove the manipulate entirely- to "leave alone".

Invekinesis, when applied to the target, at it's fullest, removes the affects of all physical things from that target. As a simple example, if it's applied to a brick, the affects of invekinesis would cease energy transfer to and from the brick, the laws of physics would go wibbly-wobbly, or break down entirely, within the brick, atomic bonds in the brick would sudden cease- and the brick would just vanish, as the atoms, or even subatomic particles, break apart.

Powerful enough invekinesis can even "nullify" the properties of things it targets.

When powerful enough invekinesis is applied to a target, only telekinesis which can overpower the invekinesis, and can control matter at a subatomic level, stands a chance of saving the target. However, invekinesis can completely destroy a target within nanoseconds if trained well enough. To summarize (but not limited to):

Telepathy is telekinesis' mental counterpart, and is about the manipulation of the mind and mental forces, as well as the communication and reading of minds. Again, the inverse of manipulation comes into play.

Invepathy, when applied to the target, at it's fullest, removes the affects of all psionic and mental things from that target. While applied to a target, their mind stagnates, as it ceases to develop, and psionic powers and effects stop functioning. That individual will be "frozen", as they no longer take in new information, process no thoughts, record no memories, feel nothing, and create no new connections.

Those affected by Nita's invepathy during the Psychic Wars were called zombies, or statues.

Psionic and mental powers and affects no longer affect that mind, unless it can overpower it. Powerful enough invepathy can even regress the target mind through its development- removing memories and mental connections. Of course, this is all incredibly painful to non-inversics, but their mind can't even process pain under the affects of invepathy.

Invepathy can also cause instant death by straight up ceasing all mental operations. To summarize (but not limited to):

Advanced Development

So, you're now pretty skilled with invekinesis and invepathy. You've had some fun, possibly even killed a person or two. What now? Well, now we can get to the good stuff. From this point on, there are no neat titles for things, and now any diversification in your powers will start to appear.

Even at this stage, there are a lot of things which are still included in the Inversic Power Pack. Quite a lot, actually. They're all listed here:

If you become a really powerful inversic, you'll gain access to incredibly frightening powers (but not limited to):

Known Born Inversics