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Character Sheet: Scrios

Holokami September 5, 2016 User blog:Holokami

Scrios, the Enemy of All Life

Personal Information

The Enemy of All Life, the Mad Tyrant






Filician-form (Humanoid Female)



Age Appearance






Ethnic Origin


Sexual Orientation






Professional Information



Ex-Ruler of Psychena

Base of Operations


Extra Information

Chaotic Evil





Hair Color


Hair Style

Long, in a ponytail

Eye Color



170cm (5’7”)

Powers and Abilities

Body Creation/Corporealization

Enhanced Intelligence

Enhanced Memory

Full-Formed Psychic Energy Physiology



Inversic Powers











Challenge Level


Scrios is the greatest enemy in the entire Lumiverse, dwarfing the likes of Nita Flores and the might of the Ae'ani empire. Their only desire is the total eradication of all life, and they almost achieved it. The uncertainty of if Scrios is still around or not is great enough of a threat to have most tremble thinking about it.


Scrios has very long dark-ish green hair, which they have in two twintails of uneven length, green eyes, a very ornate white/very pale green dress, and some golden accessories.


Scrios could be described at the personification of all forms of evil in creation. And that shows in their personality. They don't care for anybody. They aren't simply a mindless beast however, Scrios possesses intelligence rivaling Filicia's.


(There are differences between this backstory, and the events I've written into other characters. I've been working on this away from the wiki for a while, and will begin to go back and update characters with the new version of events. ^^)

The exact origination of Scrios is unknown to the Lumiverse, however, Srios' very existence is a dark secret that Filicia is completely ashamed about... Filicia is a being of unfathomable psychic power, holding more authority and oomph than even Lumi Faraday. Filicia wants nothing more than to help and aid with her powers, but there was always that feeling... A lust, a desire, she's the strongest being alive after all.

"These spirits, they keep coming to me for help! Can't they solve their own problems!?"

"I'm more important than their petty troubles!"

"Why shouldn't they bow to me?"

"I deserve the admiration!"

"I can hear them all! None of them learn!"

"Why did they fight to live. They're all going to just disappear anyway!"

"Stop it, I can't think this way!"

Filicia though, went ahead and created Psychena, an effective eternal paradise of psychic beings. Co-existence without order, freedom without conflict, the power to be and do whatever you wanted without limit. The psyhena treat Filicia like a goddess, and their faith and admiration in her stabilized her shaky heart. Deep within Psychena, there was another who wasn't quite content with playing heaven.

What they desired was nothing short of the complete annihilation of life.


Unknown to Filicia, or maybe simply ignoring it, they had brought life to the flaws in their own heart. Biding their time, Scrios played nice for the first few billion years. They disguised themselves as a Crafter, and brought about a much loved zone within Psychena. However, the clock was ticking, as Filicia was soon to enter into her resting period.

The moment Scrios felt Filicia enter deeply into her slumber, all hell broke loose. In a single strike, they annihilated half of the Psychena population. They were using inversic powers, and nothing stood in their way. The Crafters stood up to combat Scrios, but they were no match. Scrios hated the existence of Filician-form psychena (Those that took on a look similar to Filicia), and made it a priority to obliterate every last one that chose to stay like that first.

Even though Scrios hated the Filician-form, they were stuck in it, being so closely connected to Filicia.

Psychena was ablaze in the brilliant green of inversic flames, the very fabric of Psychena itself was burning away. The remaining psychena wearing a filician-form fled from into the Physical Realm, as did many others, refusing to let this maniac control their freedom, and knowing they'd be destroyed anyway. Scattering themselves among the many newly formed planets.

Astrala was forced to get involved by the threat alone, and through the combined powers of the six ruling spirits, they managed to somehow hold back Scrios' assault.

The combined might of Psychena and Astrala wasn't enough to hold back the power of Scrios, and both faced complete eradication. In a desperate attempt in the chaos, after receiving guidance from the Enlightened, a spirit and crafter merged to form Izoori, but the attempt only added more chaos to the mix, as they couldn't control their awakened power.

Izoori managed to aim their power, and froze Psychena and everything in it... Scrios was taken by surprise, truly believing no lesser being could ever achieve such power, and was trapped.

A tense respite finally fell. The psychena that left Psychena couldn't return, and Filicia was still too deep in their slumber to notice the swift happenings. By the time this quiet fell, 90% of the psychena population was dead, 9.9% were trapped in the frozen Psychena, and the remaining 0.1% were scattered across the universe. Astrala also lost a great chunk of its population, around a third.

If it wasn't for pot luck and quick thinking on the Enlightened's part, it's likely all life would have ended.

Filicia awoke again, after a length of time that lasted almost as long as her time awake in Psychena. All they felt was... quiet? When they gazed out into creation, what they saw horrified them. Destruction on an unparalleled scale in Psychena. Using their power, Filicia looked back, and was mortified by the damage. Enraged and upset beyond words, Filicia destroyed Scrios, and freed Psychena from its deep freeze.

Looking out, she saw the hundreds of psychena spread across the universe. The presence of those psychena had altered the course of evolution, causing the emergence of many Filician-form beings to evolve, or "Humanoid" beings, among others creatures. She restored Psychena, and restored the lives of the psychena and astralans who had died, and wished for the return of the "lost" psychena. Many of those psychena had already forged new lives in the universe however, and did not return.

(There's still a long time to go before the Ae'ani and Humans come about yet.)

Things eventually returned to normal in psychena, but Filicia's guilt was unbearable, and still is. They couldn't let others know though, either pride or fear stopped them, and they put on the same benevolent act as always. Because of Scrios, green isn't a colour you'll see at all in Psychena, and Filicia's waking and resting periods are much, much shorter.

It's said that Scrios' "taint" lingers in the hearts and minds of all. Their assault on life being like the opening of pandora's box. Even though Scrios never touched the Physical Realm, the lust for destruction, war, and imbalance by lifeforms there is often blamed on the psychena who fled there bringing that "taint" with them, corrupting the very foundation of life itself. The Ae'ani in particular believe this, and are searching for perfection- the removal of this "taint" from their being, and removal of this taint from the universe, but eradicating all who display this "taint" too deeply.

To Astrala, this so called "taint" doesn't exist, as they believe that all life, like the elements, must clash to remain in balance and in motion. The ruling spirits, naturally born beings, often looked at the psychena and Filicia with uncertain eyes and wary relations. The event of Scrios proved the spirit's point of why you should never "create" life, and ruined their relations completely. Even to this day, no psychena is welcome in Astrala.

The Psychena just get on with their peaceful lives, knowing Filicia will always be around to protect them. The event surrounding Scrios may not have lasted that long, but it cut deep scars in everybody involved. But... Was Scrios really killed?

Could Scrios still be somewhere out there, biding their time, growing in power..?


All that's know of Scrios' powers is that they're inversic. It's certain they were unlikely awakened, as Izoori's power had such a potent effect on them, but in a time when there weren't any awakened about, if Scrios' power was borderline awakened (or a "Hyper Psychic"), then that alone would be more than sufficient to cause the level of destruction Scrios managed.


  • "Scrios" is an Irish word that means "destruction", "delete", "finish", "kill", and "total".


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