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Character Sheet: Shira

Holokami February 14, 2016 User blog:Holokami

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"Pay heed to my teachings child, as you shall be seeing a side of your powers none can even dream of."
― Shira to Nozomi


Spirit Family

Fox Spirits


Chaotic Neutral






1,294,012 (As of 2016)


1,291,996 BC

Blood Type


Personal Data







Base of Operations

Japan (Previously)


Psychic School Islands


Faera (Daughter - Alive)

Nozomi Ono (Ex-Pupil, “Adopted” Daughter - Alive)

Hair Color


Hair Style

Very Long

Eye Color



168.91cm (5’6.5”)




Astral Manipulation

Dream Manipulation

Elemental Manipulation

Enhanced/Supernatural Condition

Fox-Fire Manipulation

Illusion Manipulation

Insanity Inducement

Memory Manipulation


Plant Manipulation

Psychic Element Manipulation




Psionic Rank




Shira is the most elderly of the fox spirits, and the most powerful; powerful enough to freely roam to, from and around Astrala and Earth. Fox spirits are one of the spirit families without a kingdom, and are nearly all independent. Shira is the spirit who found and raised Nozomi for her own goals, and kept her away from her mother and sister.


Shira has very long white hair with two white ears, and a thick, bush white tail. Her eyes are yellow, and around them she has red lining.

Shira wears Japanese style clothing, black, fingerless elbow gloves, and a few rings and bracelets. She always wears small ribbon bows with bells on them in her hair, and two small rings pierced near the tip of each ear.


Shira is a very old spirit; wise, intelligent, strong willed and scheming. She has no hesitation in doing what she wants, no matter what that is, or what she needs to do to do it.


Shira has existed for a long time, and was the first fox spirit to appear.

One day, Shira saw a vision of a giant black snake spirit coiling around the Earth and killing it. She knew even she wasn’t powerful enough to stop this coming disaster, and the other spirits wouldn’t listen. That’s when she got a vision of a Human girl- and a powerful one at that. One who is really close to the spirits.

Shira bided her time, until the disaster that fell on Nozomi’s family occurred, then she swooped in, and collected Nozomi. Nozomi, to Shira’ amusement, had amnesia from a nearly lethal blow to the head she took. This made it much easier on Shira, as she didn’t even need to use her powers. She kept Nozomi away from her family in order to train her; a less than kind act, but Shira felt it was for the best.

Shira spent the next seven years training Nozomi, as well as teaching and raising her. Over this time, Nozomi only gained flashes of images about her life, but nothing much, like a few snapshots of faces. Among the intensive astral training, Shira also showed Nozomi to five spirits, and showed her how to summon them from Astrala, and channel their powers as her own. Not powerful enough to travel from Astrala to Earth herself, Shira’s daughter, Faera, was watching Nozomi, and developed a soft spot for her and her struggles. Faera felt incredibly bad keeping Nozomi from her family, but knew if her mother said it was for the best, it was for the best.

When the Shepherds and Nozomi had their encounter, Shira allowed her to go with them. Shira knew that Nozomi needed to gain actual experience of combat, and knew when the black snake appeared, Nozomi might be strong enough. Shira, wanting to check on Nozomi, went to the Psychic School Islands a year later. That’s when she saw Nozomi channeling the spirit of the “Ogre Warrior” Kyobor, a powerful spirit Nozomi had met and bonded with all by herself. Shira actually felt a little pride, and Faera was amazed at the skill of this Human. Faera took it on herself to contact Nozomi the next time she was in Astrala, and showed her how to channel her powers. During this meeting, Shira appeared before Nozomi and came clean on everything, feeling that there was no longer a benefit to keeping it secret.

Nozomi, was furious, confused and upset about it. The spirit who raised her kept her from her real family. What was she to think? They left Nozomi by herself for a while, and she came to a conclusion after calming down. She didn’t feel like she could be angry, as she didn’t know her family, at the same time, she couldn’t forgive Shira for keeping her away, but, Shira did spend five years raising her like her own daughter. Nozomi couldn’t stay angry.

Nozomi has become incredibly powerful, and Shira waits patiently for the day the black snake appears.


Shira is a powerful, independent spirit, not as powerful as a ruling spirit, but easily coming in second to them.


  • After things settled between Nozomi and Shira, and even after Nozomi met her real mother and sister, Shira lives with Nozomi in her room on the Psychic School Islands.
  • Fox Spirits are a spirit family more related to souls and spirits than primal or elemental power.


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