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Character Sheet: Queen Filicia

Holokami March 26, 2016 User blog:Holokami

Queen Filicia

Personal Information

"The Mother of Psychena"


"The Mother of Psychena"


Embodiment of All Things Psionic

Gender Appearance



-Unknown, some claims say she's older than the universe-

Ethnic Origin


Sexual Orientation






Professional Information



Mother/Queen of Psychena

Base of Operations


Extra Information

Perfectly Good


Eadda Cayce (Ex-Aide, Friend - Alive)

Lumi Faraday (Friend - Alive)

Minerva (Friend - Alive)


Watching the lives of others

Hair Color


Hair Style

Very Long

Eye Color



154.94cm (5'1”)

Powers and Abilities

Absolute Brain Capacity


Life and Death Transcendence

Living Database


Psionic Embodiment

Singular Reality Existence

Undetermined Existence


Psionic Embodiment

Psionic Empowerment

Boundary Manipulation











Challenge Level


Filicia is the Queen and Mother of the Psychena. She's the Embodiment of All Things Psionic, one of the two greatest beings in existence. Using her considerable power, she create Psychena, and all life and laws in it, on the border between the physical and psionic realms..


Despite being a being who doesn't need to tie themselves to any form, they chose a form they found most appealing.

Over the many billions of years Filicia has existed, she has altered and fine-tuned her form. Filicia has purple eyes, and very long purple hair.

She also wears a white dress.


Filicia is an easy going and very insightful being, but will be incredibly strict when needed. She considers life is a gift, and should be treated as such- which has brought her to utterly detest those who throw their lives away, take the lives of others without an incredibly good reason, or force others into servitude. Filicia really likes watching the lives of others. She puts freedom and joy above everything else.

Filicia is the one who "blesses" the Awakened with their full potential. When a psychic reaches their awakening point, it's Filicia that decides to either let them awaken, or not to. It's said that experiencing Filicia's presence during an awakening is a life-changing experience. It should be noted that Filicia doesn't give them their awakened powers, but only grants them access to them- their awakened power is their's naturally.

The psychena of Psychena never see her, but can feel her presence deep within Psychena. They trust her in full as their leader.


In the beginning, there were four realms- the Physical Realm, stuck in equilibrium, the turbulent Psionic and Inversic Realms, and finally, the shining Other Realm. The forces of the other realm and psionic realm where attracted to each other, and slowly but surely, grew closer...

The Psionic and Other Realms collided, and an enormous and violent event erupted from the merging of the realms. The Otherforce of the Other Realm, and Psychic Energy of the Psionic Realm merged, and began collapsing in on a singular point. Life-Force was created from the merging of otherforce and psychic energy. This violent reaction sent ripples throughout the four realms, causing great disturbances

The Other Realm and Psychic Realm where consuming each other at an equal rate. The ripples and chaos exuded by the reaction between them caused a the first mind to be born from the turmoil in the Psychic Realm- Filicia, as this being would call itself later. Filicia came to be, and their very being began to generate endless amounts of psychic energy. The strongest of those ripples also gave rise to a being in the inversic realm- Scrios.

The Otherforce of the Other Realm was doomed.

The disturbances made the forces of the Physical Realm ebb and flow, and soon countless, infinitesimal points of pure energy glittered the realm, and form each, countless stars exploded forth.

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It seems that Filicia's power is to Lumi as Lumi's power is to an ordinary psychic, as she is the embodiment of psionics.

Outside of being the "Embodiment of All Things Psychic", what exactly Filicia is is hard to say...

It's been noted that Filicia rarely to never uses her awesome might offensively though, and only ever acts defensively, or uses her powers to create.

Displays of Power

When Filicia created Psychena, and the Psychena, it was a display of many capabilities on a bewildering level of psychic power and technique:

Further Powers and Nature

Filicia can also manipulate anything which relates to psionics in any way, shape, or form, by manipulate psychic phenomenon. Filicia is also a "Living Database" of everything psychic, and can freely alter any and all knowledge about psychic phenomenon, and by combining these powers, can rework the fundamental principles of psychic phenomenon if she pleased.

Filicia also has mastery over the mysterious "Otherforce"- the strange force which, at the start of everything, fused with Psychic Energy from the Psychic Realm to create Astral Energy, Spiritual Force, and Life-Energy. What exactly this "Otherforce" can do is a mystery, as there is no more of it naturally occuring anywhere, at all.

Evidence of the following being related to Otherforce has been found, but nothing concrete has ever been discovered:


  • Filicia is the most powerful psychic around, but is the type not to use her might lightly.



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