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Character Sheet: Sakkame

Holokami February 23, 2016 User blog:Holokami


Personal Information





Awakened (Fox Spirit)

Spirit Kingdom

Fox Spirits










Kasanki Forest, Astrala

Ethnic Origin

Fox Spirit

Sexual Orientation






Professional Information

Nita Flores


Nita’s Aide and Advisor

Base of Operations

Nita’s Hideout

Extra Information

Neutral Nita


Nita Flores (Superior, Master, “Maid” of - Alive)

Kerensa (Friend - Alive)

Alexis Portner (Friend - Alive)

Izumi Kurosawa (Friend - Alive)

Emilie Brekke (Caretaker - Alive)


Playing real-time strategy games, playing strategy game (board and video)

Hair Color

Black and WHite

Hair Style

Straight, shoulder-length

Eye Color

Blue and brown


162.9cm (5'4”)

Powers and Abilities

Detail Intuition

Enhanced Intelligence

Flawless Coordination

Game Intuition

Kitsune Physiology


Special Ops Mastery

Tactical Analysis, War/Strategy Aptitude



Astral Manipulation

Equilibrium Manipulation


Probabilistic Equilibrium

Soul Manipulation

Stability Manipulation

Temporary Reactive Adaptation

Tranquil State

Yin & Yang Manipulation











Challenge Level


Sakkame is Nita’s right hand and aide, in the same way Eadda is to Lmi, and a cornerstone to her organisation. She's a powerful Fox Spirit, awakened psychic, and strategic genius, but has difficult personality quirks. When not playing games, planning, or undergoing missions, she likes to care for the farm nearby Nita’s hideout.


She fox ears, and six tails. Her tails and hair are white, but the right half of her hair is black. She’s also heterochromic, having one blue eye and one reddish-brown eye.

The clothes she wears vary, but she mainly wears shoulderless clothing, and always wears the same pendant.


Sakkame is a very quiet pessimist. She rarely ever looks on the bright side of life and gives up quickly, but is also oddly apologetic; “I’m very sorry” is the most common phrase you’ll hear from her.

Despite this, she’ll follow Nita’s orders to a great level of precision. Sakkame has an obsessive-compulsive disorder in regard to time-specific events. She frequently checks the time an hour before she’s meant to be somewhere, meet someone, start a mission, or further a plan. When it gets to precisely five minutes before, she’ll sit down on the ground/floor and flick her ears in five-second intervals as she counts down the remaining time. If something is wrong on the last flick at 0 seconds, she’ll freeze in panic.

One of her friends in Nita’s organisation once told her “being one minute late is bad traffic, being two minutes late is being dead!” as a joke. But Sakkame took it so seriously at one point, she informed Nita that individual was KIA when they were two minutes late to meet her. Because of this, Nita often uses Sakkame’s personality against her to play cruel jokes.

It’s imperative that someone Sakkame sees as an authority never gives Sakkame a time limit in situations they can’t afford to impair her, or she will give up the fight five minute before the end to count down, and she will be distracted by the time all through the fight.

Sakkame is amazing at time management, and can plan a week’s worth of events down to the millisecond with nothing but her mind. When in a fight, Sakkame is very precise with her movements. On another note, Sakkame is easily embarrassed, especially when people begin to touch her tails and ears. However, she does love a good petting from Nita.

Sakkame is extremely loyal to Nita, more-so than anybody else.


Sakkame is a powerful awakened spirit. She can freely walk between Astrala and Earth. A long time ago she left Astrala and came to Earth to live here because the the war currently happening in Astrala was causing her great distress. Her family had been killed by a powerful rampaging spirit. Since the Fox Spirits wouldn’t enter the war, not even Yarozu (unawakened) or Shira.

She went against the will of the Fox Spirits, and abandoned her clan in order to fight. She became immediately banished, and could never go back. Everywhere she went, there was devastation, and she desperately tried to help wherever she could. The hundreds of battles she aided are what caused her to develop her strategic skill. Many years before the war ended, she entered into a deep depression, and left Astrala for Earth.

She was found by Nita approximately 20 years ago. When they first met, Sakkame was suffering from extreme depression

Nita asked Sakkame about her, and Sakkame revealed she was awakened, and had very unique and powerful abilities. Nita suddenly realized she stumbled on someone amazing.

Nita kept visiting Sakkame everyday, talking to her and befriending her.


Sakkame has since become a cornerstone for Nita’s organisation, although some believe she's become trapped in her own survival strategy of "don't fight it, go along with it and you won't die". She handles the plans and time management of missions, and does it to millisecond accuracy with only her mind to calculate and plan it all.

Sakkame is one of the top brass of Nita’s organisation, and Nita's right hand. Although Kerensa spends a lot of time with Nita, Sakkame is rarely ever away from her side, and a similar way Eadda with Lumi.

Sakkame makes the third Awakened at Nita's hideout, including Nita herself.


Despite her personality quirks, Sakkame is a strategic genius. Through natural genius, her powers, and trying to help during the second great spirit war, she developed herself to be able to plan against nearly anything.

Sakkame is an incredibly powerful Fox Spirit, even before she awakened. After she awakened, she became one of the most powerful Fox Spirits.

Sakkame's powers after awakening are incredible. She gained control over "Yin and Yang" and "Balance", on top of her powerful racial Fox Spirit powers. Through those powers she can even control stability, gain powers to counter anybody she pleases, and many, many other things.





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